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    Heavens to Betsy! Don't any of you ever think about stuff like this?? For crying out loud. It's a splash fed gearbox. There are no pressure fed bushes as there are on most 'Conventional' motorbike gearboxes, the whole thing depends on oil being picked up and flung about by the gears that will be whirring around in the mass of aerated oil at the bottom of the gearbox as you are playing Mr. Fur-Chest on a Sunday morning. Obviously if there is too little then when it's being flung about there won't be enough and keep everything cool and protected. If there is too much it will foam up, (Some oils are worse for this than others.) and will get blurted out of the gearbox breather making a horrid, smelly, mess. BUT the 100-150 ml that makes the difference between the sight glass being 'Full' and it being 'Empty' is really of near zero importance. If you can see some oil in the sight glass when the bike is upright and level it's good to bloody go! If there isn't enough oil it will squeak! If there's too much you'll get a slippery back tyre. Simples! Youse need to stop worrying. Think a bit more and ride a bigly much more. Next thing you know we'll have a thread about high hysteresis handlebar grips or something equally mental!
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    Surprised the MushyPeas outta me when I thought, "I'll just pull this silly thing off" . . .
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    Hey, it's Winter here and Wintertime Navel-Gazing is the U.S. National Winter passtime for bikers.
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    I know Pete has some animus toward Todd Egan .. but Todd has always treated me like family. Saw him at the Rock Store the last time I was in SoCal, caught up on old times.. and this is what is left of his Jackal. Pete has said he would like to see a carc on a "modern" Guzzi, so here it is. It's behind a heated up V11S engine. High zoot front end etc. etc. Very well done, too.
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    I’ve seen this one before, it’s incredible, and I can’t stand AcDc
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    "Stress" can be defined a lot of different ways . . . But the V11 speedo drives rate right up with all systems with impending fails . . .
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    Maybe. It would only be an issue if at all when stopped in traffic. I'll do the infa red heat gun test on the oil line spot after its hot and been idling a while and compare it to the rest of the line. I dont really expect it to be an issue though. I have some heat shrink also to go over the hoses wherever they are likely to chaff. I'm preparing the swingarm for painting at the moment in expectation of some better weather in the next 4 or 5 days so thats the priority at the moment. Going to remove that poxy bent tab brake hose holder while I'm there and drill and tap the arm for a nice P clip to do the job. Ciao
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    Thanks, I've often wondered exactly what that part is for.....
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    Thanks docc. The issue with the new engine is the old oil lines dont fit now because the cam drive housings get in the way. I've seen distant images of these conversions where they appeared to somehow make the originals fit but I cant see how and it would be a horrible look. I've just decided to bite the bullet and make up some new lines. The left side will be routed pretty much as in the image and the right side will come across and tie to the fwd engine mount and down to the sump outlet. Main compromise is 10mm exhaust clearance but I'm comfortable with that. Ciao
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    Seems there is some matter of one's proclivity for "mushy peas" . . . Riding the Ozarks is on my Gotta-Wanna-Do List! Thanks, LowRyter!
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    They are 'nice' riding roads, but best? Naa. Of course, you may prefer different fish and chips than I do..
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    So, that cad-plated bracket is for the two 1/2" (yes, inch measure) rubber lines that are the final exit point for the US fuel vapor recovery system from the fuel tank vent, vacuum taps on the intakes, and charcoal canisters that were in the tool tray under the seat on early sports. It was twenty feet (!) of 1/2" US made fuel line. The whole shebang weighed five pounds (another !). If you decide to remove the nice little bracket be prepared for the stream of gear oil that comes shooting out ($#!*!) Yep, you don't have to ask me how I know . . .
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    New oil cooler arrived today along with the inserts for the swingarm hugger mounts. All mine were toast in one way or another.The cooler is just part of the spares stock as it was so cheap. The inserts are horrid bloody things and are something like $5 ea from Guzzi. Picked them up for $1AU each eventually. If anyone is interested I can let people know what they are as they are an odd design. You cant just replace them with a regular nutsert as instead of the std 7mm hole for a 5mm bolt the Guzzi item uses a 10mm hole so you need the original style. The wiring is coming along and may even finish up neater than the original. Its all basically in place I just haven't tie wrapped in position yet. Also working on the new oil cooler lines and getting the routing looking clean and nice. My titanium rod showed up a few days ago so I can finish off the tank mounts. The engine is in place and bolted up now as well. Ciao
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    The 1000S I picked up about a year and a half ago is now fully sorted.
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    I never had mine specially "secured" and never had one lost resp. spun loose. Anyway, working on the filter through this relatively small hole is not as easy as it is with the sump removed (unless you're a trained gynaecologist). You wont get enough grip on the filter to make sure it's mounted as it should be. So look for (or DIY) a matching tool for this purpose. Good ones even have a hexagon on the back fitting into the sump cover. Hubert
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