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  1. Chuck, do you or Scud still have any of the new shift springs available? I keep one of the old style in my tool kit just in case my original decides to break. It's always on my mind everytime I take the bike out and have decided to just go ahead and change the old one out while in my garage and not leaned over on some roadside in 90° heat. Jerry
  2. Hi Tim, been awhile. Do you still have any of the new shift springs you and Chuck developed.. I keep an extra in my tool kit just in case my original decides to break but I would rather not have to try and replace it while on the side of the road somewhere. Jerry
  3. Finally reunited with my LeMans! Have not seen nor rode it since last October! I had done an oil and filter change last fall so the fluids were ok. Tires needed a bit of air but still look good with just over 5k miles on them. Put a good charge on the battery over a couple days. Rolled it out in the driveway, pushed the go button and it fired right up. Rode the long way from Hiawassee down towards Helen, Ga. Immediately after tuning south on Hwy 17 had to wait for the traffic jam caused by a loose steer. Luckily the steer moved into someone's front yard allowing traffic to clear.
  4. Czakky- don't feel bad. Took my LeMans out for a nice ride Friday up here at our place in North Georgia. Weather was cool and sunny, leaves changing colors, beautiful ride and the bike ran great. But, they are NOT the ideal bike for gravel roads. Recently bought a klx250. Out on it Saturday and stopped to ask directions from a local. Granted the road was on a slight incline and was slightly lower to my right side. 31" inseam and 33" seat height resulted in a rather embarrassing incident. Glad it wasn't the LM but still felt like a dumba$$ for dropping a little 250cc bike at a standst
  5. I had an 09 Shiver 750 for several months last year. Man that thing was a rocket and compared to the LM, I thought it was a lightweight. Unfortunately it felt just too small while I was riding in the congested traffic around Tampa Bay area. Used it for a down payment on a trade for an atv, which I needed for hunting. The fit and finish was good and the engine had PLENTY of power. I would like to try one of the newer 900's(?) just to compare, but not in any rush to replace the LeMans or Breva 1200 Sport. (Talk about portly!😁)
  6. Mikko, please post a sound video when you get the new cans installed! Cant wait to hear it.
  7. Posting this for a friend- '01 Green V-11 Sport, Scura bikini fairing, Quat-D, 30K miles, asking $5K. Bike owned by elderly gentleman who can no longer ride it due to serious collision with pick up truck. Bike is located in Northeast Ga. For further details call (706) 994-1302 - Dennis Stone
  8. Hi Folks, Rode my champagne LeMans over to a shop in Blairesville, Ga. this past weekend. While there an elderly gentleman approached and paid me a compliment about my bike. He went on to explain that he has an '01 greenie LM that he feels is time to sell. He was on his BMW when a Toyota p/up truck crossed directly into his path. The ensuing collision left him with several compound fractures and he is no longer able to ride the Guzzi. He showed me a photograph and it appears it is in excellent shape. Only detractors were the wheels were powder coated and seat reupholstered red
  9. Andy, did they explain what the procedure was to improve the spray pattern andstatic flow on your injectors? Was everything improved by dissembling, cleaning and reassembling or were parts replaced? Thanks for sharing the info with us. Jerry
  10. Thanks for that info Phil, I'm so ingrained to think the inside of the exhaust should be the copper/penny brown after a good cruise down the highway that I start to worry when it turns dark or black. Thanks again! Jerry
  11. I have been keeping track of my mileage and have been getting consistently 36-41mpg riding here in North Georgia Mountains. The inside of my exhaust cans looks pretty dark leading me to think I might be running on the rich side. I usually top off the tank when I get around 120 miles showing on the trip meter and it takes around 3.7 gallons. The " low fuel light" has yet to come on. I am very fortunate there are several stations in the area who sell non-Ethanol gas so that is all I have used for several years now trying to avoid a swollen tank problems.
  12. Have you checked Keyboard Shipping? They are home based in Tenn. I used them when I bought my LeMans and had it shipped from Houston, Tx., to Clearwater, Fl. If I recall it was just over $500.00. Their price was competitive but they offered zero deductible and a higher coverage amount. Jerry
  13. I'm curious Andy, how many miles did you get before the bike sputtered to a stop? The farthest I have gone before stopping to top off has been 140 miles and the low fuel light had not come on. Jerry
  14. I had an '08 (2vpc) and loved it. Rode it all over Florida and also up to Nova Scotia and back with an 09 Norge (also 2vpc) and 3 Harleys. Both Norges consistently got better mpg and were so much easier to handle going thru the mountains (BRP), and tight parking lots, never burned a drop of oil in 5 thousand miles. More than i can say about the Harleys. Only sold mine in a fit of depression after a shoulder surgery and doctors orders not to ride for 6-8 months. Two weeks after I sold the bike I was cleared to start riding again. Kicked myself for selling that bike! Recently bou
  15. If you guys get some free time and want to meet for a ride, give me a shout. Jerry 706-896-3580
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