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  1. Wow thanks for the input Chuck. I bought a new circuit tester and multi meter. Since I first noticed I didn't have a brake light I started back there and began working my way forward after changing relays didn't help. I discovered there is no power to the fuse for the horn and lights. I next checked the wires going in to the relay. Started to check all the plug connections thinking I may have pulled or broken something while replacing the battery. Just took the dash off to get at the ignition switch when my WONDERFUL WIFE announced it was time for dinner. Docc, thanks for that photo, I will explore that tomorrow. Really appreciate all the help and guidance. I will keep you all posted on my progress. PS- I ordered 5 new relays. Naturally I saw the link to Pyro Dan's after I already placed to order to the Ebay site. Jerry
  2. I pulled relay #4 and plugged that into position #2. Front to back.
  3. Thanks for the explanation. Since I only planned on switching relays to test the lights, I pulled 4 and plugged that in. Still no lights!. I had to run a couple errands and just got back home. Going to check up near the headlight bucket for pulled wires next
  4. Thanks for the suggestions docc. The bike will turn over and start. Just no brake lights, or hi/low beam headlights, hi beam indicator, alt, or oil pressure dash lights. I have the tank and entire seat cowl off now. Will switch relays around to see if that cures the problem and let you know.
  5. Ok, its been awhile since I have contributed anything here on the forum as I have been distracted with a couple dual purpose bikes. The Breva and LeMans have been running great....until now. Took the LeMans for a ride a couple weeks ago and it ran fine. Went to start it for another ride and got the dreaded click click. Damn, that Odyssey battery was just installed back in 2012. Installed a new P545 and she cranks right over. Now the problem. Went to check everything over and discovered I the following lights DO NOT WORK: No high or low beam head lamp. - No Brake light using either front or rear brakes No Horn, No dash lights for oil pressure, hi-beam, or alternator. Strangely, the daytime running light is illuminated, as well as the license plate and tail light, the turn signals and neutral dash lights. Checked all the fuses and everything is connected there. Have not replaced any of the relays as of yet. Removed tank and checked all connections, everything there is secure also. Open for suggestions, any advice appreciated. Jerry .
  6. They say practice makes perfect.....so I should be getting pretty good at replacing fuses and wiring. Couple weeks ago I go out and my 08 Breva 1200 Sport I purchased to replace my Norge fired right up and I rode it to meet a buddy for breakfast. No issues there or home. The next day I try to start it for a ride and all I hear is the dreaded click from under the seat. Not again!!! Yup another dead starter fuse. Replaced the fuse, bought a Startus Interruptus and installed a heavier gauge wire from the starter relay to the starter solenoid. Turn the key, just touch the go button and she fires right up. All good in Guzzi Land.
  7. Hi Doc, long time no see! Are you running the old bird "naked" now? What happened to your big deflector?
  8. Chuck, do you or Scud still have any of the new shift springs available? I keep one of the old style in my tool kit just in case my original decides to break. It's always on my mind everytime I take the bike out and have decided to just go ahead and change the old one out while in my garage and not leaned over on some roadside in 90° heat. Jerry
  9. Hi Tim, been awhile. Do you still have any of the new shift springs you and Chuck developed.. I keep an extra in my tool kit just in case my original decides to break but I would rather not have to try and replace it while on the side of the road somewhere. Jerry
  10. Finally reunited with my LeMans! Have not seen nor rode it since last October! I had done an oil and filter change last fall so the fluids were ok. Tires needed a bit of air but still look good with just over 5k miles on them. Put a good charge on the battery over a couple days. Rolled it out in the driveway, pushed the go button and it fired right up. Rode the long way from Hiawassee down towards Helen, Ga. Immediately after tuning south on Hwy 17 had to wait for the traffic jam caused by a loose steer. Luckily the steer moved into someone's front yard allowing traffic to clear. Continued down 17 , then onto SR348 and Wolfpen Gap over to Two Wheels of Suchess. Low and behold amongst the crowd set TWO MORE Guzzi! A Balibio and a new 850. Chatted with the guys for a bit then headed back to the house via SR60, Skeenah Pass Rd. and Hwy 76. One hundred eighteen miles of great roads and an awesome bike!
  11. Czakky- don't feel bad. Took my LeMans out for a nice ride Friday up here at our place in North Georgia. Weather was cool and sunny, leaves changing colors, beautiful ride and the bike ran great. But, they are NOT the ideal bike for gravel roads. Recently bought a klx250. Out on it Saturday and stopped to ask directions from a local. Granted the road was on a slight incline and was slightly lower to my right side. 31" inseam and 33" seat height resulted in a rather embarrassing incident. Glad it wasn't the LM but still felt like a dumba$$ for dropping a little 250cc bike at a standstill. At least I provided entertainment for the local.😎😎
  12. I had an 09 Shiver 750 for several months last year. Man that thing was a rocket and compared to the LM, I thought it was a lightweight. Unfortunately it felt just too small while I was riding in the congested traffic around Tampa Bay area. Used it for a down payment on a trade for an atv, which I needed for hunting. The fit and finish was good and the engine had PLENTY of power. I would like to try one of the newer 900's(?) just to compare, but not in any rush to replace the LeMans or Breva 1200 Sport. (Talk about portly!😁)
  13. Mikko, please post a sound video when you get the new cans installed! Cant wait to hear it.
  14. Posting this for a friend- '01 Green V-11 Sport, Scura bikini fairing, Quat-D, 30K miles, asking $5K. Bike owned by elderly gentleman who can no longer ride it due to serious collision with pick up truck. Bike is located in Northeast Ga. For further details call (706) 994-1302 - Dennis Stone
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