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  1. JRD

    fuel level

    Thanks for that info Phil, I'm so ingrained to think the inside of the exhaust should be the copper/penny brown after a good cruise down the highway that I start to worry when it turns dark or black. Thanks again! Jerry
  2. JRD

    fuel level

    I have been keeping track of my mileage and have been getting consistently 36-41mpg riding here in North Georgia Mountains. The inside of my exhaust cans looks pretty dark leading me to think I might be running on the rich side. I usually top off the tank when I get around 120 miles showing on the trip meter and it takes around 3.7 gallons. The " low fuel light" has yet to come on. I am very fortunate there are several stations in the area who sell non-Ethanol gas so that is all I have used for several years now trying to avoid a swollen tank problems.
  3. Have you checked Keyboard Shipping? They are home based in Tenn. I used them when I bought my LeMans and had it shipped from Houston, Tx., to Clearwater, Fl. If I recall it was just over $500.00. Their price was competitive but they offered zero deductible and a higher coverage amount. Jerry
  4. JRD

    fuel level

    I'm curious Andy, how many miles did you get before the bike sputtered to a stop? The farthest I have gone before stopping to top off has been 140 miles and the low fuel light had not come on. Jerry
  5. I had an '08 (2vpc) and loved it. Rode it all over Florida and also up to Nova Scotia and back with an 09 Norge (also 2vpc) and 3 Harleys. Both Norges consistently got better mpg and were so much easier to handle going thru the mountains (BRP), and tight parking lots, never burned a drop of oil in 5 thousand miles. More than i can say about the Harleys. Only sold mine in a fit of depression after a shoulder surgery and doctors orders not to ride for 6-8 months. Two weeks after I sold the bike I was cleared to start riding again. Kicked myself for selling that bike! Recently bought a Breva 1200 Sport which is basically a naked Norge and really like it. But i still think another Norge is in my future. The 2vpc have plenty of power. I can't wait to try an 8v. You cant go wrong with either. Hope this helps
  6. If you guys get some free time and want to meet for a ride, give me a shout. Jerry 706-896-3580
  7. Hi Bill, does this mean you will be headed up here to Hiawassee more often? It will be great to see another Guzzi up here . I didn't get much riding in last year after shoulder surgery and family stuff back down in Florida so I'm anxious to put some miles on the bike this year. Jerry
  8. Wow, adding another bike to your herd! Do you still have the Yamahaha two smoker?
  9. Mine was rough running when I first bought. Czaky came over and helped with a good tune up. Removed the Air fuel mixture screws and sprayed automotive carb cleaner thru them. We couldn't believe the crud that came out of those orifices. Looked like flakes of varnish! Good luck and keep us posted
  10. biesel, many owners use Harley Davidson wrinkle finish black engine paint. Not sure if you have H/D dealer nearby but you may be able to order on-line.
  11. Being a public school graduate math was never my strong point. I do believe you can calculate the flow rate from the petcocks to what the carbs are capable of moving. I think you are on the right track installing larger petcocks and larger diameter fuel lines. You can't get too much fuel delivered to the float bowls. But with the engine at full throttle I'm sure it can suck the bowls dry. Are you running stock needle valves in the float bowls? That might also be a source of fuel restriction, combined with the tank vent. The proximaty of the fuel line to the cylinder head my 02 LeMans always concerned me as many owners complained of vapor locks so I purchased a woven and foil covered fuel line insulation kit by DEI from a local hot rod shop. Even in our Florida heat and humidity I have not had a problem. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoy your write ups.
  12. IE417, I spotted that ad last week. If you read the description looks like the seller has not owned the bike more than a couple months. Why is he selling it so soon? Did he buy just to flip? If memory serves me correct, pretty sure I saw that bike over at Two Wheels of Suchess last summer probably with the previous owner.
  13. Wow congrats on the new bike and welcome to the club. I was fortunate with the fly and ride I did last year with my Norge. The previous owner had maintained it in excellent condition. The tires were several years old but still had plenty of tread and no dry rot cracks upon inspection. If you do the fly and ride just be conservative and watch your speeds. Inspect the tires at each gas stop, if they do show signs of deteriorating, you can always buy a set at the closest bike shop. Good luck and have fun!
  14. JRD

    Screw Loose

    Did you notice a little extra vibration, not to mention that frame flex while you were riding down the road?
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