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  1. It's a blind hole with very little space below the bearing.
  2. After days and days of fighting with the driveshaft-side swingarm bearing I succeeded in getting it out. My first try was to just use heat with my good inside puller and a slide hammer. No luck. I ordered a cheapo puller kit that took either a slide hammer or two-jaw puller. None of its pullers fit snugly in the bearing. I ground the closest puller to the right size and modified its two-jaw puller to fit on the very thin area around the bearing. I cranked it tight and the bearing pulled out. I had to grind a lot of metal off the original puller to get to the one sitting on the bearing: I ground the two-jaw puller to have a slight hook to fit the narrow material surrounding the bearing. Here's what it looked like after I pulled the bearing. You can see the hooked inner surface of the puller legs.
  3. Maybe I am lucky, but at nearly 80,000 miles both of the u-joints i am replacing feel fine. I have driveline slop and it must be something else. I will know more tomorrow.
  4. Basic question … do I have to take off the swingarm in order to replace the u-joints? It sure seems that way. I thought the front u-joint would fit through the swingarm tunnel. Am I missing a trick?
  5. 79,000 miles on ours. I put the first 77,000 on it and now my son is taking over. We have to replace the universal joints (for the first time) this week. It's needed it for a while now. Check out Technomec in Montreal - $59.42 USD including shipping.
  6. I just bought my V-11 universal joints from Technomec in Montreal. They even opened a PayPal account to ease the USD-to-Cnd exchange rate. Two u-joints and postage - Montreal to Seattle - was $59.42 USD.
  7. I can't believe I missed all this. I have been a customer of Dave's since 1988. I bought my 1988 Cagiva Alazzurra and 2001 V11Sport from him at the various shops he was involved with in Seattle. I swung by last week to ask about replacement u-joints for the V11 and the shop was long gone. The was there last Fall and thought it seemed awfully quiet. Dave was there and we talked for a while. What a loss. Good things can't go on forever.
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