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  1. This "no rear brake, ever" mindset that some still espouse is confusing and nonsensical.
  2. That's not in Sac; that's that Vegas dealer again. Same one as last time?
  3. Hey @jmardy - I actually mentioned the bike on here a couple days ago. You should be aware you've already been accused of being a "Harley guy" (whatever that means) for your comment on the rear brake.
  4. I have a Rosso Mandello version of that to match my bike. In other news: 1. Need some cans and a crossover? $20, but I can't say whether they'll ship. 2. What looks like a pretty clean '03 Le Mans with just 10,500 miles showed up on BARF a couple days ago for $3,600—although it is a "Selling for a friend" scenario, so who knows. The person that posted it is a long-time member and I believe fairly reputable, at least as motorcyclists go.
  5. If time isn't critical, ordering from Fastenal online can get you exactly what you want, and I've found their customer service to be very helpful. Like you, I tend to keep a bunch of fasteners, old and new, on hand, so when I put in an order, I just get a bunch of stuff "in case."
  6. I saw the bike at the 2018 Quail and was intrigued by it. It's been discussed here before. Interesting stuff. Motus was selling their engines for other applications.
  7. @Twin AH, you realize it's a holiday, right? I'm surprised you want to get all time-sensitive and publicly nudge me to "encourage a response" after starting no less than three separate threads with me and ignoring simple requests like "make me an offer." So I've decided I'm gonna keep the carbon bits on the bike for now. Cheers.
  8. @Vic the rack is actually part of a Hepco & Becker hard luggage rack that accommodates side cases as well (this one). If that interests you, shoot me a message and we'll see what we can figure out. @PJPR01 in my mind, the gloves and bandana go with the bike, like the valve covers and side covers. I don't think it makes sense to split off the "special" stuff, and I'm not sure why you think I'd remove the battery from the bike and sell it to you. I'm not parting out the bike. I do have a pile of dead batteries I am happy to send your way. Anyone who wants to buy parts: I think I've been pretty clear on what I'm willing to sell separately. If you want any of those items, message me with a reasonable offer. As I said above, I'm not on a timeline to sell, and it may be a while before I can find time to prioritize splitting everything apart from the bike. Quite frankly, the weird messages and demands I've gotten via private message both here and elsewhere are nearly enough to make me keep the bike, simply to avoid dealing with any more nonsense.
  9. Hey guys, those are the original valve covers, wonderful original condition, not painted. They are beautiful. I have planned to put them back on the bike since I got it, but the black "GUZZI" ones sort of grew on me and I never found the time to do it. I'm still planning to put the red valve covers back on, along with some of the other stock stuff. The bike is still for sale, but I've been super busy and haven't been pushing it. It's not even on Craigslist right now! Anyway, @jakester I probably will be splitting everything up and selling off stuff separate from the bike at some point (hypothetically soon, once I find the time), mostly to make the price of the bike itself more palatable to potential buyers—but the valve covers and original side covers (along with other stock stuff) will stay with the bike.
  10. I would like to like and LOL at this post, but since I can only do one, I'm forced to do this:
  11. We're getting pretty pedantic at this point, but yes, of course, rare doesn't equal desirable—although it is often an inarguable contributor to desirability. No one has said it does. The comments here and on other forums—not to mention at this year's Quail—both on this bike I'm selling and on the "rarer" V11s in general have more than established desirability, so man-to-mansplaining about rarity vs. value is kinda moot, eh? But this isn't about rarity compared to other bikes anyway, it's about rarity (and yes, desirability) compared to other V11s. I can probably fire up my truck and pick up three to five standard V11s in the next week or so if I roam a bit; finding a single Rosso, Coppa, Scura—all rarer and desirable—will be unlikely to impossible. Some greenie owners may want to believe that their bikes are the quintessential V11, but what you say about "propaganda" and magazines is simply untrue. The "special models" got tons of ink, and I have several brochures in my office that prove the exact opposite of the green bikes being the sole focus of Guzzi's marketing materials. I shopped for these bikes new, back in the day. You can check out eBay for a glimpse of the array of marketing assets employed by Guzzi, then Aprilia. If you understand motorcycle marketing (I'm an "industry guy" and a marketing consultant) you know the very existence of the Rosso Mandello, Scura, Coppa Italia, etc, is the same blueprint that Ducati and MV Agusta use with their special models. It's solely about creating desirability, and usually successful—at least for the Italians, though in recent years, Triumph has had some success this too. Anyway, I expected this sort of "feedback," and this conversation has been had many times before, and apparently will keep on being a standard fixture of motorcycle forums. I think I've said more than enough at this point. Cheers.
  12. Oh yeah. My 2016 GS went to a guy from Arizona who came up and trailered it back. A few years ago, I sold a '94 E320 Cabriolet on eBay, to a guy from Chicago, who flew out, paid, and drove it to his vacation home in... AZ? Maybe New Mexico? He wanted a clean one for his "relaxation car" or something like that. I'm definitely noodling on the idea of putting it on eBay to cast a wider net. Also considering BringATrailer.com.
  13. I've followed V11 pricing since they were new. Greenies, silveries, etc are not Rossos or Scuras or Coppas, etc. If you're basing your POV on standard model pricing, then yeah, I'm way out of line. Yes, I know the standard line about all V11s being "special models," but that's not functionally true. (Sorry if that hurts someone's feelings.) Your point about mileage is interesting. I thought about bikes that way in the eighties, but haven't thought of 25K as "high miles" on a motorcycle in a long, long time. It's not like the engine is going to blow at 30k, and if the overall condition is very good and the bike is well-maintained, how does a—to my mind, relatively low—mileage number factor into your pricing calculations? As noted in the ad—and alluded to above—I decided to sell the bike because I can't ride it (very far) due to extensive surgeries in my right leg last summer after being hit by a car. I don't need the cash, and don't have a timeline. But I'm a rider, not a collector, and I hate to have it just sitting in the garage. The fact that you sold your Scura for $7,400 two years ago with less stuff would seem to support my price. For comparison, I've sold several very specifically set up Beemers in recent years, at premium prices—but still a bargain for the amount of stuff included. In every case, it was like this: zero activity other than occasional "feedback" on the pricing, and then the right buyer would pop up and immediately snatch up the bike. In one case, three buyers popped up within 12 hours of each other and I wished I'd asked more. I've bought and sold a lot of bikes and cars and guitars and other comparable stuff too. I want to be clear that I'm not approaching this with the Craigslist H-D mentality: "$25k invested!" If I was looking for (or came across) a rare-ish bike for which bodywork was tough to come by, the presence of an additional tank and other stuff would be a big selling point, although some of it (luggage racks, etc) are clearly just nice-to-haves. If someone says to me, "Hey man, I really want that bike, but I don't care about the luggage and the extra tank, but I definitely want the original side covers," I wouldn't point to the price with my middle finger. I'd see if we could work something out, and sell the tank here or on eBay or whatever. I seem to be accumulating a list of people who want some of the parts already anyway. And anyway, given that standard "modern negotiation tactics" seem to be for the potential buyer to offer 50% of asking or lower and act as if he's doing the seller a favor, the starting price is almost immaterial anyway.
  14. Thanks guys. And @vtwins4life, I didn't think you were trying to rain on my parade. I was sincerely hoping you might have some reference data for me.
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