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  1. Flooky


    Yeah i recon your right ( i did nip to the shops for beer!)
  2. Flooky


    Hi all, hope your keeping safe in these terrible times. I fitted my new shift spring yesterday , thanks to scud and all involved in getting these made. Thanks also to everyone posting advice on how to fit it. I read it all .and it was a good lockdown job to do while we cant ride. Cheers flooky
  3. My springs came today, thanks so much Scud and everybody for the help.
  4. Hi, yeah didn't think of forum names vs real names, Brian Flook (flooky ) cheers Scud, really appreciate it.
  5. Sorted, I just sent another dollar and added address, too busy rushing, thanks your a star !
  6. Hi, money sent, but like an idiot I forgot to put my address. I will send it to the e mail address Scud, hope that is ok. I will private message you too, cheers Brian.
  7. Yeah of course I will pay ahead too.
  8. Hi, If the springs become available (and can be posted to the UK) I would like a couple please. Really interesting thread
  9. The Bosch number is different, the thread " Bosch relays in the UK " has a different part number to the links above, does it matter ? cheers
  10. Not so easily available in the UK it seems..I will keep looking
  11. Can you tell me the bosch number etc please ?
  12. Hi, I ordered some Omron relays on E bay and they came from China, do we recon they will be moody copies or ok ? In the UK its hard to get them and ordering from the states needs a minimum order of loads. cheers
  13. Flooky

    Fuel line

    Yeah I was worried about the fact that it is near the cylinder, I will mount the pump higher (cheers Docc ) and angle the fuel tap in a bit, longer heat resistant hose and that should be ok. cheers all.
  14. Hi, does the 12mm fuel line from the fuel tap to the external pump have to be braided or would heat resistant hose be ok ? cheers
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