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  1. Cheers, I will wait and hope..
  2. Is there any of the modded ones left, ? new to guzzi, and read the whole thread. I would love a more reliable spring. cheers Flooky
  3. Flooky

    GPR exhaust

    I would love those ! but I am in the UK. I will see if he will post but I doubt it. cheers
  4. Flooky

    GPR exhaust

    I contacted them and seen a pic now, looks a bit wrong, I like mistrals but cant find and used at the moment. cheers
  5. Flooky

    GPR exhaust

    Hi folks, has anybody got a pic of a GPR exhaust fitted to a v11 ? I seen one on e bay but don't know what it will look like, its a black coated oval can. cheers Flooky
  6. I am quite new to guzzis and when I did a oil /filter change after I got my 03 sport I had read all the stuff on oil filters and torqued mine to 20nm, this was printed on the filter, supplied by gutsibits in the uk, my Yamaha (sorry) filter is only 10nm. just a thought.
  7. Flooky


  8. Hi all, just joined, got a new to me V11 sport, love it. I am in the UK, West sussex near Brighton. Thanks for having me. Flooky
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