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  1. Thanks for the info guys. I was able to get Collector plate for my 2004 Ballabio. I did not provide any info, just checked boxes that said 15 years old and less than 1500 manufactured. They must of already had the data you submitted to confirm low production. Picked up plate and insurance today. Saves a lot of money.
  2. I just got approval for collector plate and insurance for my 2004 Moto Guzzi Ballabio in BC today. I checked the boxes on the application that said 15 years old and less than 1500 manufactured. I did not provide any data with the application. After about 5 weeks I got approved and just went and picked up the plate and insurance now. I assume they already have the data as I know of one other person in BC that had obtained Collector plate for 2003 Lemans. The cost per year is $ 219 for 2 million liability plus license plate fee for a total about 300. I just got 3 month worth and was $90 with li
  3. On my 2004 Ballabio my Odyssey lasted over 12 years. Replaced with same. Is always kept on a battery tender when not ridden. That is the longest I have ever had a battery last in a motorcycle, aircraft, helicopter or automobile.
  4. Installed the Bikemaster heated grips (same as picture of kit provided by Swooshdave) on my 2004 V11 Ballabio that has the Lemans Clip on handlle bar installation. The grips fit very tight so did not need to use the glue supplied with the kit. Took power off the aux. plug behind the fly screen that I installed to power the GPS. The power comes from the Fuse 6. Power on with key on. Works great so far. I like the added volt meter.
  5. Thanks so much Chuck, got my two in Vancouver BC. Installed and works great on the Ballabio. I really appreciate all your and Lucky Phils work to make this possible.
  6. Hi Chuck, I will take 2 anyway if possible, as I am planning to buy a V11 Lemans in near future as well as keeping my Ballabio. Thanks Phillip
  7. I just open the picture in windows 10, use the Resize feature shown in the menu on the right top ( where you see … which says ""show more"" when you put the cursor over it) then the drop down menu has Resize in it. Choose the smallest size (.25Mp ) when the picture is open and save it to a new name. Then upload to this site.
  8. The pipes are Giannelli slip on cans, apparently installed at new. I have the unused original cans in boxes. The rest of the pipes are stock. Other than the cans, everything else original other than the spring in the transmission shifter that breaks, and a power commander and removal of the smog canister. I have the spring from Scud, which has worked great after 3 broken ones from Guzzi and others.
  9. Yes, it seems was done at factory with the triple tree without holes for standard Ballabio bars. Also the spacer plate looks like factory, including the bolts used prior to me adding the GPS mount.
  10. Figured it out. Here are pictures. You will notice my GPS mount on top of the instrument spacer plate.
  11. I took some pictures with my blackberry but they will not load as too large file. I can send to you if you like. (pics of my 2004 Ballabio with clip ons (as it came I think)). You will see that the need to move the instruments forward was necessary for the bars to be able to turn to full lock.
  12. Hi Chuck. I would also like a Shift Lever Arm Extender. I will email you with my details. Thanks very much for all your work on this. Look forward to using it.
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