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  1. Nice bike. I've thought about getting one too but it seemed frustratingly redundant with my V11 Sport. Those panniers look sharp.
  2. **Resolved** I am happy and mildly embarrassed to report that adding a bit more FUEL to the fully drained tank fixed the sputter. I will never know if the "original" sputter was due to old bilge fuel in the lower reaches of the tank. But that latest sputter was absolutely the result of a low fuel condition. Thank you to Docc and all the rest of you for your advice -- some of which I plan to add to my "to do" list for the bike.
  3. It could be the heat issue.... but it is not that hot and usually my bike has to be ridden fairly hard for at least 10 minutes for it to manifest. These symptoms are also more severe and occur within a minute of starting bike. The heat issues tend to occur only at low speeds. BTW, I have heat shielded my fuel lines (but not fuel pump) - had no effect that I could sense. A blocked fuel line that allows only a trickle of fuel could also explain behavior (fuel line on left side is only 2 years old but I will check it if nobody comes up with an "aha" observation). The trickle would result in enough fuel "after some time" but starve the bike in actual operation. Bob
  4. Please clarify what "position" the rod/tiller should be in.....thank you
  5. OK, after replacing the fuel I did a test ride today and the sputter is not fixed. Symptoms: The bike will start fine. It will run OK for about 30 seconds after which there is a gurgling (underwater sound) sputter / misfire that occurs first at 2000 RPM and then seconds later at 1500 RPM and finally the bike if left to idle will die after about 3 seconds. This does not require load - is repeatable in neutral. Bike will start and show same symptoms (idles fine at 1st etc.) after 5 minutes rest. Bike history: Always been a strong runner, has approx 60K miles and is ridden at least every 2 weeks. Bike has always had a weak elec system, I have replaced regulator 3-4X over 20 year period. Bike suffers from a parasitic elec leak, I have to put it on charger before a ride if it has not been ridden the day before. This has resulted in long periods of the bike being on a charger. Bike has always had a rough spot at 2800 RPM - never could fix it. The 2800 stutter is exacerbated by hot weather but I can typically throttle "thru it." Minor note: Temp shielding on fuel lines to avoid fuel boil has had no effect on temp stutter. What I have checked / recently touched: a. Bike exhibited the sputter for 1st time week ago when Reserve Light was indicating low fuel level. This was at 60 MPH / 4K RPM. b. Adding fuel allowed bike to get home fine (approx 3 miles). c. 3 days ago fuel tank drained*, new fuel (from working Honda bike) added. I was careful to get fuel into both lobes of tank - me not being sure which side sucks the fuel. Still, the fuel tank is not full. I would estimate there is only 3/4 of a gallon in the bike. d. *When tank was drained it was removed. Upon installation of the tank I turned the rod on right side all the way counterclockwise (see pic). The knob on the left is fully turned clockwise. ***Is this correct?*** Elec connectors were mated under tank as per usual. e. Bike started fine after fuel tank installation w/ pint of fuel. Fuel reserve light was not lit (but it is unreliable). f. With 3 addit. quarts of fuel added, a test drive --in warm but not hot hot weather --showed symptoms above. This stutter is far worse than the temperature stutter noted in history section. LED showing battery level showed the battery was near fully charged during test. g. 6 months ago I replaced main battery cable with new, super conducting 3rd party cable. Prob has 500 miles on it - no issues. Fuse on new cable is intact. h. Main Guzzi fuse box today revealed a burnt 30 amp fuse. I replaced the fuse but symptoms continued. A 20 amp fuse was replaced with the correct 15 amp fuse. No effect. i. One of the battery terminal screws was not fully tight. When tightened, symptoms remained. j. Spark plugs changed 100 miles ago. Spark plug wires have not been replaced for over a dozen years. k. No change in exhaust smoke noted (exhaust not visible). <pics below> Thanks for your advice Bob p.s. Air filters removed for pix
  6. I actually cannot tell with certainty whether it was switched out-- and if it was it was almost 20 years ago . I observe that both sides of tank have an apparatus connected to fuel lines and each are turned on/off by rotation in plane of the garage floor. One is controlled by a knurled knob and the one on the right is rotated as like a rudder stick. So that sounds like a manual petcock has been added. Still, on left side I do see a (possibly vestigal) pump-like shaft with elec wires coming out of the bottom.
  7. Update: I am the original poster. I used a clear siphon to drain (most of) the fuel tank and the fuel flowed out with a beautiful blue color with no visible impurities. This emptied approximately 3.8 gallons. My plan to then carefully examine the "dregs" of the tank was ruined when I failed to correctly turn off the fuel petcock and spilt the remaining pint or so of gas on my (cold) engine and onto the floor of my garage. I removed the tank at that point and emptied out the final drops of fuel. The fuel spill prompted me to clean the engine, which I have not done in some time. I then reinstalled the tank and added a pint or so of new fuel taken from my Honda (which has a higher gas tank) and the Guzzi fired up nicely [as is usually the case]. I only added a pint so that I was definitely using the bottom part of tank (tank was emptied so this was a moot point unless there was something really gummy in the hidden crevices). I have yet the take the bike out for a proper spin as I had to deal with the garage floor and smell of fuel. That is the real test and I will report back later.
  8. Nah, I live right here in the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard. I WISH I could ride to Vancouver (BC) right now though (border closed).
  9. I believe I added about 4.1 US gallons
  10. Took V11 sport out for a long drive yesterday (this bike is single owner and is used alot and runs quite well in the mountains) and the bike began to have particularly bad flat spot around 2800rpm which I attributed to the warm temps and city driving as I re-entered town. Then it got really bad ......lots of coughing. Fuel light flickered. Backfire. Time for a fill-up. With new gas she was happy. So let me think about this. The tank was not empty by a long shot and now I have a new theory that I have some very nasty old gas and crud in the bottom of each fuel tank "lobe."
  11. Texas bike is just like mine, but is apparently preserved in time as I have 50K plus miles on mine. Great bike.
  12. Has anyone here got experience with these tanks? I have never seen these before. https://www.motea.com/en/cafe-racer-tank-moto-guzzi-v11-sport-scura-10ltr-1960s-by-craftride-silver-159706-0 Thank you
  13. Picked up my Alpinestars Hi Point boots from the early 1970's after refurbishment at a shoe repair place in Seattle. I'll ride with 'em on the V11 - heck they still fit!
  14. **edit** this "news" was previously noted in another thread as noted below FWIW, here is an article from VisorDown that includes a low res and altered image of what is believed to be a future Moto Guzzi model It looks like it might be a sport bike https://www.visordown.com/news/new-bikes/moto-guzzi-teases-new-centenary-edition-motorcycle Cheers, Bob
  15. I've got the smaller model of Formotion and it has held on for years on the triple clamp with double-sided tape believe it or not. The batteries do not last long BTW - about a year in my experience. Very useful addition.
  16. Looks pretty good to me. I'd put some epoxy paint on floor, add lights and concentrate on re-building and re-mounting those doors (retain orig design).
  17. I hope they do create a new Le Mans - with a bit (5-10?) more horsepower but still air cooled
  18. Mine has always clicked up and down in its bracket too (but I never use it)
  19. I searched on Google for 'Guzzi leather key' and found many options to choose from.....
  20. I installed one of these on my 2001 Sport, has worked well. I would say this is quite a rare part at this point in time. Not very heavy either.
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