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  1. pasotibbs


  2. First gen Ducati Monster light fits and looks virtually the same but is much better made.
  3. Latest update from the project website "We plan to travel to Bute on 03 August and return on the 17th. That's a Friday to a Friday. The army is doing our transport, route improvement, installing the slipway, etc. and we'll be based at Loch Fad Fishery. Everyone is welcome."
  4. The Bluebird name was used on several boats and cars so maybe your toy was of one of those perhaps Sir Malcolm Campbells K4 ?http://www.bluebird-electric.net/bluebird_history/bluebird_k_4_hydroplane_boat.htm
  5. The Sky News report https://news.sky.com/story/campbells-bluebird-will-roar-into-life-once-more-11258894
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3V9r1zsFmVk http://www.bluebirdproject.com/K7/ Press Release Campbell’s Bluebird to Dip Her Toes in Scottish Loch. A mere thirty minute ferry ride from Glasgow lies the Isle of Bute, an exquisite, cookie-cut piece of premium Scotland in all its beauty dropped into the Clyde within easy reach and the location of many an enjoyable fishing and diving holiday for Bluebird Project leader, Bill Smith. Rich in heritage – Ettrick Bay on its west coast was the site of the first powered flight in Scotland and the training ground for soldiers destined for the D-Day landings whilst the midget submarine X-Craft, aimed at battleship Tirpitz, limbered up on the other side of the island in Rothesay Bay. But, most importantly for the Bluebird Project, is the mile and a half of flat, secluded water striking through the middle of the isle – Loch Fad. Bluebird K7 – Donald Campbell’s legendary jet hydroplane, in build for the past ten years, is now almost complete and ready to take to the water once more. Her long anticipated resurrection, upon which she will again run at speed for demonstration purposes before going on public display, awaits only an invitation to operate on a suitable waterway with Coniston Water being the team’s first choice. But before that she must be thoroughly worked back to fighting fitness along with her operating team. After considering various UK bodies of water, the Bluebird Project team decided that Loch Fad would be the ideal location for our crew training exercise. We are thrilled that, after extensive consultation with a wide range of stakeholders on the island, agreement was reached to travel to Bute in August 2018, with assistance from the British Army, to get Bluebird K7 waterborne again and under her own power for the first time in over half a century as an integral part of bringing this iconic craft, along with her historic, educational and inspirational value back to the forefront of the public conscience. Notes to Editors. Bluebird K7 has been in-build since December 2008 and Loch Fad will be the first time she has been afloat and under her own power since the morning of January 4th 1967 Contacts – BBP Office 0191 2964295 We will be available for phone interviews for most of the day and for filming, etc. after 15:00 Contacts – Mount Stuart Trust Mr Colin Boag. 01700 503877
  7. Even though plugs seemed wet I'd check injectors aren't sticking or partially blocked. I had the same issues with mine when I removed the tank to let it dry out and hopefully shrink back to normal size. I made a temp tank from an old plastic fuel can using the tap and regulator and discovered that the fuel pump had stuck and when I sorted that the bike would not start which eventually I diagnosed stuck injectors as well. If you can get the connector off the injector you can get small crocodile clip test cables on to the terminals and test the injector with a battery, I can't remember what I used but think a 1.5v or 2x 1.5v taped together to make 3v was enough.
  8. Master Cylinder corrodes so piston doesn't fully return blocking hole to reservoir , owner adjusts clearance on pedal because it now appears to have loads of travel,goes for a ride and when the brake warms up the fluid expands but can't get to the reservoir so applies brake instead creating more heat and more pressure and so on.... Don't ask how I know this
  9. pasotibbs


    I'd say it loses a little top end power but fills in the mid range, it may be other crossovers that have the bad reports (mistral cans does not mean the crossover is also?)or perhaps bikes that need setting up properly after the change ?
  10. Blue Hylomar was/is Rolls Royce approved (I think Aviation and Car)
  11. pasotibbs


    http://www.gutsibits.co.uk/pr/TheShop/index.php?f=e&Shnew=1&Model=1&ModelName=1100+Sport%2C+V11&Cat=EXA&CatName=Exhausts&Sort=TitleDesc 2 types with or without Lambda EXA21011 and EXA20011
  12. pasotibbs


    If you have the standard exhaust crossover then swapping to a Mistral will improve the midrange. http://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=11564&hl=mistral
  13. Fiat 500 1.2 POP Fiat Panda 4x4 Cross TwinAir (2 cylinder 875cc Turbo 90BHP)
  14. pasotibbs


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