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  1. Good thing i did not ask you...
  2. 2004 cafe sport Added ground wire to regulator casing Installed some swank Rizoma fluid resevoirs Removed air box and installed aluminum velocity stacks with K&N filter. Found ground stud on case loose Replaced broken fast idle cable Recrimped start circuit bullet connectors under the tank Bike seems ALOT more responsive with the velocity stacks and filters Starter has alot more umph with the loose ground tightened Still waiting on headers without the crossover and will install thr carbon fiber timing cover when i do.... I r
  3. Please send pics and price... Pm sent
  4. That bike was on Facebook for $3500 Great deal !
  5. orangem2


  6. I got a X10 cam in my v11 sport Mike rich did the heads... Valves, porting, pistons, etc Also chrome moly pushrods Bike really comes alive after 3 grand Mike also said that the X10 is the biggest street cam... If that means anything. I like it alot... Hope this helps
  7. 2004 v11 cafe sport: valve adjustment throttle body synch oil change new tires lubed the drive shaft... rides like a new bike!
  8. ordered a pair apirelli angel GT's for the v11 cafe sport... gonna grease the splines and u-joints while i am in there
  9. set the valves on my hopped up 2004 v11 cafe sport to .002 -.003. found additional midrange and top end! installed re-usable silcon gaskets and used new stainless hardware. also dropped(!) my 2003 ev11 touring in the driveway thnx to the spectacular design of the kickstand... i helped a little . it was a slow drop on the LH side, bent clutch lever and cracked the fairing lower, some small scratches on the LH saddlebag. new lever ordered from MGCYCLE new fairing lowers ordered from HARPER MOTO oh well, could have been worse!! happy new year...
  10. got mine 3 weeks ago... found for sale on this website. some nice motor work and only 2600 miles. this one is a keeper!!
  11. Hello people, looking into buying a 2004 v11 ballabio with 10K on it, Gianelli mufflers and a powercommander. Asking $4900. is this a good price. i had several pics sent to me of the bike and it looks extremmely clean. i have always wanted a Guzzi... i have spent many days reading on this website and now want owners of this bik to please chime in and erad about there experiences on this bike. thanx to all who participate. Andrew
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