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  1. My CO is set at 18 Should i set it to zero? Does the bike need to be running for the adjustment to take?
  2. You have any idea why that diagnostic cable would not fit?
  3. Whoever came up with that POS design should be banned from Italy The crossover is complete crap and the sorry excuse for gaskets just as bad I will wait for a clean set of headers with NO crossover instead of installing that garbage There... i feel better
  4. Correct configuration ODB plug worked... just woukd not mate with bikes plug. Pins too wide
  5. Bought o.j. n in eBay
  6. The 3 wire diagnostic cable Male pins on cable are too big to fit bike plug
  7. Bought harness It does NOT plug on my bike... Looks like it should fit, but does not Pins are too big
  8. Just went in again with a very small pick... there is NOTHING in there
  9. Anyone ever remove there v11 headers and find gaskets not installed? Took my headers off to tighten the crossover and found none installed... maybe the cause of my cough?
  10. Need a functional seat for a 2004 v11 If modified for comfort, the better
  11. Guy had it on Facebook marketplace... Literally interviewed people to decide who would get it. Bike had 20k miles in it and was dirty but had lots of potential. Seller was an odd bird... obviously i did not get chosen. 😎
  12. Good thing i did not ask you...
  13. 2004 cafe sport Added ground wire to regulator casing Installed some swank Rizoma fluid resevoirs Removed air box and installed aluminum velocity stacks with K&N filter. Found ground stud on case loose Replaced broken fast idle cable Recrimped start circuit bullet connectors under the tank Bike seems ALOT more responsive with the velocity stacks and filters Starter has alot more umph with the loose ground tightened Still waiting on headers without the crossover and will install thr carbon fiber timing cover when i do.... I really love the way this bike rides and looks.
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