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Rocky Rent & Ride


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I flew in to Denver and a friend and I rented BMW R1200GSs from http://tourbikes.com/  in Aurora (close to the airport and from whom I would definitely rent again).


Here's the loop from Saturday, in which we rode three major mountain passes:

  1. Guanella Pass (some dirt roads)
  2. Berthoud Pass 
  3. Trail Ridge Road (highlighted on the map and some photos from over 12,000 feet elevation)


Then we took the peak-to-peak highway with three minor passes.


Although this was not a V11 ride, I thought I'd share it with you all as it was one of the most beautiful rides I've ever done. I saw bighorn sheep in the road, moose (thankfully not in the road), elk, and plenty of deer and smaller critters. Pictures can't do it justice, but here are some from the top of Trail Ridge and one from a dirt road along the Platte River (which is currently running at maximum capacity with some flooding).








The GSs were great mounts for this ride, because we did three dirt sections over the weekend. Too bad no Stelvios to rent...

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I think nature and motorbikes go hand in glove together!

Nothing like a good road trip on two wheels to make you feel special and different. I always find that riding a motorbike, wipes out all the worries and problems in life.

Riding issues over on a V11 Guzzi is the cherry on the cake! nothing compares to that.

Why don't MDs prescribe a Guzzi ride as therapy is beyond me...

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