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Tales from the Cul De Sac - Guzzi Edition


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4 hours ago, Admin Jaap said:

I wanted to, but I got distracted by a call from a pesky client while watching the video. Only had time to click the Like button.
So: Thanks for the video, and even more for mentioning this site. Seeing the v11lemans.com logo slide in made my week :sun:

The appropriate action would have been to tell the client to hold on. :P

There's nothing wrong with you rewatching it 14 more times... not that I've done that.

If you look in the video's description you'll even see a link to the forum there.

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5 hours ago, al_roethlisberger said:

Great video.  You know, these earliest V11 Sports are aaaaaalmost "classics" now as they approach 20-25 years old.  Hard to believe how the time has passed.

You can't imagine, Al. Suddenly you wake up and "Who is this old woman in my bed, and why does it hurt to do about anything??"  :oldgit::(

Life is good, though.. :grin:

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  • 1 year later...

Very nice ride video from the Oregon Norton Enthusiasts fall ride, with a little bit of Guzzi content.



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