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Show us yer Tontis!


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12 hours ago, LowRyter said:

I think Todd was the guy the put a hotted up 1400 in a Tonti.  (I am too lazy to look it up on the 'net)

He has a supercharged nitrous 1400 bike, but it's also his own frame. All sillyness, of course, but he customers with plenty of money. :D



But this general trend of tail-less modern Manx-style motorcycles leaves me cold. The proportions are all wrong.

Agreed. I think they're as ugly as a board fence. Just the same, the workmanship on Todd's Jackal is excellent. :huh2:

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On 2/18/2020 at 6:27 PM, Kane said:

Wow. What a beauty! Were the square fin barrels original to the 1000S? Great job! 

Yes,  all 1000S'  were square fins

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  • 3 months later...

Some cracking stuff here, glorious

I posted these up on the Pete's "Look what I found lying about looking sorry for itself" thread, but thought I'd put them up here too.

It's not exactly a Tonti but sort of resembles one in spirit and is contemporary.

First pic as it was after the refurb the solid discs warped and the pods were too long

Second pic before I threw it and me into a wall, which rearranged the fairing somewhat

Third is how it currently looks (never bothered replacing the fairing decals, which I should)

I'm not a fan of exhaust wrap but I orignally got the pipes Cermakromed, which looked shit, then I had a rethink when I added the cast wheels, so the system went to black. Problem was because of the Cermakrome, the black never keyed properly and started to flake on the headers. By this point I was sick of the whole thing and just thought "sod it" I'll wrap them and its been that way ever since.




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  • 2 weeks later...

I just picked up a Tonti I have always wanted, a T3 California. I like the funky 70s look they have.

It is pretty rare to find these in the USA as the California T3 model was not imported.  They were common on the Continent and the UK though.  This particular bike was imported by a Brit when relocating to the San Francisco area.   

It will require a full up restoration.


Hopefully I will have it looking like this in a year or so. 


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If you do half the job you did on the V700 Dave it'll easily be like the lower picture. Lucky bike finding such a good home.

Calis are amazing machines, I thought they would be Harley like in the their handling until I was out on a group ride years back.

I was on a Daytona and the guy in front on a Cali, I had difficulty keeping up with it, could not believe how much they can be thrown around and handle so well.

Great bikes, I love these earlier versions

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  • 10 months later...

OK guys, the T3 California was completed in record time for me, 7 months.  Usually it takes me 7 years!

I have about 50 miles on it and it runs perfectly!   A most enjoyable project.



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2 minutes ago, docc said:

Nice, Dave! I hope that' not the only picture . . . :pic:

Will the GTS be getting your loving treatment?

The GTS is going to remain in it's current state.  It was restored about 20 or 30 years ago and has plenty of warts.  It runs so well that I just can't bear to tear it apart.  Plus the patina that the old restoration has acquired has grown on me. 


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Guzzibob Dickman’s 850 T3:


I’m sure that many of you knew Bob and may be familiar with this bike. Bob must have really loved this bike as it’s seen a lot of road time. I know Bob was a meticulous steward of his steeds, and while she has been still for a few years I have faith that she will rise again.
This should be a fun and very rewarding project!

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RIP, Bob. :( He was my riding buddy, and we rode all over SoCal (and central Cal once) for years and years. Going out to Redondo Beach to ride hasn't been the same, since.

Mark did most or all of his maintenance, btw..

We didn't know it at the time, but this *may* have been our last riding day together..


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