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  1. Front UJ exploded at 30k miles. UJs/shaft had been misaligned from new. Maybe frequent replacement is Guzzi's answer to poor manufacture or mismatch of components at assembly. Good idea to check shaft is correctly aligned. KB
  2. Your as old as you feel & I feel about 8. Except for the aches. & pains. It appears you subscribe to the "this one broke, I'll fix it one day when I have a bit more time, meanwhile I better get a working one to keep me on the road" school of motorcycle ownership - a man after my own heart. ReplyForward
  3. Oh no not him again...
  4. Factory marks can be incorrect, don't trust them. Best check alignment of shaft for yourself. The original shaft assembly in my Scura could not be aligned correctly & was either badly made or a mismatch of parts.
  5. I'm told you can align clutch plate by LOOSELY assembling clutch on the motor, attaching gearbox (requires a bit of jiggling to get input hub into splines in plate) then removing gearbox & tightening down clutch fully. I didn't have any luck with this method so made this, which worked fine. As I recall, I measured across gearbox bellhousing face to make tool, then attached it to motor across crankcase bellhousing face & used an old clutch hub to centre plate in clutch.
  6. It's the rear bearing on the upper lay shaft. #23 in this drawing. Part# 92 20 12 25 (ball bearing 25x52x15)
  7. Emulsified? Can't remember exactly what it looks like when fresh. this from a vintage 12 years old bottle...
  8. The failed bearing appears to be the rear bearing on the upper lay/secondary shaft. Here's 2 more:
  9. It may not be re-assurance but I've come to think RM clutch assembly components differ from Scura. It may just be a question of production numbers but can anyone here recall hearing of an RM flywheel failing in a similar way to those in Scuras? For my own peace of mind, I'd be really interested to know why your output shaft bearing failed, & to that end it would be useful to know how driveshaft was aligned. You may have missed my earlier post re my exploding Scura (the driveshaft was badly misaligned, & the paint marks totally wrong from new). Thanks for any info on the driveshaft. Cheers, KB Here's pic from earlier post:
  10. THIS. When you reassembled the driveshaft, how did you align it? Did you use factory marks? IME these can be totally incorrect. Check alignment of two UJ's looking along the assembly. My Scura exploded front UJ. Below pic on L is aligned as it came from new (aligned according to paintmarks) & prior to damage not previously disassembled. KB PS: Audiomick - the missing triangle looks to me like something unrelated placed in front of the clutch assy.
  11. 0 - 140mph in 4.5 secs good grief Docc, what have you done to the poor thing? Hope you keeping well. KB
  12. Baldrick knows Guzzis inside out. Not sure if he's still in the business, last I heard he was in London area. Website looks a bit out of date: baldricksworkshop | Moto Guzzi service , repairs , diagnosis system , MOT , Fuel Injection , gearbox,bevel box,
  13. Thanks for the info. Sounds like a really well sorted bike. Lucky Colt - hope you enjoy it! Thanks, Pete. Good to see you're still alive & kicking. They still ask in the pub about the big baldy fella who dropped in for a beer one evening. I plead ignorance Scura exploded UJ some years ago, I got the bits to fix it but never got round to it. Tonti went in the shed to delink the brakes, but never came out. Hence my absence from this place. One day. All the best, mate. KB
  14. What work has been done on that Scura? (hope all's good w you Pete).
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