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  1. 24 minutes ago, p6x said:


    I am running MacOS Catalina 10.15.7; this is the highest version that can be installed on this 10 years old MacBook Pro equipped with an 2.4 GHz Intel I5.

    When I launched GuzziDiag V 0.47, it does not auto format for my screen size. Part of the window is outside of real estate, and the window size cannot be adjusted. But it launches without crashing.

    The view button does not work either.

    Probably easier to purchase an old MS based computer.



    Much easier to get a Windows Laptop...after finding the port, it's a piece of cake to work it.

  2. All the dash lights can be converted to LED, with the exception of the one that governs the turn signals/blinkers...those only work on 1 side if converted to LED.  But having brighter LED's on the rest of the dash lights (and coupled with the jeweled screen) really is a nice modernization touch.  

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  3. I hope it turns out to be a good one.  If I can make one route suggestion that I can guarantee will put a massive smile on your face and memories for years…when you do decide to ride it back…head north from Boise to Lewiston and then ride to Lolo, Montana along highway 12…truly one of the most beautiful rides in the country.  Follows the Lewis & Clark trail.  An overnight stop near Or past Kooskia will be legendary.  From there, head to Red Lodge Montana and ride the Beartooth highway into Wyoming to the top of Yellowstone, then take the Chief Joseph scenic highway to Cody, Wyoming.  Heading south from Cody thru Thermopolis you will go thru the Wind River canyon, another very scenic stretch before the wide open and windy plains of Wyoming.

    its all downhill from there on a wonderful ride thru Wyoming, Utah (Dinosaur monument), and needless to say Colorado is unlimited in amazing roads.


    Hope it’s a good one!!


  4. 14 minutes ago, LaGrasta said:

    Hmm, I seemed to have forgot, my very first street bike was a V4, 1985 Honda Interceptor 500. That bike was terrific!

    Lovely bike...a friend had a 1000 Interceptor also back in 1985/86 that he let me ride often enough while I was at the university.  I've often thought about finding one again...that bike was intoxicating, smooth and far too fast!  Ripping around the streets of La Jolla and surrounding San Diego towns on it was amazing!

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  5. From very recent experience, be careful getting DeOxit on the soft rubber seals (like the one on the TPS) or the ones connecting ECU's on later CARC bikes as the chemicals cause the rubber to swell, which then get pinched when snapping the connector back in place, and then frequently cause a tear or not completely seated seal.

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  6. Good find on the video, that's my friend Ben's new V100 here in Houston out with a couple of other riders in our group on BMW's, anniversary edition R90T and the new GS1250 water cooled.  The new V100 is a lovely bike indeed.  I'm hoping he'll let me ride it on our next outing!

    A pic of the old vs. the new!






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  7. One thing to bear in mind P6X is that the Stelvio, particularly the NTX version which has the larger 8.5 gallon gas tank aside from being heavier, will also be a lot more top heavy.  Maneuvering it around will require more strength/caution than the V11.   But both the Norge and the Stelvio have great carrying capacity and are fantastic for long distance journeys.

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  8. Highly recommend reading the Guzzidiag tutorial to get familiar with the functionality of Guzzidiag.

    There are 3 programs: Guzzidiag (reads and resets parameters, sets CO trim, reads faults)

    Reader - reads and saves your map (bin file) currently on the ECU, you should create a directory on your PC where you will save this bin file.  Name it Original with a date xxxx.bin, so you will remember what it is later on.

    Writer - writes a new map (bin file) to your ECU - this is the Meinolf bin file, or if you have another one from another source.

    You will need to download these 3 .exe files to a folder on your PC.

    Once you read thru the Guzzidiag tutorial, and assuming all connects, you should make sure you save your existing map (bin file) to your PC.  Generally Windows works more reliably than Mac.

    Once and ONLY once you have successfully saved your existing map to your PC AND verified you see it in the folder you have created on your PC, then you can close the Reader program.

    Next, open the Writer program, and select the new map you will have either downloaded from Meinolf or other source.  Use the Writer program now to WRITE the new map (bin file) to your ECU.  The program will tell you if you have been successful writing the program.

    Follow the rest of the tutorial, do the full tune up, and ride!


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  9. ...and this is what drove me mad for a while as well, when I fiddled with my TPS for the first time as well a few months ago...hopefully the new one solves the problem.  It would be nice if these mechanical devices would have a digital readout on them so one could see it all the time w/o having to connect up the Casper cable all the time to measure it.

    Of course, an easier way to adjust the right hand side idle screw would also be nice, it's a royal PITA to get to all of the time...

    All the best on finding the culprit...nothing like an annoying cough, surely there's some Robitussin for these V11's one could apply w/o having to go thru so many gyrations!

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  10. I can truly relate to this Docc, it took me several, well many attempts to get the TPS all working…it’s too sensitive a system but so be it…once charmed into position, it is fantastic.  I had replaced my TPS as well based on your recommendation so hopefully that solves your issue as well.  Worst case scenario the fuel injectors need reconditioning to fine tune it…I wish there was some after market modification to the TPS…

    Out of curiosity what do you set your valves to?

    Hopefully all Comes together in time for the Spring raid!

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  11. Well, unfortunately was unable to pick up some of the planned stops on the way to Cedar Vale this year...I chose not to go based on the terrible weather forecasted up and back and no real desire to camp in the rain either, glad I stayed behind but sorry to miss the rally in Cedar Vale, always one of my favorites.  But I did manage to pick up 4 more stops this week...Cuero, Edna, Blessing and Galveston...Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can get Jefferson, Gladewater and Terrell and complete the 25 stops.  

    I had considered also heading to Big Bend and doing a nice big loop back, but weather forecast (as it is actually now as well) put a damper on those plans...so will do that at a future date...although it's going to get hotter and hotter the longer I wait.

    Out and about on the Griso for these stops...really enjoying it...next runs hopefully on the Scura.


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  12. I'll have to check, I found something very close at ACE HW...at least the OD is identical, and ID is slightly off, but I think it might work.  For $1 each, that's a good deal.

    Now that I think back to my coughing episode with the TPS reset, I recall I had to have the airbleed screws set differently...silly of me not to think of the O-rings as a potential culprit for that slight imbalance between left and right sides.  

    Thanks for the heads up here Docc!

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  13. Thanks Docc...I just tried to order from them...$11 for a pack of 25 rings, but $39 for shipping!  Wow.

    I'll have to find a local supplier...thanks for the technical info...might as well replace the ones I have as well as another "fine tuning" in the tuning process.

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  14. 35 minutes ago, samdroid said:

    Faded is just what I'm looking for. Would match the needle in my speedo nicely. I believe your scura would have the black faced clocks? Correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks for the offer. May send you a PM

    Hi Sam...actually mine are white faced original Veglia's, not the older black faced ones or the newer (more stylish) black Speedhut style.  If you want to shoot me an email I can send you a pic and see if that works for you!  Cheers!


  15. On 4/14/2023 at 8:17 AM, samdroid said:


    @docc I've come across that one at TLM both on ebay and thru their site directly, however haven't been successful purchasing. I presume this to mean that the item is sold and the webmaster simply hasn't fulfilled his duties :(.


    I must thank you for your efforts, however!

    I went back to this one and was successful in buying it from TLM, so I have it in my possession now!  I took a gamble on Ebay and made them a reasonable offer @ 160 EUR plus 50 Euro for shipping).   The only issue I am trying to solve is that the picture of the item on Ebay showed a beautiful orange needle, what arrived is one that is just as faded as the one I currently have, currently in email contact with TLM to see if they sent me the right one or if they have another one.  I am hesitant to open this up and paint the needle, I don't recall anyone having success in opening these bevel cases and resealing w/o damage.  If for some reason you're still looking, and you don't care if you have a tachometer with a faded orange needle and slightly faded numbers, I could send you the one I have on my Scura for $100 bucks plus shipping after I get this new one installed.

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  16. Nicely done P6X!

    I'll be picking up those same stops next week on my way to a small Guzzi rally in Cedar Vale, Kansas with a few days detouring thru Arkansas as well riding the twisties before ending up in Kansas.  Hopefully can pick up some of the ones near Dallas on the way back down, then the 4 near Houston (Submarine, Edna, Blessing and Cuero) in a few more weeks time.

    Lemans doing well I hope...no more leaks?

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  17. Great find…these are rare but really nice to have for a rear bag…Also highly suggest getting longer screws, same style recessed head, it will make it easier to mount and provides more purchase on the frame.  I found them at my local ACE hardware…made it much easier to mount.

    I painted my rack and screws black to keep with the Scura look…it’s very convenient to have a small bag.  3kg limit but With care could be 5-6 kg without any trouble.  No sitting on it!!

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