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  1. If it's the same as the 2002 V11 Scura, then I have a stock one available. It's in Houston so would need to be shipped.
  2. PJPR01


    Make sure your volt meter is set to Milli Volts not any other Volts…or your decimal reading will be off and hard to see if you are truly seeing 157 MV versus 0.2 KV or 2V. Also highly recommend getting a Casper Cable to connect as that’s much easier to use than poking wires into the harness.
  3. Brilliant! Of course, we could derail it further by adding a Specialty Coffee Machine installation setup as well in said garage and add innovative electrical configurations! I'm impressed that Docc keeps specialty stringed instruments in the garage rather than in the house...that must mean the garage is truly and well maintained by the A/C setup. I suspect there might also be an alarm bell in there just to be sure the Mandolin and Stradivarius are not negatively impacted when the humidity gets too high!
  4. Good work P! You’re burning at least 10,000 calories working under these conditions!! For me the only way it’s tolerable to work in the garage these days in this 100+F heat…I’m seriously considering installing a split unit!! Willing to take recommendations on good brands if anyone has one installed!
  5. Good explanations and background above. It’s logical to me that a 2V 1100 motor would get better mileage than a 2V 1200 motor (like my 2008 Norge) or vs a 4V/8V 1200 motor (as is my 2015 Griso) going the same speed…tuned properly as well. it seems to me that Guzzi managed to get more power and torque with the same weight in a 1200 displacement engine and still maintained the same fuel economy as the older 2V 1200…that’s pretty good engineering…and has also led to a different riding experience as well…both of them very enjoyable but different.
  6. Interesting….what do you consider “poor mileage”? I regularly get 40 mpg on the 2015 8V Griso and the 2008 2V Norge….both mapped with Beetle maps…that’s a combo of highway and backroads riding. If I rode exclusively backroads I see 42-44 mpg on both easily.
  7. It sounds like the first one had 2 engines...something happened to the original engine, and then the replacement 1200S was also rebuilt...very odd. Sounds like buying a Frankenstein. Now the 1200 S (Breva Sport) was a very nice bike...think of it as a Naked Norge...but it was tuned differently than the Norge if I recall correctly, had some nice aesthetics as well (white gauges...unfortunately would leak or fog up)...but came in Red and Black...a stunning looking bike indeed...very fun to ride. I was in possession of one for a couple of weeks years ago having bought it for some folks who were visiting and then took possession. As an owner of a Red/Black 2015 Griso I can attest that it's a fabulous bike and honestly it's a work of art, and unique. The second option above being all stock I would (if the temptation exists) err on buying the newer unmolested one, then an older Frankenstein...no matter how well it was put together. Now...bear in mind...the Griso is not a bike that one immediately bonds with...it does take some time and configurations/modifications are needed to get it setup for your ergonomics. With a longer wheelbase, the suspension is also in need of attention (proper sag and rebound, possibly replace the soft stock spring), and likely bar risers or modified bars, lowered foot pegs and a good seat as the stock one is beautiful but uncomfortable. Once all of that is done, it's an all day touring beast...amazing power, 40 mpg regularly, and just never runs out of power up to triple digits. A good fairing or screen is needed, and these are rare so most folks put a Dart Marlin on...I was lucky to get a Givi A770 from Kindoy (same as Pete has on his red one) and it transforms the bike aerodynamically to absolutely perfectly smooth air at any speed. Grisos are wonderful beasts...and live up to their namesake!
  8. I don't want to jinx it...but am hoping that Marquez gets it, now that he's starting so much farther up in position, he doesn't have to try to go from 13/14 to 2nd...perhaps he can ride a clean race and win. Mugello is a fast track...360 km/h top speed...just madness...but oh so thrilling to watch!
  9. Having grown up in California and lived there for half my life, and felt several big earthquakes including the 1989 Loma Prieta one (living in Palo Alto then), I do prefer the "advance warning" of a hurricane vs. the suddenness of an earthquake. Now having been thru quite a few hurricanes (Rita, Ike, Harvey and some major tropical storms here as well) it's certainly preferable to an earthquake. Houston normally just doesn't have tornados, having to get above Dallas and into Oklahoma/Kansas areas to have that as a regular risk. Who knows anymore with the warming, this could be a treacherous year of hurricanes too given the rising gulf ocean waters. I've seen the last few days of amazingly large hail in towns a few hours north (tennis ball sized) that looks like it could just pulverize you on the motorcycle...smashing windshields on cars very easily. Summer may be too hot to ride again for a month or so as it was last summer...regularly hitting 115F heat index values for almost 30 days straight... On the plus side, the insurance company has been exceptionally fast in authorizing the repayment of expenses, after shelling out the deductible...so that's good...no fighting with them at least.
  10. How very cool...if my memory is correct, we would often visit a very small village up in the mountains near Bolzano called Brez where my Dad had lots of friends from his earlier days roaming around Europe...I distinctly remember the old timers drinking a lot of Grappa, at age 13 it tasted awful To get there we had to go up a very twisty curvy road...I would love to go back there and ride a motorcycle. The food was amazing, the water very tasty, but lacking in iodine it seems as many of the older people had goiter. Really interesting trip... My parents had spent a lot of time in Ortisei (St. Ulrich) in the early 60's...so my sister was born in Bolzano...and he would go back and visit a lot. Lovely scenery all around...every road a tasty treat. Going back and forth over the Brenner several times was a treat.
  11. Just popped up for sale…it’s Red!!
  12. I had a lot of damage at my house, just about a mile from you P6X with that Derecho...going thru repairs now. By the way, if you're out riding for the Grand Tour and headed to Marfa...take a look at this news report from this morning!! https://abcnews.go.com/US/texas-town-deploys-snow-plows-after-50-degree/story?id=110671830
  13. I remember on a very long family trip to Europe in 1978, my dad was fond of swiping those little espresso cups from every cafe we visited, by the end of the 5 month trip galavanting around Europe in a Mercedes van that we had quite a collection by the end. A real treasure trove of cups and saucers. Cafe Meinl, Agip 6 legged dog and others come to mind, special cafe's in Trieste, Bolzano, Bassano del Grappa were some of the favorite haunts on that trip.
  14. To be complemented by "Life is too short for bad wine"! Perhaps just as important!
  15. V11 Scura stock OEM La Franconis are absolutely perfect sounding...no need to modify at all...beautiful sound and performance. The Griso stock trombone sounds great, heavy yes, looks a little funny yes from the side, but works perfectly. I'm curious whether the newly acquired Termignoni will sound better than stock...don't know yet...but hopefully performance is the same, maybe a nicer sound. Will know when I get around to installing it in a couple of weeks and/or whether another map is needed...hopefully not. Beetle map (stock exhaust) already makes the bike super smooth, no hiccups, perfect acceleration, engine breaking etc. Norge stock muffler...blah sound and looks, MUCH better with an Agostini (of course accompanied by a Beetle map), I'm guessing Mistral also equivalent to Agostini. The video I think is shot in So. Cal...Angeles crest road based on other videos on his channel, and even w/o sound, it's a good showcase for the Griso's rideability and it's AMAZING good looks! 'Nuff said! Now back to riding!
  16. That looks like a very decent deal...he has some tasty bits installed as well, looks well cared for, and the MOST important is that it indicates it has been Rollerized, which is an absolute must...you don't want to have to deal with getting the kits and having the roller tappets done. Color of pipes at the header also looks good...so seems to be tuned properly. I've never heard the term Blue Title before in Texas...but a quick search turns up what you would hope...it's a clear and unencumbered title, with no salvage or loss. Pink or Purple seems to refer to a salvaged title...so you have a nice specimen there. You could always get a Red/Black wrap! It does have a rear tank bag frame, finding the side bags is a quite difficult, but maybe not impossible. A decent fairing (I have a spare Dart Marlin) that did a decent job, but the very very rare Givi A330 (if I remember correctly) that I bought from Kindoy makes the bike just silky smooth with zero buffeting and looks amazing. Definitely worthwhile looking at this one, on occasion a nice bike shows up on Griso Ghetto also...if you're going to be on the look for a Red/Black like mine, I'll keep my eyes open on the Ghetto and let you know! I've been hunting for years for a pair of engine guards like he has...that's a nice find, and a bonus that Mike / Davey at MPH would know about it too.
  17. You will be pleased with the Viair...I've had almost 19 years of faithful service from the one I bought back in Nov 2005 when I got the first Land Rover...the only thing I added to it was a higher quality inflator that attaches to the airhose, will have to take a pic/share the brand. The air compressor is excellent, can easily air up from quite low 4 large tires, it will get hot, but never fails.
  18. In my very biased opinion, the Red/ Black combination is a work of art....I absolutely love it. He did a nice video of riding there... Speaking of trombones...just a few days before I left to Cedar Vale I received a Termignoni for the Griso...will be interesting to try it out at some point here...it's in the garage awaiting install, along with a few other projects. Let me see...The Scura is running like a top, doesn't need anything, The Griso needs the bugs scrubbed off after the trip to Kansas, The Norge will get a fresh set of tires and tuneup prior to the trip to Oregon, the Goldwing gets a few farkles added to it...it's going to be a busy summer in the garage! Keep posting P6X...these are great videos and if you want to try the Griso one day, let me know!
  19. Indeed...The Griso is set up nicely for touring: Side bags, rear tail bag, tank bag that I switch back and forth to my Norge 1 clothing bag (water proof), 1 tent, 1 sleeping cot (Helinox, lightweight) all held on securely with 2 Rokstraps. I enjoyed the softer denier of the bags of the Griso compared to the hard ones on my Norge...easy to put some extra hydration bottles in. The bike has a few modifications I've done over the years: Bar risers, new handlebars that are narrower than stock and more curved back towards me, Knight design lowered pegs with rubber inserts, Hyperpro rear spring, new driving lights for nighttime riding (super enjoyable), Corbin seat + Black sheep sheepskin, hardwired TomTom 550 GPS, after market TPMS system, phone Quadlock with vibration mount. All day riding comfort, unbelievable power on demand, easily reaches triple digits without even breaking a sweat! I daresay it's a rival for the Norge for touring setup this way.
  20. Looking good...nice update indeed P6X! I will have to make a special trip to King Ranch museum and Palo Alto battlefield (this one in particular interests me as I grew up mostly in Palo Alto, California...so it will be a nice connection). I plan on getting a cold weekend sometime in the summer or saving it for the fall when it's not intolerable. I added 10 stops on the way up and back from Cedar Vale from 5/16 to 5/20, bringing the tally up to 37 so far. Ran the Griso for 1900 miles thru Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and back home. Just flawless, easy touring and comfort, unlimited power and 40 mpg...unbeatable combination. At the end of June/return July I hope to add another 10 stops on the way out of Texas and back in as I head to Oregon for the Guzzi National Rally and return. I am NOT relishing the thought of the killer heat at the end of June and early July however...it's time to buy a cooling vest!
  21. A pity you are not leaving a week earlier...the Moto Guzzi National Rally is in John Day Oregon the last weekend of June... We'll head back thru Idaho, Montana, Wyoming on the way back as well...if you haven't already considered it on your way to Vancouver...try running Lolo Pass from Montana thru idaho on the way west! Sounds like a super fun trip ahead!
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