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  1. Wow...that's quite a markup...Moto flipping at its best!
  2. Another plus for these, I've recently also installed them on my V11 Scura...very nice quality. Docc will be pleased too since they are made in Tennessee!
  3. The perfect route for a Guzzi to run...not jealous one bit...nope, not one bit at all! Bellissimo giro!
  4. Is it possible you don't have original injectors and the prior owner had replaced them. New ones are not expensive, and new non OEM after market ones are available on Ebay for very reasonable prices if buying OEM is not desired.
  5. This is cool! There was a wonderful Van Gogh exhibit here in Houston recently...very well put together as well. I recall a wonderful visit to the museum in Amsterdam about 15 years ago...have several of those posters hanging in the house.
  6. Lavender mufflers? That's the first I've heard those exist! 2003 Cabernet/Merlot/Shiraz/Carmenere combo...lovely bike!
  7. PJPR01


    I think there was someone looking for a seat like this on Wildguzzi a few weeks ago...
  8. That is very similar…especially on the glasses situation. Off and on constantly…. Once I’m in the heat I just keep going for the duration and keep hydrating until I’m done. It takes a big mental commitment however to want to start to work in 100F+ conditions…perhaps that’s why my summer projects take longer to get done. Funny thing…I bought a vice a few years ago, it’s still sitting in the box new and uninstalled, my work bench is unfortunately not set up to clamp it down on on a permanent basis in a safe manner and I don’t want to drill into the bench just to install the vice, so I live w/o.
  9. Good to hear...I have still this task on my To do list...so far, I haven't been riding at night, so it hasn't been a major concern...but I'd like to get it fixed shortly. Have a few other fun projects also on the other bikes, replacing the handle bars on the Stock Griso to Aprilia Mana bars (less wide, slightly pulled forward) and need to do the TPS adjustment on the Scura now that I know what/how to adjust it physically. Just waiting for the temps to go down to a tolerable level so the garage is not a sauna! In fact, just this weekend I decided to install lightweight insulation panels on the garage door which makes quite a bit of difference I am pleased to note, and today will be replacing the rubber gasket on the bottom of the garage door in the evening. Now I'm seriously considering putting a Daikin Split A/C unit into the garage. Once that's all done, I can work much more comfortable on the bikes even during the summer months.
  10. Quite the adventure and endurance test P6X! Glad you were able to make it up and back...those are brutal temps to ride in all day long....sounds like the bike is running smoothly and is enjoying these high speed runs!
  11. Thanks all…indeed I do have the Casper’s cable, no way I was going to try and splice in or poke around with pointy inserts to the other cables…and I’ve had the cable sitting on my bench for a while…many thanks for the clarifications…I now understand the physical adjustments needed to tackle this part of the tune up. Thanks again for the collective wisdom here…what I’m now looking forward to is seeing what the reading is at…given the bike runs very well, has no stumbles, gets 40 mpg easily, plugs were nicely colored but also have fresh ones in along with all of the other work done recently…so maybe I’m lucky and the TPS is close to the required 157 mv already….we’ll see!
  12. Thanks Docc! So you’re saying that just by loosening and then tightening those two screws that seat the TPS that is in effect what is used to “adjust” the TPS to 157 mv by “ rotating the black head”? I guess that’s what has been confusing me when reading and subsequently skipping that step #2 always.
  13. I've decided I want to finally include this TPS review as the final step in my tune up/work done these past couple of months and plan to also use the Caspers connector cable that had been recommended here, but I am completely puzzled exactly how do you "adjust" the TPS. I don't see any screw or place to adjust the TPS per se looking at my bike. What screw exactly is it that is used to adjust the TPS (anyone have a photo?), and given how "sensitive" this TPS seems to be, this has to be a micro screw somewhere, not a large one on the throttle bodies I am guessing. Thanks again!
  14. and Taka crashing in practice and during the race... That really is a fun course to watch, lots of ups and downs, seemed to really be a very physically demanding course, plus the heat...well done Fabio/Zarco/Miller!
  15. Wow…811 miles in this blistering heat? That’s going to be brutal…I would spend the night in An AC conditioned room and start up day 2 refreshed… Hats off if you can do it one day!!
  16. Right...but they are apparently only bring 2 of the 3 choices, not all 3 if I understood correctly. So they may bring Soft and Hard or Soft and Medium, but that limits the combinations then the teams can choose from. Unless I"m not understanding this correctly, Michelin is basically limiting the choices any team can have to 2 out of 3, instead of having all 3 available. Why does that make sense? And what about rain tires just in case...that should be an option too, right?
  17. So at the end of the day, it IS Michelin who is deciding which tires a team can use? I simply don't get that. If Michelin decides to bring a Soft and a Hard as the only two options, and a team would rather use a Medium, under these new rules, they can't use a Medium, right? How does that make any sense...why should the tire manufacturer get to dictate what tires a team wants to run?
  18. I think people are hiding behind semantics here...calling it a racing incident rather than a mistake and therefore assigning appropriately fault and responsibility. You can't keep having "racing incidents" and be the common denominator all the time and simultaneously say you are not at fault. That's just fantasy. At the end of the day, a large group of riders are now going to be extremely cautious around Taka and he's under extra scrutiny not to screw up, or he might screw up again because of the extra scrutiny. Either way, he's contributing to or directly responsible for crashes...In the article, Taka even admits it was his fault... Let's see how the next race evolves...does Taka even have a team next year to ride with? I haven't seen a lot of news around other teams dying to have him be there #1 or #2 or #3 rider yet.
  19. Interesting observations from race direction, so if he didn't break too late, then he's just a bad rider and the braking was not a contributing factor...so wouldn't that point to him still being responsible for causing the accident...if not, then what would they consider to be the reason...certainly there was no oil on the track to point to. At this point, I think the other riders are leery of Taka given his track record (no pun intended),...so he'll become somewhat ostracized until his riding improves and he stops causing "racing incidents". Found this after I posted above: https://us.motorsport.com/motogp/news/nakagami-escapes-catalan-gp-turn-1-crash-without-serious-injury/10317625/ Seems to be a universal view that Taka should have been penalized...even he admitted it was his fault.
  20. Considering the injuries caused to others by Taka's mistakes, I think he should be penalized for sure. Rins was 100% correct that Race Direction is basically absent in their decision making process and seems to be incapable of making a decision here.
  21. The fuel sensors have just doubled in price from approx $130 USD to $260 USD...they are scarce, but still available. The leaking can also be solved by putting a thin layer of white grease or other on the threads...I battled a bit of a leak recently a few weeks ago doing the same, replacing the sensor, and the grease sealed it up perfectly...hasn't leaked a drop anywhere since installation or while/after riding.
  22. So many crashes, and Takagami continues to wreak havoc as he did in practice. I think he's going to have to be sanctioned here...there seems to be a pattern of poor riding. Mr. Asparagus...what were you thinking, celebrating 1 lap too soon!! AArgh...big points loss...a real pity. Lack of experience being close to the front for sure costing him here. Monsieur Fabio...je quite le chapeau! Tres bien fait!
  23. P6X...is the new rule not allowing one to run soft/soft or medium/medium or hard/hard if desired on front/rear? I'm just wondering why they don't let each team determine what to run, why does Michelin get to decide which tires are available, shouldn't it be the discretion of the each team to make that decision, or is Michelin somehow trying to cover their ass in some way here by teams making bad choices? Merci!
  24. Got a reply from Luca at Agostini today, please see below. Scusa per l’estremo ritardo ma non riuscivo più a trovare la’ppunto dove avevo scritto il colore . Il codice colore per la V11 Scura Nero era : Smalto Nero opaco della ditta AKZO Nobel codice 4M 23745 😀👍
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