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  1. 170 miles…really smooth and cool temp ride today. The Meinolf map is a massive improvement over the stock map I had in the bike. To be fair I don’t know with certainty that it is a stock OEM map since it’s what the bike has had since I bought it almost 7 years ago. However, this Meinolf map is deliciously smooth, can ride at 70-80 mph and no vibrations at all…power seems to come surging on between 4-7k rpm, very different from the rather flat power delivery of the prior map. Really enjoyable ride and results!
  2. All fixed! CO responded right away this morning after a full night charge on the battery. Time for a long run now!
  3. MACS are apparently notoriously much harder to use with Guzzidiag…based on commentary from many folks on various forums. Using an OS laptop for some might be a bit fiddly on getting the right COM port or if you have firewall issues, and sometimes even the Guzzidiag system itself requires going in and out a few times, but I’ve always been able to get it work. It seems that adding a MAC element makes this process another bit harder.
  4. P6X…Yes…and it’s the same laptop I use for the Norge and Griso. No connection issues or driver conflicts…just this particular functionality at the moment seems to be an issue. Merci!
  5. Thanks 80….indeed the option to even begin adjusting the CO trim only works once the temp is above 60C. Once the temp has been achieved, It allows me to go from the current CO setting of +20 to any new setting or in this case to the recommended 0 setting for the Meinolf map but once I click The Finish button nothing happens and it doesn’t register and hold the new setting yet. I’ve left the bike charging overnight, hoping that maybe the battery might be the culprit….will know shortly! Thanks!
  6. On a slightly different subject there is a good series profiling Marquez called Marc Marquez.All in.Season 1 in Apple TV…might be available elsewhere also. As always some interesting insights into the man and his thinking and his self admitted more aggressive behavior on the track. Enjoyable to watch like the series on Alonso from Formula 1
  7. Today I decided to finally load Meinolf's V11 Bin map after 4 years! Anyway, after downloading it again since my original link had expired, managed to get all connected. Guzzidiag v60 connected perfectly just like it does for my Norge and Griso...no issues recognizing port or Guzzi specific model...up and running we go. Most current Reader working perfectly, saved my original Bin to my laptop. Most current Writer working perfectly, uploaded the new Bin to the ECU and dialed in the air bleed screws entirely (as per Meinolf's guidelines). Took it for a spin around the block...clearly a different animal entirely in terms of torque curve and smoother acceleration, but noticeably lower idle speed than I had with the stock Bin map. I haven't adjusted any idle screws or linkage between the throttle bodies so those are all the same. Followed the rest of Meinolf's instructions, but can't seem to get my CO Trim to move from the current setting of +20 to zero or for that matter any other number. Have tried a dozen times with various settings/switches on/off, always trying to set it to Zero (to align to Meinolf's settings), hit Finish and it just stays there...minutes go by and no further prompts coming from Guzzidiag. Bike is on a tender while I'm doing all of this so I'm getting full power...am starting to wonder if the battery which is in good shape is somehow the culprit? I have no stored faults of any sort, have read this every time. Read thru as many CO Trim and Meinolf specific map threads as I could find. I don't have TunerPro so I have no path to doing this mod via the EPROM process. Scratching my head...someone clue me in on what I'm doing wrong please! Thank you!
  8. Aha...so this advance maintenance could then (hopefully?) lead to the creation of a problem on the road, which could then be solved by the collective wisdom while gathered together at the lodge! Good thinking!!
  9. Is this some sort of Spine Raid ritual...tear down the bike just a few weeks before gathering of the Spineys? That looks to be a bit more extensive than just a "Tank off Maintenance"! Or is this a Ujoint replacement exercise coupled with a "let's replace the clutch for fun" since we're in this deep already? Sounds like a fun run to be sure!!
  10. For equilibrium purposes, it just feels like you need a matching temperature gauge to balance the dash out!
  11. Lovely!! Many thanks for the pointer here...some very nice options indeed...thank you! Friday purchase coming up!!
  12. I have two items from a company called Clocks for Bikes...unfortunately they went out of business a while back. They were nice because they had a nice green backlight when pressed, so not too bright at night. My temp gauge still functions, but the clock required services and I couldn't get it repaired. Currently hunting for something new that fits with a 2002 time piece. No Patek Philippe, Ball or Ulysse Nardin for the Scura however...
  13. Got lucky and found the Holy Grail…a complete dashboard light set from TLM Netherlands…arrived today! Includes jeweled light filter, perfect black lightbox with no cracks and plastic cover shield. I’m tempted to find a 3D printer to make a few of these light boxes as they are unobtainium!!
  14. Very nicely done...a Stelvio with lovely Norge Panniers and stickers...my kind of bike and story indeed! I'm sure all of the folks here can relate directly to this passion and attachment...it's genuine and heartfelt.
  15. Thanks Docc...much appreciated!
  16. Thanks Docc…Unfortunately the housing is completely disintegrated on the light panel where the screws tap into, given how common this part is on many years V11’s…I’m sure one will pop up somewhere…will also change out the bulbs to LED except for the low fuel one, once I get a new one!
  17. Hunting around on the forum to see where to buy this jeweled t-section. Having fixed the diffuser in my headlight this evening successfully, I'm now turning my attention to cleaning up the T-section...wouldn't you know it, two of the screws are just spinning and spinning, so assuming I eventually figure out a way to solve that I'd love to replace the lights with this jeweled t-section. Would someone be so kind as to point me where to find it again? Thanks! Was able to get the dash apart successfully, all of the plastic tabs where the screws lock in were broken. Now on the hunt now for part # GU02766300 (the instrument panel). Hunting the usual sources now. Seems like perhaps a no longer available part...anyone have one lying around perhaps? https://www.stein-dinse.biz/product_info.php?products_id=2463
  18. Today's fun project...opened up the headlight and took the broken diffuser out - super easy to do. Have now re-glued it with Loctite glue as the diffuser had just cracked about a quarter inch down from where it's anchored in, we'll see if it holds or if vibrations break it again. I may try a bit of extra JB weld on it as well to reinforce a bit. Will also call Stein Dinse next week to see if they just sell the diffuser as mentioned earlier here...upgrading the small bulb to a brighter LED...we'll see how that works, but leaving the main bulb alone. Hard to find any after market headlamps that have the exact plug and play wiring, so worst case scenario, will spring for the upgraded Stein Dinse version...I wonder how much brighter it is than stock.
  19. That's an interesting analogy! I guess the V11 must be Sean Connery then, and perhaps the V100 will be Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan. The V100 definitely looks and sounds much more refined even with the Mistral installed vs. the stock exhaust. I didn't have the chance to ride it, but spent a lot of time inspecting, listening and watching it next to me and in front on the road. It looks and sounds FANTASTIC! There are a few interesting items on it...double chambered Ohlins rear suspension, an easily accessible and tilted clutch bleeder valve, the dash is easily read in bright sunlight, easy to switch modes (road, rain, touring, sport)...ironically, no Hazard signal button...I wonder why. Throttle has a nice feel, very strong snap back, very smooth response revving it a bit in the parking lot. The Tenni Green looks amazing too, overall the bike is quite a looker!
  20. Wow…what fun to see!! Out on the Scura, met a friend with a new Toy! Very tidy, efficient looking and gorgeous bike! Great to see one in person…am I envious? Just a little bit!! Scura running like a charm, very spirited 140 miles today and clocked 41 mpg…quite happy with that! Of course…I’m not selling the Scura!!
  21. Fewer bikes on the grid will certainly increase Bagnaia's chances of winning, probably many of the other riders on the grid will be happy Marquez is not there chasing them down...less carnage hopefully on the turns. Maybe some like Moto 2 riders will get a chance to practice with the GP riders and play with the big boys. As long as it's good weather, racing is always a blast at COTA to watch...Turn1 or Turn 15/16...
  22. Nakagami was a 1 man wrecking crew last season, I"m really surprised he didn't get more sanctions as it seems like almost every other race he was taking someone out. It seems that Marquez has lost his cool head completely...I love watching him race, but this last race was a disgrace for him...complete disaster. I look forward to seeing the races in Austin as we go almost every year...somehow I think the King of Cota's desperation is causing him to make really bad decisions. I hope he cools down by the time we see him at COTA, if he races.
  23. 3 kg is the recommendation on overall weight for this configuration. One other item I found useful was to get slightly longer screws to get more purchase on the mounting. Carrying a rear tail bag with a few essential goodies makes for a nice setup.
  24. Update: All fixed! Finally had some time to get back to the project, have been busy at work and riding the Tour of Texas and other activities so the Scura was sitting waiting for attention. Anyway, a few weeks ago at Gstallons recommendation I took my fuel injectors to get reconditioned...that was excellent advice and both were in need of it, but the left one in particular was quite under performing vs. the right one. All of the other items, wires, coils all checked out nicely with no need to replace but I had bought spares anyway just in case. At any rate, after all kinds of fun cleaning the throttle bodies once they were off, sorting out stripped screws on several of the mounting spots, putting in new hex head screws where appropriate, I got it all re-assembled, set the new TPS adjusted properly at 157 mv fully closed with throttle disconnected, high idle screw loose and idle screw backed out (TPS measures 4.78v at WOT w/o linkage connected) and the tuning began again. What I found: The air bleed screws needed to be set differently from left vs. right and in all of my previous attempts I had kept them identical as per all of the prior write ups. Playing with each of the settings and watching the results on the Carbtune, despite cleaning the throttle bodies thoroughly and the bleed screws as well, there's some inherent mismatch on the throttle bodies, that with an extra 1.5 turns out on the RHS vs. LHS, they balance perfectly at idle without the throttle body linkage connected and it idles beautifully and no cough either. I managed to set the idle screws at almost identical levels as well w/o the linkage connected using a feeler gauge technique Gstallons had recommended. Once the connecting rod was reconnected and dialed in until just one or two threads were showing from the locknut vs. the plastic cup, the bike maintained its balance at idle and was perfectly balanced also at 3k RPM's on the Carbtune. Well...off on a test run we go, around the block seems perfect, so let's go for a longer run. A 100 miles later on a cold Houston day, and it's absolute perfection, beautifully smooth, not a single cough of any sort, and feels like much lower vibrations than before. Dare I say it runs better than before...I believe so. Will get some more runs on it over the next day and weeks and hopefully it stays as good as today. Big thanks to all and especially Gstallons for the time we spent on the phone...hopefully it's set and I can rack up some more miles on it now!
  25. Hey Pascale...I thought I'd run into you on the road this past weekend, there were lots of riders out, and with 3 days of glorious weather, I clocked 980 miles in total. Managed to get 15 stops in so far, and another 4 scheduled for next weekend. Stops so far: Donie, Groesbeck, Corsicana, Waco, Gatesville, Comanche, Lampasas, Burnet, Johnson City, Fredericksburg (with an obligatory stop in Luckenbach of course!), Bandera, San Antonio, Kingsbury, Hutto, Navasota Next up: Galveston, Blessing, Edna, Cuero In May, will get 3 in Gladewater and nearby Dallas / East Texas to get to 25 stops I hope, while on my way up to Cedar Vale for our Guzzi rally there (join if you are interested...nice 630 mile ride up). Will have to see if I can take a run to Big Bend later in the year...that's a LONG haul. Fun little side note: I'm about a mile away from the museum in Burnet, and I see a white motorcycle coming my way. As it gets closer, it's clearly a white Norge. I turn around about a 1/4 mile down the road, and ride back 1/2 mile, the other guy has turned around. We stop and take off helmets, and what do you know, it's Larry who used to work at MPH a few years ago. Nice bit of happenstance in the middle of Hill Country.
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