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Continental Forum meeting 2010

Admin Jaap

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September 3-4-5th 2010

Continental Forum Meeting at La Chaussee, Sibbe (NL)


As we say in Holland "the bullet is through the church"! :huh:

September next year we will organize a V11LeMans.com meeting in Limburg.

The procedure is the same as in 2007: Rooms and camping site available.


It would be great if you'd let us know if you have plans of coming!


Here's already a reason to visit:





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Aye, Captain Jaap!


Yours truly and HMS Scura will set sails for La Chaussee as ordered.



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I'm there!

I can't guarantee I'll get the leave mind you, but September should be ok. Holland,eh? They drink beer there don't they?

Now we just need a date for a uk trip, and my summer's sorted!


I don't get the bit about the bullet and the church ,though. Please explain. :huh:

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This is going well!


"The bullet has gone through the church" is a translation of a dutch proverb that means "it's settled".


Did some research; in the old days armies/soldiers respected an unwritten rule not to shoot at churches. If they did it anyhow it was a sign of disrespect and the opposing party could expect even worse things.

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Hi Jaapilein my Dear a010.gif

I'll try to do my very best.....smilie_happy_280.gif



Good to hear from you again, Guzzibiene :-)


Hope you're doing fine and I'm looking forward to seeing you at La Chaussee.


Best regards


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