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Ulster 2 – the 2010 meet


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It's time that I should put some dates in the calendar for Guzzi meets, 2010, over here.


Ireland, North

I'd like to at least arrange some day meetings but would also look at a weekend again, same time, towards end of May.


Ireland, South

John (Two Tents) Kitney is planning a Scottish Highland MG Branch visit to Doolin Co Clare July 2 - 4 2010 – camping and hostels. So there is another possibility.


Ulster Scots

Macguzzi, anymore thoughts about a Scottish bash? Maybe some more of the Irish/Ulster folk (if they can be unearthed) would head over.

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I've emailed this to some local-ish people (none of whom I've seen since May).

I'm putting it here too in case of others who might stumble on this and be interested.



Winter's on its way and so is 2010. I had a look at the belfastguzzi.com site that I set up to plan May's Ulster Rally.

It says it's 163 days since the Rally. I remember when I launched it, it said 200 days until the meet. So that must have been at this time last year.


Some of you are definitely interested in getting together, so it would be good to pencil a few days into calendars.

What about dates mid-month in February, March, April for day rides?

If you are interested, let me know what would work for you. A Saturday, or a Sunday?

Once connection is made again, there could be some mid-week evenings for those within reach.

Maybe also an overnight somewhere, or a long weekend again?

A meet in the south with people there (John KItney is definitely thinking about plans)?


There could be a winter evening or day meet (before Christmas) to think further about plans?


Hoping to keep in touch


County Down



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That’s not clear enough for me David. You like to organize a meeting for 2010 in June or something?

Or just a meeting with the guys, have a beer and fun for once in a while?


Hi Antonio


Local Meetings

The main point of this thread is to get some response from any local (Northern Ireland / Ireland) people who visit the Forum and want to meet in 2010. I will arrange some day meetings here if there is local interest.


Something Bigger

I would consider organising another weekend meeting at the end of May, if people want to come. Anyone from anywhere would be welcome.


Ireland – South West Coast

Another possibility in 2010 is a rally in the South of Ireland, in July. It looks like Guzzis from the Scottish highlands will come over for this – which is great! So some other people might also be interested in that. It will be at Doolin in County Clare. When there is more info I will post it here, or John Kitney may post it himself.


Forum Meet

My annual forum priority is to attend the September 2010 Continental meet in the Netherlands.

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I'm all for a meet or two, ideally the dutch trip in september(my mate John is coming, I'm trying to dissuade him from buying a bm 1200t for it) and any local trips would be great. Doolin's about an hour from me.

I was hoping for a trip to the uk somewhere in early summer(someone mentioned Scotland), but any spin for a few days would be pleasant.

Been quiet lately as the Tenni is still off the road, after a new clutch/flywheel debacle that lasted 3 months due a spares snafu(thankyou ducati dublin), and an oil leak that just won't fix itself. despite 2 new gaskets. Anyway it forced me to use the katana for the summer which was no bad thing, but as it stands the tenni is still in the local garage.

I'll give all the details as soon as the happy ending arrives.

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OK, I'm flagging up the Spring Bank Holiday weekend as a definite date for a Moto Guzzi Ulster Rally 2010.


28 - 31 May 2010


Could book the same place as last year's Ulster Rally at Portaferry, which worked very well. – see Ulster Rally '09 website

It gives access to the whole north and south-east coast of N.I.

I'd like to hear who would be interested first.

Alternatives could be Enniskillen Lakes, Sperrin Mountains, Donegal.



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Dave, I was informed by SWMBO the other day that she hadn't been to Europe since 2001. The subliminal message in this omminous statement is that if I don't take her there next year she'll have my ball on a plate.


Now, my Daughter is studying at Cornell in NY state next year, (yeah, she's brighter than me.) so we HAVE to go over to the USA to visit and, Gosh! I just happen to have a virtually brand new 8V Griso in texas! who'd a thunk it! :lol: . OK so Jude is going to get the mega-shits if I try and force her to ride across the US with me but I'll meet her somewhere and she can fly legs of the trip and meet me at various places and we'll wind up in NY. After that it only seems right that we should continue on to Europe and although we have friends and family to visit in the 'Mainland' of the UK we actually aren't that keen on 'England' so any excuse to bugger off to Ireland, North and South, would be welcome!!!! 'Local' knowledge is also a huge advantage when trying to find good hostelries, scoff etc.


So keep me in the loop please and if possible we can try and catch up. I'll bring my wretched Axone too if you like, (Although by then I hope I'll be able to access Navigator which would mean less crap to cart around.) and I'll be able to do all the stuff your cloth-eared festerhead of a mate doesn't seem to be capable of doing for you and hopefully be able to get your heap 'o' shit running a bit better.


Meeting and disappointing people is always fun! :D



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Hi Dave,

the dates look good to me and i'll put them in the diary.

As above.



Wow, I wasn't expecting such quick response!


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So keep me in the loop please and if possible we can try and catch up. I'll bring my wretched Axone too if you like,

You'll not be able to keep up, riding about on the Axone.

'Spose this means that I'll HAVE to get the Scura back on the road.

Or the LMlll, though I reckon you'll need the comfort of the Scura.


Or here, maybe you could just fix them...


actually, come for a week and you can fix all the neglected Irish Guzzis, in a very orforised fashion and all. You'd make enough to cover the airfare home.

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