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The Moto Grappa Celebrate's Moto Guzzi's 100th!

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Things are in a high hover here as we ready for The Centenary.
More later …
Felice anniversario, Guzzisti!


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I meant to post this yesterday, but let’s just say celebrating got away from me.  In fact, I’m glad Kathi’s in Alexandria with some of the grands, as some of the “rest, residue, & remainder” are still painfully with me this afternoon.  :bier:
Anyway, here’s a tailored version of how I spent most of yesterday in an Moto Guzzi centenary celebration … by improving the Moto Grappa.
For years, I have wanted to have a concrete pad at the front.  I often made fun of visiting Guzzisti who fretted about the gravel approach.
But, if the truth must be known from time to time, I, too, screamed in my helmet on short final into the bay when the too-plush gravel made touchdown a bit squirrelly.  :wacko: 
So, I eventually found a local contractor willing to a small job, tho it sure isn't $mall to me!
Anyway, he came today and got it all done.  What a grand way to mark Moto Guzzi's 100th.
Here are a few pix of that process.  
Before …
During ...
Naturally, that deserved christening [you begin to see when my present condition started.].
For those who care — a small and somewhat strange lot :grin: — I’ll cobble together and post some pix of the whole interesting-to-me-anyway process for a slideshow.
Oh, FWIW, while it still appears as if there is plenty of gravel leading up to that concrete apron, the remainder is about one stone thick above hardpan.   
I then lifted a few-too-many glasses of grappa and bourbon with folks all over the planet.  :drink:
Buon Anniversario!


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Nice "apron!" Not the first I've seen you celebrate Moto Guzzi with!


[Fourth South'n SpineRaid, 2008, Verona, Tennessee]

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Awesome. That's doing it up right.. :grin::thumbsup:

We faced the East and a little South.. raised our very best bourbon, and sang "Happy Birthday" in 2 part harmony.

(I also told Luigi he sucked.)  :rasta:

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