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Muttoneers on Guzzis

Bill Hagan

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Here is a photo-show ride report of a(nother) run from the top of Virginia to Owensboro, in western Kentucky and back for — yes, really — mutton.
Oh, and for bourbon, beer, and more.  
Why?  Just because, of course. :D
On Tuesday, 21 September, Larry flew in from Ormond Beach, Florida, and Bob rode his V7 III from Rochester, New York.   Lannis (Appomattox, Va.) and Dennis (Atlanta, Ga.) joined us along the way.  Then, Sarah, Doug, & Tina — Kentuckians from Glasgow and the first two on Guzzis — met us at St. Mary’s picnic in Whitesville. Two others had to bow out, but are likely attendees for the next Mutton Run.  
So … as Wednesday was an all-day drencher, we launched on Thursday morning.  
Kathi spent most of the "Guys Gone" time in Erie with her dad.
The photos pretty much tell the story.  
And, yes, of course, as usual, “too many pix;” you don't have to open it. 
But I did cull the original bazillion pix — seriously, 500+ something! — into a much smaller slideshow.  Link below.

The run from here to Owensboro and back was about 1300 miles, plus another 200+ or so of local riding.  I also added some with my backtracking to Lexington for that new tire.  Bob, with his r/t from New York did 2200 miles!

As with most of my photo stories, this opens in “landscape collage,” so one sees all at once.  You can see captions when hovering cursor over pix.  Can also just go to larger pix by using the slideshow option.

Here’s that link:

Muttoneering in Kentucky

I’m still grinning about these past several days of riding for mutton and more with some grand friends, the Muttoneers!  What a wonderful memory


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