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1997 1100 sport

red lion

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My odometer stopped working on my 1997 1100 sport. I want to send it to Joel Livine. The fairing is off, Speedo cable is off, The bolts holding the cluster are off and it is ready to be removed , But what do I do with all the wires that connect to the upper part of the cluster. Do they just unplug? I don't want to break anything. What is the correct way to remove it?

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Look to see if each wire is the same color on both sides of  the connector.  If not, label a piece of tape on each of the color it plugs to.  Take images of each connector showing what plugs together.

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1 hour ago, red lion said:

I guess they just unplug. I will label with tape and take a picture.   Thanks  DOCC


Maybe lube the cable while it's off?

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9 minutes ago, red lion said:

Will do.  What cable lube do you use?

In the past, I have used BreakFree® CLP for its PTFE ("Teflon") content. Next time I think I'll go with Maxima Chain Wax (just not certain it will flow clear through the cable housing).  I also use this handy MotionPro Cable Lube tool (I never thought of using their lube, though) . . .

Motion Pro Cable Lubrication Tool 08-0182 & Lube Spray 15 ...

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We are talking about the connections for the warning lights?

My 1100 Sport has Lucar or Spade connectors if you prefer.

6.4mm Straight Lucar Connector for 28/0.30 wire - Pkt of 100

They pull off but might be tight or corroded on a little, just wiggle them gently and pull them down, preferably by the connector and not the wire if you can avoid it.

As suggested by @docc I'd label them to ensure you don't get them mixed up.

My preference is to use small luggage labels, it doesn't matter which wire goes where on a single bulb as long as they are labelled for the bulb they come off you'll be fine. The other alternative is to check the wire colours match the wiring diagram BEFORE you pull them off, the factory could be a bit cowboy in that regard. I wouldn't rely on the wiring colours matching the diagram without checking

As far as cable lube I use the same tool as docc has put up, I usually use a light oil, anything I've got handy from WD40, ACF50 Plusgas etc: Just don't use a heavy oil (like engine oil or the like) and you'll be fine. Just thinking aloud here but wonder how a light fork oil might fair for this sort of application

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It occurred to me that these cable housings might be self-lubricating Nylon lined? In that case they do not need lube, and some lubes may soften the material (ungood).  I know we have had discussions on this. Hopefully, someone with experience will be along shortly . . . @gstallons?

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