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  1. What a session! That must be a who's-who of musicians all around. I spy Mark Knopfler, for one . . .
  2. And, of course, "Bring Tools." Two different SpineRaiders allowed as how they were ready to deploy guzzidiag, if desired or necessary. The Lodge guest with the needy Yamaha (not a SpineRaider) was suitably impressed when @HRC_V4 produced an air pig for his low tire. "Bring Tools."
  3. This South'n SpineRaid exhibited the classic elements that are the formula for success and delight. Nothing can happen, in the least, unless you "Get There." Ride a Griso? Bring a LoopFrame? A Honda? Come late? Bring a friend? Okay to trailer? As long as you get there! Lots of ways to "get there." Three Sports to the wind? Check! And "Get There" was not lost on these cool cats (what a sight!!) : "Get There."
  4. That timing advance at 2700-3500 rpm seems excessive, IMO. This is exactly where my Sport stumbles unless it is under the slightest load (slight uphill). I would be interested in looking at the rest of that table, @Lucky Phil. Where could a fellow see the whole thing up to full throttle opening?
  5. Are those accent pieces “champagne?”
  6. Tony/ @VtwinStorm agreed to carry on his Sport thread here. Looking forward to seeing how this excellent Sport evolves . . .
  7. Just back from a 70 mile checkride. Short version: no change separating those leads . . .
  8. The plug wires are replaceable. I've heard of Nology, but what are "Packard-style USA made plug leads?"
  9. Sounding worthwhile to re-perform a Decent Tune-up with particular attention to the TPS. While I've never heard of, or seen, the CO Fuel Trim "drift", the TPS certainly can. Not unlikely, the issue is a matter of "stacked tolerances" as several parameters have developed slight contributions that add together.
  10. Aren't they rather hellish to remove from the fuel rail? Unless there is some indication they are actually at fault, why not simply tune it, and run several tanks of quality fuel (like Shell V-Power Nitro+) and maybe even some Techron through it? You know, maybe even a little of "Tony's Italian Tune-up" . . .
  11. Not not interrupt @Chuck's reply, but I rerouted my HT lead. Now to await some way of making a reasonable assessment of change once I get enough motor-minutes built up to get out again. FWIW, here is another view of the right side of mySport showing the HT lead zip-tied closely to both the phase sensor connector and wire (lower left):
  12. Thanks for checking in, @Pressureangle. Great to see you. What an amazing effort on your part! Looking forward to hearing more about what is up with the Sport-i . . . Glad you got back!
  13. What is the source of the "issue on the 850TT" you referenced in the original post? Is this referring to the new V85TT?
  14. It's a clapped-out old V11 Sport, eh? So, hell-yeah. Fine ripping up and down through the R's or at 4k+ rpm, but get stuck behind draggy traffic at steady throttle (especially in hot ambient temps) and she bitches-and-pisses-and-moans. I chased the "Nasty Hiccup" for ten years (2007-2017) and found myriad causes. Every remedy made it better. For a time. A couple weeks ago, we ran across some fine fellow with a low mile (9100) '97 Sport-i who asked about this behavior. I told him, "Of course. Yes. It's The Dragon" So frustrating, I once said, "Riding the Sport at a slow, steady speed is like asking your Tango chick to waltz. She'll do it, but it's gonna piss her off." I'm excited about this discovery! My Sport is a definite candidate to separate those wires and monitor for change.
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