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  1. There are always at least a couple "things" worth repeating . . .
  2. Coming from the Florida Left Coast (grouper, shrimp, pompano, black beans& rice), my first exposure to "BBQ" was in the North Carolina Piedmont. They claimed to have manifested the concept. The "pit" was out back for proof of concept. And there was "Brunswick Stew." I don't doubt the Kentucky claims to authenticity. Seems our best local Tennessee BBQ is labelled "Texas" . . . . And asking for "sauce?" > fightin' words <
  3. This way you can "read" all the sensors and ECU inputs that would otherwise leave you suspicious, but uncertain . . .
  4. Factory spec 170 rear? Or the oft preferred (for the 4.5" rim) 160?
  5. Can you connect "guzzidiag?"
  6. We've been stopping there for years. First time the hostess went to check on seating and came back to say, "You're bikers, right? We have a place for you in the back." (Mind you, we roll in along with the local after-church crowd. ) She then seated us with the "best server on staff" . . . (aka: off-duty Adult Entertainment Specialist )
  7. What with Brian back to serving breakfast at The Lodge at Tellico, plus the restoration of the Friday night pizza feast under the pavilion, I didn't make it "out to eat" in Tellico Plains at this year's South'n SpineRaid. Has anyone checked out the Iron Works Grille & Pub right on the river? https://ironworkstellico.com/tellico-plains-iron-works-grille-and-pub-food-menu
  8. While replacing fuel filter, also replace the air filter. And be certain there is not a cozy chipmunk nest in the airbox. . . .
  9. The Gondola in McMinnville, Tennessee, is our halfway home lunch-spot leaving the South'n SpineRaid. We always arrive with a big appetite after traversing the 4 thousand-foot climbs and drop-offs over the Cumberland Plateau. They have never let us down, but this visit was exceptional. Certainly the food, but mostly due to the presence of Kentuckians. Seems they have a particular "effect" on the service staff . . .
  10. Cannot wait to see, and hear, more from you and the Coppa Italia, @Guzzi 1947 !
  11. Lots of us actually prefer the mellow bellow from the LaFranconi. It's a sweet sound. And the extra ten pounds? I weighed that leaving The Gondola on the South'n SpineRaid after that lasagna . . . Others even had "birthday cake" . . .
  12. Those look "just right" with your gorgeous Rosso Mandello !
  13. 18,000 miles on a Guzzi tire? They must have rolled around the shop without starting it for that whole test . . .
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