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  1. October now and feels great to ride the Sport through the crisp air and colorful woodlands. Somehow, the big twin knows it is good, too, and sings a mighty song along the rushing streams and over the breezy ridges. Then to wrap the day with a Märzen . . . sehr gut!
  2. Thanks for letting us know, jolly. And best from all of us. We are privileged to have access to your bar ends; thanks for posting them. Agreed that they will be best served in their own thread so as not to distract from the nice V11 Sport TT you have on offer.
  3. Oh yeah, BTW, there are two thrust washers on that speedo drive in case you decide to pull it out. Never has a magnetic drain plug served its purpose better than this one . . .
  4. Oh, and remember there is an angle drive at the upper end attached to the back of the speedometer, itself. Sometimes, tightening those fasteners, and especially the cinch collar at the gearbox, helps quell the St. Vitus Dance of the speed-needle . . .
  5. Heh, "Yeah, they do that." The lower angle drive can be pressed back together (which *sometimes* helps). Make sure the metal disc isn't coming from together. When it spits out, it takes the drive gear with it. Nope, you'll never find it on that stretch of highway . . .
  6. Are they still available from Stucchi with full mounting hardware and instructions as Canonman shows in his thread?
  7. Hey, looks like your CL link has expired. Wanna post a new one?
  8. @Canonman got a great outcome with his Stucchi "chin" spoiler. Tenni green rather than Legnano green . . .
  9. So . . . any thoughts on what there was to see @imola04 ?
  10. 140 miles to Low Fuel Light sounds right to me. Once fuel is fresh, a "Decent Tune-up" might address a combination of common issues.
  11. Legnano green has been on things other than Moto Guzzi, but what is that?
  12. Hmm, yep, here is a 2002 LeMans "tail fairing" on US Ebay that shows the single wall ABS style. So, perhaps the tail changed with the LongFrame? In that case, the Tenni tail should be same as this '02 LeMans: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2001-2005-Moto-Guzzi-V11-REAR-FENDER-FRAME-COVER-TAIL-Le-Mans-Cafe-Ballabio-Cat/383605061936?fits=Year%3A2002|Model%3AV11|Make%3AMoto+Guzzi&hash=item5950a4b930:g:yxQAAOSww2he87WL https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/yxQAAOSww2he87WL/s-l1600.jpg
  13. Also, the material changed from polyamide ("Nylon") like the tanks to ABS. As Lucky Phil says "much lighter. Early tail's storage area ("monkey paw trap") is a frame and textile pouch. Later monkey paw traps are a molded plastic insert. I'm vague on the change in the seat latch mounting, so those lucky few with both in front of them may help clarify . . . Early (heavy) molded "Nylon" tail for reference:
  14. Here in Tenn-o-see, that would be a generous quantity. After all, sometimes you want zero ethanol and sometimes: nuthin'-but . . .
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