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  1. Specific maker? Rolls-Royce?
  2. Officially "June" and when will we see a mirror image of this wild scene?
  3. Thank you, Chuck. When we waded into this sort of thing before, I suggested that allowing any of us to grow stand-offish over these sorts of things will interfere with someone's ability or willingness to either help, or listen to, someone else concerning our shared passion: the Moto Guzzi V11. What a shame that would be. I respectfully submit that we, if you would please, just set this aside while we come here to our oasis of safe ground and common interests. Just asking . . .
  4. Well, I don't find that the needle cage "just slips out." Not sure where I got that idea. Probably had three or four things all going on at once . . .
  5. Seems all races pull better heating the case and cold to the race. Is the outer race also knackered? I really thought I replaced the inner race and needle cage with out a puller. I know I did not pull the outer race, though . . .
  6. I got a couple generic ones from MotionPro that work okay. The issue is access around the airbox and that setting the preload without the tank and airbox is far from ideal. On the original Sachs, I recall using a drift to release the lock ring and rotate the adjuster. Also less than ideal, but got it accomplished albeit with some hairy knuckle dragging . . .
  7. Ah, my bad. I was only thinking of sliding this part and the needle cage out and forgot about the outer race pressed into the bevel drive. The needle cage does just slide out, IIRC?
  8. Having seen what you have done with your V700, there is high confidence for this T3's outcome!
  9. Hey! Good find! Pretty sure the term for that is "knackered!" That assembly doesn't require any pullers. Only if your reardrive is leaking from either side . . . Welldone, man.
  10. Rolled 115,000 today and had to break out some of the Guzzi special tools I keep in this special toolbox Josh made for me. The only thing better than special tools is keeping them in special places and the special people they tie us to . . .
  11. Wow, Dave! Soooooo nicely done! Thank you for sharing with us!
  12. I was reviewing my Failed Rear Wheel Bearings thread and found this post/image of how the those needle cage races can deteriorate:
  13. Well, if its about "issues" I gots 'em . . .
  14. Your advice on this last year suggested C2 or C3 "for greater life", so I have had more confidence that the C3 were a good thing. Yeah, this was my rather bizarre rear bearing failures at 680 miles after careful installation of what were supposed to be quality SKF bearings. Turns out I did have the 1mm short spacer all this time with shortened bearing lives. But never that short! My conclusions went along the lines of "stacked tolerances" which included possibly excessive pinion bearing play that was likely aggravated by the shaft yoke failure the previous year. Mind you, all, this spacer business is slightly off-topic as it refers to the rear wheel bearings.
  15. Thanks for that clarification. After my angrifying wheel bearing failure 310 miles from home, I ended up with C3 Koyo and thought, "Well the extra clearance can't hurt." . . . Can it?
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