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  1. South'n SpineRaid, ten years ago, the Sport looks poised and ready to pounce. Would that she yet will . . .
  2. @Bbennett, what is the status of the relays on your Sport? I ask because the V11 Relay #5 has to carry 22.5 amps, continuous, to the fuel pump, injectors, and coils. Under-rated relays (20 amp NO) get hot and fail. This shows up, then, as a "heat related" fuel and ignition failure. (I would still make sure there is more than 3/4 gallon of fuel in that tank. A couple gallons and try again . . .)
  3. It is always good to know what makes one crazy. Sometimes, people are crazy and no one knows why . . .
  4. So, that is the regulator. It should remain stationary (no adjustment). The "rod" (circled in green) is open to atmosphere and is typically oriented facing forward. These things don't sound like the issue. Interesting comments about fuel line failures. Maybe even fuel filter? Or fuel pump failure? No way it could be an under-rated relay failing in Position #5?
  5. " c. 3 days ago fuel tank drained*, new fuel (from working Honda bike) added. I was careful to get fuel into both lobes of tank - me not being sure which side sucks the fuel. Still, the fuel tank is not full. I would estimate there is only 3/4 of a gallon in the bike. d. *When tank was drained it was removed. Upon installation of the tank I turned the rod on right side all the way counterclockwise (see pic). The knob on the left is fully turned clockwise. ***Is this correct?*** Elec connectors were mated under tank as per usual. " Regarding your "c", above, my testing indicates th
  6. Simply to plug the vacuum tap. After removing mine repeatedly too many times, the threads became damaged. I went back to the brass nipples and a cap (silicone caps hold up better than rubber).
  7. It occurs to me to ask @Bbennett: original, early electric petcock? Not yet converted to a manual petcock?
  8. For myself, I don't think I've ever had a moot pint.
  9. So, I go to get an O-ring for the brake pedal stop on the Sport and the conversation turns from "What's this for? Something weird?" to "Are you a player?" to: check out this steel player and how these things are tuned . . .
  10. Nicely done, Sir! It will be awesome to hear what you find after simply baselining the TPS and zeroing the CO Fuel Trim. Balanced the throttle bodies? (I was thinking about Meinolf's map while riding just today . . . )
  11. Haha, well Moto Guzzi doesn't use many security ties for the harness and such. I see this little rubber tie on the clutch side to gather the various elements . . .
  12. If it is the relay, there will be other signs on that circuit: headlight, brake light, horns, warning indicator lights. Even compromised charging. Regardless, high quality, high current "best" relays are worth the pursuit.
  13. Good point about the revs. As much as pushrods and air cooling, isn’t the low revving motor part of the cruiser purpose statement? When I demo rode the new big Indian, I kept hitting the rev limiter (no tach). Finally, I figured out to put it in sixth and “lug” it. It was, then, perfectly at ease.
  14. Welcome, Alfacity ! You are in the right place to “enjoy the ride better!” Here is a great starting point for running issues:
  15. I suppose I must perform another session of epoxy reconstruction surgery on my original, but it is certainly showing it's been on the leading edge of these miles/kays. Thanks for keeping me in mind if you spot one or have one taking up valuable space . . .
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