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  1. There were a couple other images I considered, but there were too many uniforms and turn-out gear involved . . . I mean, there are those that may recall the SSR "lead bike" being passed on the right by >lights&sirens< I admit, I did not see (or hear) that coming . . . These things can get edgy, even with our best intentions . . .
  2. I looked for a representative image of MGTD-III and settled on this one. Thanks, Bill, for hosting this event and sharing it with those of us who pine to be there . . .
  3. Ok , I take back the whole Sandra Dee thing. Pretty sure I'm a legit fan . . . this even looks like Italy!
  4. Happy for you Gio . . . not so much for our little community. Your being here with us will always be welcome and invited! (Gio joined May, 2003!) Don't wander too far off, buddy!
  5. docc

    Decent Tune-up

    Progress! For best outcome, perform the entire "Decent Tune-up" . . .
  6. It is pretty amazing to see that is what she looks like with the front framework and structure all in place. Soooo very nicely done! Is the swingarm, shock, and reardrive in place, yet?
  7. Makes South’n SpineRaiders look like the Sandra Dee Fanclub....
  8. docc


    A high idle on a V11 is vastly better than a low one. V11 idle adjustment is "Step 6" . . .
  9. Hey, ya know P.Roper is fond of saying, "V11 don't crash well." One more thing he is right about . . .
  10. One of the interesting revelations about the V11 is that the "timing cover" is a key stressed member. Perhaps unique to the SpineFrames?
  11. Looks like a job for JBWeld . . .
  12. This is very exciting, but still not actually MotoGuzzi . . . what will they show us of the "road-going" V85 at this year's EICMA in advance of the company's centenary? I mean, this is built from the CARC and we are told the CARC is dead.
  13. Hey, jmardy, can you say what the LeMans sold for?
  14. I seem to remember someone telling me there are two seasons in Canada, "July and winter" . . .
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