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  1. Awesome on your clutch!! The tachometer is electronic. That collection of failures = Relay#2. Install a full compliment of High Current OMRON, Accept no substitutes. Use Caig DeOxit® on the contacts.
  2. "Let's ask the other inmates on the ward if we really are crazy." (I caught wind the T3 is going to be keeping the Green Muse company . . . )
  3. The source for disconnecting the regulator from the battery being externally charged comes from a US distributor for OEM type DucatiEnergia regulators (EME/EuroMotoElectrics): FWIW, I was always concerned about pulling the 30 amp charging fuse out, and replacing it, since the connections are already tiny and under-rated for the amperage. Same for pulling relays out: too easy to spread the female contacts below and disturb the connections. I feel like I solved this with by replacing the 30 amp Charging/Regulator fuse with a rated circuit breaker. So, yes, easy for me to "disconnect Vo
  4. You can copy and paste it into a reply here. I can then put it, also, in the Fileshare subforum. What type file is it (like .pdf?)
  5. I am thinking there are two different wiring systems for the V11 (early and later). Yet, there are also two separate wiring harnesses: Fuel/ignition and #2) everything else.
  6. All cool! I love Coltrane as much as the next guy, but he ain't gonna charge your PC545 . . . I apologize: I should have left a link when I split those posts. I saw everyone followed it to the "What do you listen to?" thread, so I thought it was okay . . .
  7. Ah, sorry: Technical Thread got "Moderated." I thought everyone followed the drift here:
  8. I remember seeing the HyperPro option and thinking, "Those look spectacular." Poked around until I found a link: https://hyperpro.com/steering-dampers/ Talk about *flash* . .
  9. I replaced my leaky BiTubo at about 68,000 miles in August 2009 with a Japanese Shindy (SHIN-juh) standard length/oval body (17-001). It's nicely made and comes with fresh end joints (ball joints/Heim joints/Rose joints . . . ) that have tiny grease fittings on them. Only 58,000 miles on it these eleven years, but staying "flash." http://www.shindypro.com/ss.html
  10. @KINDOY2 shared this with me when he noticed the bassman plays a Fender so like my new one. Thanks, man!
  11. Still learning. So much great information in this Odyssey Technical Manual: https://www.odysseybattery.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/US-ODY-TM.pdf
  12. Thanks, mate! I couldn't bring myself to buy a fourth Veglia speedo. The Speedhuts make me nervous in the rain, but 20,000 miles so-far-so-good. Steady, accurate speed and odo. Illumination is stunning. We shall see if they actually outlast my usual 27,000-30,000 mile lifespan of my Veglias . . .
  13. I see this one which needs springs (they're cheap), and I'm not seeing the intermediate plate in the images (also cheap to replace). No declaration on mileage, but priced right (150£/$210US): https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Moto-Guzzi-V11-2002-On-Clutch-Assembly/353110155146?hash=item5237015f8a:g:7KwAAOSwagpgRfaq And this one that is in California(looks to be in great condition). I have the reardrive from this 14,000 mile Sport bike (also in great condition): https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Moto-Guzzi-V11-2000-Sport-Fly-Wheel-and-Clutch-Assembly/163743517580?hash=item261fdfcb8c:g:ilUAAOSw
  14. Uncertain about that charger and how to use it. Always attach a reliable voltmeter and never exceed 15.0 volts. Amperage is much harder to monitor. Odyssey say actual charging only occurs at 6 or more amps. Those catch phrases "pulse" and "repair" do not look AGM compatible. Also "lithium battery" parameters are not AGM parameters.
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