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  1. Um, yeah, add gear oil through the upper fill point behind the speedo driver. BrakeKleen, and other solvents, will likely recover the mistake pouring oil into the clutch space. Removing the starter motor gives even better access to that space to clean it out.
  2. I’ve long wondered why the tach says ITI but the speedo has that “Dur” logo. Any explanations?
  3. How is that wear attributable to the “fooler” and not something like the oil change history or other factors?
  4. If you’re confident of the TPS position and rest of the tune, you can easily braise the value of the CO in guzzidiag. Since 1500 is just barely off idle, this *may* be enough to compensate for the freer flow. Without an exhaust gas analyzer, we’re just winging it. I have seen values of +10 to +15 make just enough difference, though. Worth trying!
  5. So, no airbox lid at all? Just open top and what kind of filter? Have you baselined the TPS, at total closed right throttle plate, at 157 mV? Balanced the throttle bodies, how?
  6. I'm not sure what's inside that forward facing projection, but is there still the original canister filter inside the sump? Only that, now, there is no access cover and the sump has to be dropped to change the actual oil filter? Sidestand attachment also had to be modified with no "sump spacer?"
  7. All cool. Trying to figure out what the set-up is. I took the liberty of editing spelling on the original post. We're talking "Mistral", yeah? AFAIK, no one can tell whether there is a front cross-over or not. Unless it leaks, rattles, or falls off. (Yes, they can fall off! ) So, that's a pretty free-flowing exhaust. How is the intake set up? (stock air box, modified lid, gauze filter, "pods", etc.) ?
  8. The challenge to fit this to your twin plate V11 is to obtain a gearbox input hub from one of the single plate V11 (Rosso Mandello, Scura, Tenni) that had (have) issues with thrie aluminum flywheel potentially cracking. There is, reportedly, mild fitting of the clutch pushrod. All very well documented here with reliable, experienced members willing to help. I had the privilege of pulling the lever on footgoose's V11 Tenni so equipped . . . buttered silk!
  9. I mean CO at zero is better than way into the negative double digits, yah? Just trying to understand that the exhaust is "without crossover." "Full Mistral?" No matter what the set-up, my suggestion would be to perform a "Decent Tune-up" for starters . . .
  10. You have no mid-point crossover and no front crossover at all?
  11. The Bosch are good relays. I would still hope that they are being made outside of China, but that is increasingly rare. My Bosch never gave me any trouble and a couple of them are still blowing my FIAMM horns. The issue with the micro ISO relays is more a matter of ratings for Position#5 (and Position#2 in early V11). Even with "good" relays, and good contact, running any relay at or beyond its rating is a failure waiting to happen. Also, there have been considered opinions that some relays (Chinese made GEI, for example) should not be rated as high as they are. I recall member Rolf Halvorsen recently put by a stock High Current OMRON in Norway for sale. You can PM him and inquire. Otherwise, if it's a chilly night and, you have plenty of ale, Here is some "light reading" on how and why the OMRON High Current relay became a darling to some of us . . .
  12. Also missing from that view is the regulator . . . Why not put horns elsewhere and complete the "slipstream" look?
  13. I was going to liken it "likewise" to the V11 motor being the "best" Moto Guzzi has ever produced. Really, just my "favorite."
  14. The Ford 351 Cleveland V8 is what made me a motor head. The torque, the way it came on the cam, the exhaust note. Holley, Edelbrock, Hooker Headers® (that's just fun to say!) . . . All of that seemed cool, but did not make the motor appreciably better. Some of it was detrimental. This all reminds me of not understanding fuel injection and, thinking the system was simply lean, winding up the TPS to "richen" the "mixture." This is, of course, flawed as the TPS has to index the throttle plate(s) to the ECU mapping. Done precisely, this makes a critical difference in performance.
  15. Cleveland people . . . I knew I loved you guys! There are times the way the sport comes on reminds me of the 4bbl Cleveland in my '70 Cougar Eliminator. Some mysterious combination of factors just takes over . . .
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