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  1. I knew that dude was in trouble when he pulled in the clutch headed into the corner . . .
  2. Here, also, is a link to a friend of V11_meticcio's who is also president of the Guzzi Motoclub Carlo Guzzi in Mandello and has a motorcycle store "Lario Store" with items commemorating the Centenary . . . . https://www.lariostore.it/
  3. Hmmm, this morning neither can I . . . [edit: new attempt to make the links live along with, once again, linking the Anima Guzzista interview with Luciano Marabese. I cannot seem to get the images to display in the post.]
  4. A couple more images from Anima Guzzista . . . The prototype monoposto tail section http://archivio.animaguzzista.com/maestri/marabese/images/coda3.jpg A cherished moment: http://archivio.animaguzzista.com/maestri/marabese/images/commenti.jpg
  5. There is this concept @Cabernet brought up: "I always found that once I found an address by maps, I wouldn’t need the map again. Go by Sat-nav and I would need to use the Sat-nav next time too (just as I can never remember a route someone else has led) . . ." Along with: "They put on a very good tour, but they didn’t just tell the Sat-Nav the destination and follow it." Taking this a step further, I have been involved in some navigation-intensive riding with other riders depending on my effectiveness that I kinda missed out on some of the riding experience. With my current
  6. Lucky Phil’s Shift Improvement along with the extended lever certainly help, but his advice to preload the shift lever and take the slack out of the clutch before making the shift is most important. I was doing this before, but after reading his Shift Improvement thread, I am surprised at how much preload the lever will take, especially downshifting. It was fun listening to the rider laughing maniacally in his helmet with the acceleration. Those look like great V11 roads!
  7. I found the points you made about navigation, and Sat-Nav in particular, poignantly on the mark. I would like to quote some of your remarks in this thread to carry on the discussion in this more general "Navigation" thread. I did not want to lead your more specific BeeLine thread too far off topic.
  8. In 2007-08, the "revolutionary" Garmin zūmo 550 took up Navigational duties on my Sport and soldiered on until just last year . . . The tankbag window was relegated to Wiring Diagrams and Electrical Flow Charts. (While the BMW and KTM guys laughed it up in the background) . . .
  9. Not sure it will actually sell for 14,000€ (17,000 US $ !) . . . ? So, would he make maybe $5,000 US over twenty years less whatever costs of storage, insurance, etc? Even without any costs factored in, that's well less than 2% interest compounded over those twenty years. Probably should have ridden it!
  10. $/£/€------?--------?----------->$$$$$$/££££££/€€€€€€ ?
  11. I figured you for the guy that would go for lighter, smaller, faster . . . Bigger is better for those smoky parking lot burn-outs?
  12. I suppose it is correct to store a bike with no spark plugs if it is to sit twenty years?
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