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  1. Top, rear, right of the engine block inboard of the right cylinder.
  2. Affirmative: all same length. And overtightening is likely to "squoze" the gasket out of the contact surfaces. Someday (I'm pretty sure) I'll need to replace my originals . . .
  3. Check, also, the O-ring and seal the mating surface of the distributor blanking plate . . . You can always clean it all up and apply a coating of foot powder to see what gets discolored first.
  4. (Aw, nuts, Pressureangle's image does not display for me . . . . )
  5. Not sayin' any names, but the initials > Pressureangle < came up . . .
  6. That sounds delightful. I just had to search Supersport Champion Melissa Paris . . . not disappointed!
  7. I came across this delightful video of The Goodwood Revival. Something for everyone (even bikes)! Makes me so want a car that just will not idle . . . .
  8. So, what is meant by "hot linking?" I used "copy image location" for the image above and it displays fine. I am using this feature exclusively to display others' images besides those I host on imgzeit . . .
  9. Nice! I scrolled through the gallery for a Guzzi, but found this. Which still speaks to my, er, "Rhine geist!"
  10. David Konings new thread on Scura fork settings in Technical Topics:
  11. At noblewood's request, I have attempted to merge some tensioner and cam trust bearing content here. Not thrilled with the way that went. All the content moved, but went into one post. I'll get better at this, I promise.
  12. Alright, so, I did move all of the tensioner and cam thrust bearing content to "How to . . .", but am not very happy with how it grouped into one post. I'll get better at practicing this new system of moving ("splitting") posts. I appreciate nobelswood's suggestion that the valuable technical content be sequestered and footgoose's concern that our invaluable technical resources remain searchable.
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