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  1. I am not aware of any "hicap" (high capacity?) kits for the V11 electrical system. What would that consist of?
  2. Docc,

    guidance needed; I read a thread recently where you advised a member on posting pictures through another site( one you knew well) but I can't find that thread. Help.

    I'm tired of not being able to upload pictures cos they are too big. Time to do something about it !

    1. docc


      Hi, Tim! When PhotoBockit pulled its first sabotage, my son Nic (v7cafe on here) built a hosting site for images (he's a senior software engineer). It is completely secure, unsearchable from the web's engines and does no tracking, ads, pop-ups or other nonsense. It's $11/year. Take the tour of imgzeit:


      Best! docc

  3. Weber! The Italian connection! So, how do you calculate the torgue for brass nuts? And Loctite?
  4. I seem to recall Scud's investigations revealed an explanation why the up and down tension differ (?) I am anxious to hear what you find as my lever has hesitated in the down position a couple times in the last three thousand miles . . .
  5. It is correct that early V11 have only the one cable. Changeover to two, perhaps, in 2002 with the LongFrame?
  6. What a delight to enjoy Bill's view of SSR XV. (We still don't talk much about SSR I . . . ) A true South'n SpineRaider and treasured friend!
  7. Seems we've seen this one come up before? Definitely not a Nero Corsa, in spite of the tank and tail. The engine and gearbox paint looks tight for an '02. Maybe not so much on the reardrive. Odd mirrors and no bar-end weights. White face Veglia mark it as pre-'03. While the side covers say "V11 LeMans", the steel headlight mounted to the forks are more "V11 Sport." Missing chrome cap from the headset suggest it has been apart at the front end? Can't really tell if the Corsa graphics have bubbled (yet). The seller says "original owner" and "way too much to mention here" . . . so maybe there is something to learn . . . A rare, never-seen-before V11 Nero Sport?
  8. The red Italian single? It’s in the Barber Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. I can’t recall what it is . . . I’ve always longed for an MV Agusta, but doubt any would come in under the “reasonable “ criteria of this thread...
  9. I have used E10 Shell V-Power with good results in the Sport. Other fuels offer more popping and sputtering. Tank swell is a concern especially for winter storage. Apparently, there are stabilizers available specifically for ethanol which may be worth investigating.
  10. "John" is a solid guy = "MotraTech." (As I recall) Good luck sourcing anything he made or supported. Like I said, John is a solid guy.
  11. One of the aspects of the happenstance formula of the current South'n Spine Raid is the serendipity of coming across other SpineRaiders unexpectedly. Like fueling up halfway there and some magnificent V11 (doslemans) rolls in to our delight!
  12. Beck has long had amazing bassists! (Not sure who this is . . .)
  13. Santa, could I please have some luscious 50s-60s Italian single with those delicious curves all over the engine (and tank) for less 5k?
  14. Ah! That makes sense. I've gone up to about 1/4 mile on the tip-slosh. Helps to pin the throttle as any unused fuel is returned to the right side fuel trap. I suspect the internal pump tank is similar, but IDK.
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