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  1. This BSA totally nails it, IMO. The GoldStar, especially. What an icon.
  2. Lovely. The Commando, especially. "Rolex" level? I'm not likely to ever even see one. "Café" style? Agreed, not at all. But still gorgeous.
  3. Good starting point (without piddling with the ECU):
  4. Hey! my collection resembles that remark!
  5. Ah, thanks for that. I should have done my homework. Seems I have a "crossover" set-up. (nutted axle and later triples) Also, I searched the Workshop Manual for the shock dimensions. Nice line drawing s of both the Sachs-Boge and White Power (which, to my knowledge was never fitted to a V11), but no dimensions. Lots of nice dimension drawing of the frame, subframes and swingarm, but not the shock length. Perhaps someone else can check my work on the shock lengths I posted . . .
  6. Those chaps were keeping a nice pace on the IoM . . . . . . and in Wales, "Like a pair of Spitfires!"
  7. Hmm, wait . . . I thought he said a nutted axle (like mine) has the later (canted?) triples. Earlier screw-in axles "might" have the questionable (carry-over?) triples?
  8. Best measure I can get eye to eye on my 2000 Sachs is 278mm. My Öhlins paperwork states 286mm "Shock Absorber Length" (assuming that is "eye to eye?"). So, 8mm? (This is an Öhlins factory unit, MG 127, not the V11 Öhlins shock from Scura, Coppa Italia, Café Sport, etc.)
  9. According to the Parts Catalog for the 1999-2001 V11, the oil feed to the cooler is from the outboard (most right side) port/hose.
  10. Apparently, there was an early service bulletin on the early V11 Sport triple tree issue, but no one has ever produced it for us. It was Greg field that initially brought this to our attention. I put a lot of credence into his insights. He was in a unique position at Moto International, Seattle WA/USA, to have access to source documents and actual service experiences. From our observations at that SpineRaid, it appears the early triples were leftover from the 1100 Sport-i and that the change was. indeed, an attempt to correct a problem (early reports of instability of the RedFrame).
  11. Yes, all V11 after about January 2000 have the same geometry. The part numbers are cast into the bottoms of the triples. They are hard to see. That “Geometry” thread I linked above has the details on the part numbers. Also, there is a post showing @footgoose’s January 2000 Sport that has the early triples, while my March 2000 has the later parts. (Not that Guzzi is known to make changes at a specific date or point in production.)
  12. Yes, I typically found it around 145 kph/ 90 mph passing a semi-tractor-trailer rig on our interstates. I found it to be from a combination of factors: the factory Pirelli Dragon tires were soft combined with low tire pressures (33 fr/ 37 rr), spring rates too soft for my weight, too much "sag"/ too little preload (especially the rear), too little damping. Increasing the damping on the steering damper made this worse. All combined with the short RedFrame (yet, this one does not have the suspect earliest triple trees with the alleged 0,5º steeper rake). In short, it was just too soft in every way to be stable in those conditions at that speed. Addressing all of these contributors solved the weave entirely without introducing any twitch or wobble.
  13. Yes, it is good that we existing Guzzisti are not impressed or interested in this model. We are not buying another, new, Guzzi, anyway. That other riders, and young riders, are taking notice is the hope! Maybe one of them will let me take theirs for a little spin. Then have a coffee together to hear, "I cannot believe you have put up with that fussy and difficult Old Sport all this time!" "But, oh my! It reminded me of this wave I once surfed! And a woman I once danced with. A mountain I climbed . . ." Let us hope this new direction still will embody that ethereal quality that is the essence of motorcycling and Moto Guzzi. (Without too many voltmeters and torque wrenches in the cold cold basement . . . )
  14. So, have both Terry Whitaker and Terry Barnes now passed? Or have we got them mixed up?
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