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  1. Original tank. No lining. Had its share of ethanol. Got away from it for a while, but been using US Shell premium V-Power Nitro+. I like the way the Sport runs on this fuel, but it still has the ethanol component. And the *binary azeotropes* that go with it. Weird, this started after I did that tank drain test of how much fuel gets trapped in a V11 tank.
  2. Right? It has an oily consistency, as well. That is partly why I chased after it with the crankcase vent return for so long. I really don't understand why my fuel tank is doing this.
  3. docc

    Non starter

    How does the voltage series look (key off after a few hours, lights on for two or three minutes, cranking, idle, and at some rpm)? Might be time to get a look at your starter magnets?
  4. docc

    On the road.jpeg

    V11 Sport in its natural habitat!
  5. At this point, it is clear that "whatever" has been dripping under the back of my sump is not the "Crankcase Vent Return Line" as the topic is titled. The results of the foot powder spay test were misleading. Today, I finally got to ride after the Sport sat 7 weeks. Rode about 50 miles and fueled 4.3 gallons, being careful not to fill into the neck. Spooge Trap was empty after a long lunch with the guys, and again after another 23 miles for a visit. Another 60 miles home, and there it is.
  6. I have heard Gianelli on a V11. They are delicious! I am not sure they should be allowed to call them "Silencers" . . .
  7. docc

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    Hey, bud, the mainliest thing is to apply 6 amps or more to get the voltage up to 14.7-15.0. Low amperage will NOT charge an Odyssey. Low amp "Tricklers" below 13.2v are Odyssey death.
  8. docc

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    Make sure you are using a minimum of 6 amps to bring it up to the 14.7v target. (Even taking it to the 15.0v max would be okay a time or two . . . ) Terminate the charge and repeat as many times as it takes to hold the charge. Technically, letting the battery drop statically to 12.65v (@77ºF), then discharging it before charging with over 6 amps will likely give you the best results. You're on the right track! With your 2002, it is also good medicine to inspect and service the Ignition Switch . . . And use Caig DeOxit® ! On what? On everything!!
  9. Here I was thinking when the early 40mm forks changed to the LongFrame 43mm mounted above the triple, the clip-on diameter also changed?
  10. docc

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    Jaap restored the "Best Answer" feature and I tagged one of the more concise posts in that lengthy battery conditioning thread. czakky, I was reminded of your post in Feb. 2015, very similar to what you have going on now: https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/18838-odyssey-pc545-battery-conditioning/&do=findComment&comment=202277
  11. docc

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    When those threads all got moved to "How to . . .", the "answered" feature was lost. I wish we could restore that to make those threads more of a reference instead of having to wade through the entire process and content.
  12. docc

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    Immediately dropped to 12.45v? Seems the 12.77v was just on the surface. So, yep: condition your battery and try again . . .
  13. docc

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    12.45 is a really weak AGM. Like 50% at 40ºF. Seriously, discharge the battery with the lights. and apply 6 amps, or more, to bring the battery manually to 14.7 volts (do not exceed 15v). Discharge with the lights and repeat. You can restore these AGM, but only with adequate amperage and a mind to the correct voltages.
  14. Hi, JKV11! Yes, the resistance of the LED are not great enough for the flasher to function correctly. You may have results changing to an electronic "flasher" unit designed for the task. Others have added resistors to the circuit. I found that only using the front signal units, only, lets my Sport function normally while retaining the rear incandescent bulbs.
  15. A beautiful V11 LeMans juxtaposed with traditional Dutch windmills just seems so right on so many levels . . .
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