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  1. I had one test done . It was given as a birthday present . It should have come with a disclaimer "for entertainment purposes only" .
  2. You simply buy another bike . You need one more !
  3. I hope you have tested the battery voltage and found it above 12.5 v and tested it during cranking . above 12.5v . You can test the starter on the bike by running a jumper lead from the spade terminal on the solenoid to the large terminal of the solenoid . If the battery and everything else is good , it should crank . If it does , your problem is in the bike's wiring. P.S. hitting on a permanent magnet starter will give you bad results . The magnets will come loose or break . When you have more than two segments in the starter case , you have trouble .
  4. Yes . you should get 12v at this wire with KOEO . If so , ground this lead and your light should be on . If it is , the oil pressure switch is bad .
  5. You loan your tool to someone and they blip the throttle ( 8k) and your mercury disappears !
  6. First things first . With KOEO and the oil pressure switch unplugged , the wire should have battery voltage . You have a good circuit . 12v . If it does go to the next step . When you ground the wire at the oil pressure switch with the KOEO the light should be on . Y or N ?
  7. I'm sure you could go with a 1/8'' dia. hole and see how it works .
  8. You will soon forget the farm tractor shift quality of the original linkage !
  9. The ONLY hard part is the staked screws !
  10. I am with docc . If someone else has been fixing things , they have probably f'd with this too . Check everything . Disclaimer : I am not smart , just full of ignorant mistakes and learned from a few .
  11. Intense and incredible . Are you a machinist by trade ? How did you find these parts to begin with ?
  12. gstallons

    V10 Engine

    Wow , you are focused on the throttle body repair .
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