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  1. You should consult with someone who can paint nylon , plastic or whatever it is before you go forward on this project . Personally , I would look into maybe buying another tank if the bubble matters that much .............
  2. Uhhh , you connected them wrong ?
  3. FYI .... everyone needs to reread the entire thread on this subject . It would have saved me a lot of trouble TRYING to figure out how it works .
  4. Get ready to be surprised ! There is no tellin' what you will get . I don't think I have seen the same hue , tint or whatever you want to call it on this color . Temp , sunlight , latitude , longitude , you name it dictates what color you end up with . Pull the seat and see what color the tank started as . Whatever paint color you get is whatever color you get . Live with it and appreciate it .
  5. Yeah , Salvador .... what does the yellow phone represent ?
  6. All joking aside , there is no " normal " on ANYTHING involving a MotoGuzzi .
  7. I think all of Europe charges VAT , Final sale , country to country , etc. IDK if there is VAT on used parts or not ? I returned about $300 worth of new parts to Agostini , they were going to charge them tax on returns , I told them to throw the stuff in the trash and forget about it . There is sales tax in the US with internet sales skipping most of it . Here in The States the final destination (customer) is responsible for sales tax collected and paid .
  8. Beee cause of axle size / bearing diameter ?
  9. with the exception of the vaccination , my wife agreed with all your other points . Everyone needs to be taking Vitamin D , Zinc , Airborne , Emergen-c , etc . Talk to a good health or vitamin store and don't duplicate . P.S. she has had the vaccine , i haven't been captured yet to get mine .....
  10. What kind of set-up is with the front brake hose(s) ?
  11. I know two V11s that (modified) shift like Jap bikes........ and I hope I don't jinx ANYTHING .
  12. A person would have to spend time looking at all parts catalogs to see part #s and what fits what .
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