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  1. I am a slow learner …. I don't know what I am doing
  2. Pull the relay to the fuel pump while the noise is there . Did it stop ?
  3. AS far as the noise with the KOEO , remove the relay that powers the fuel pump. Did it stops the buzz ? If not , keep removing them one at time to see if it stops.
  4. Mmmmm . the fuel pump could be distracting him . When you get excited you imagine lots of things ! The other things will be evaluated as we go . Insert other media.url
  5. I hope you own a good DVOM . Check the battery voltage , turn the switch on and check . If you own a good test light , put it on the - terminal to the + terminal of the battery . Turn the ign. switch to the on position and watch to see what the light does . Tell us what you find n we will go from there .
  6. If / when you decide to look , make sure the magnets are still stuck / glued to the housing . Inspect each magnet to verify they are not broken or cracked . Use a bright light to examine for cracks . Look and make sure they are indexed perfectly opposite each other . It doesn't matter where they are just that they are separated equidistant from each other . HTH .
  7. Could you please explain this cure a little better ? I know less than I did .
  8. gstallons


  9. gstallons


    The MGS-01 has to be the most righteous motorcycle EVER to have the Guzzi emblem .
  10. Some Of The Gear Some Of The Time ?
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