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Community Answers

  1. And where is this pic taken ? This looks better than the baloney sandwich I just had for lunch !
  2. I hear that is THE place to go . A few years ago , "the other place" was listed as one of the Top 10 BBQ places in the United States . Boy , we were let down . When we were asking for directions , the man said "you want to go to Old Hickory" . I was on a quest and had to go to Moonlite . The Smithsonian Magazine can't be wrong . Well . I should have hung around another day to get another appetite ready . Around here , I (and my dog) make a daily trip to Leigh's at Future City . Chopped , on bun and she gets the bone . BTW , the dog has to stay o/s . They also have great ribs or the best chicken but , you have to order the day before . There are a bunch of other BBQ stands (that is what they are referred to here) and have their personalized character . BBQ and sauce are personal opinion . I'm gettin' hungry .
  3. Been there , done that . On a BRAND new pair of boots !
  4. Verify the buttonc (that connects the rotor to the mount) are free to move .
  5. A PC III is the worst device ever manufactured PERIOD
  6. The choke is nothing but a throttle kicker to increase the idle speed .
  7. Thia is why I sent mine off to a rebuilder . They sent them back with a bunch of specs. Flow , pressure drop , etc. They will send you a matched set if yours do not match or come (and I mean) close .
  8. The day I lay my bike that far over is the moment before I lay my bike down !
  9. When you are working on this , you want 12v on one side of the harness and the other side of the harness is triggered (grounded) to cause the injector to activate . This takes place one time every other stroke of the c/shaft .
  10. Same here . On my way back from Jonesboro ,Ill. Brand new boots and one shoe was oil soaked by the time I got home . The gasket was so messed up , I wondered if the wrong gasket was on it ? Never knew it til I got home .
  11. You can get s "noid light" to plug into the injector harness . Crank the engine and it will flash when the injector is triggered .
  12. I am going to try and surprise myself and get to the South n Spine . Docc is usin' a mutual friend to work on me 1
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