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Community Answers

  1. IDK why these people have to Loctite these rotor bolts to the wheel ? It is an effort to get these loose/off in less than 6 hrs. time .
  2. Why do you post something like this at MY bedtime ? I will have to watch this in the a.m.
  3. I have never touched one of these quick-disconnects on a 04 model . I have seen a lot of connectors on other stuff destroyed by Cavemen to Klingons . I know one thing , once you get pissed off , caution and care go out the window ! I have a tool box drawer full of devices to get these "things" disconnected and the technique is NEVER quite the same , go figure ?
  4. Uh , is yours too damaged to repair ?
  5. Those fuel line connectors will take practice . after you get the hang of it , it will smoke you on how easy it is to disconnect . Push the hose toward the fitting , then push the quick release away from the fitting {you may have to rotate the sleeve portion} and allow the hose to slide away from the fitting .
  6. Oh , and I'm not sure if they work , but I have some tube testers .
  7. I have a lot of things my Dad had . amprobe , Simpson 260 , wiggie (?) , things I can't remember . I acquired one of the first simpson DVOMs 6 or 7 fluke 80 series meters ( 2 don't work & I can't bring myself to send them off ) and lots of other stuff .
  8. Post some pics w/descriptions please ?
  9. If I'm right the OEM caps have a 5k resistor built in .
  10. And the extra blade will do nothing , because there is no terminal in the other positions , You could run 5 pin relays in all positions and be happy .
  11. I can NOT understand why there would be 120 different relays that would be in one package ? Make one 4 terminal and one 5 terminal relay w/the highest A rating and be done with it !
  12. I had both done and it took about 6 weeks to "recover" . PT & Chiro are the only way to go !
  13. the first character of any VIN indicates the country of origin . You can Google any website and they will break down the entire VIN for an explanation .
  14. When my right side gets to where I can swing a leg over my bike , I'm gone !
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