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  1. This sounds like a starting motor circuit problem . Loosen and retighten ALL battery , ground & starting motor connectors . You may have a battery problem also .
  2. How much will this be ? Post pics when you get it . You know these tanks expand/contract as much as your lungs ?
  3. Yep . You practice on a throttle plate from a junk carb and see what happens . You will be making marks all over the next one . Do these one at a time to not mix parts .
  4. Keyboard Carriage . They started hauling pianos . They move motorcycles too . You just tell them where the pick-up and delivery locations . they coordinate the moves so you have to be patient . You get better prices working with them this way . I met them when I picked up my bike . they were hauling some pricey bikes in their trailer .
  5. I've used Keyboard Carriage three times and they are fantastic !
  6. This is the same as knurling a piston skirt but , you are doing it inside out .
  7. What is the color of the wheel ?
  8. Please correct me . You did swap sides with the injectors ? Did this condition stay on the same cylinder ?
  9. You have it disassembled , when you get it together , start it up and use a mechanic's stethoscope and see if both injectors "click" the same ?
  10. If you have an IR camera or temp gun , run your bike down the road & back . Check temps at the exhaust pipes and see how close the temps are . I have temp guns and an IR camera .The camera is GREAT !
  11. If it will start , I would say the crank angle sensor is ok . I am going to say to test TPS sensor . If you don't know how , just acknowledge it & we will help you .
  12. Who handles Microblue bearings ?
  13. now that is thorough
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