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  1. Honor Blackman passed 5/04/20 . For those that don't recognize the name . she was in Goldfinger as Ms Galore ! Need I say more ?
  2. This is terrible news . I hope for the best for Paul and the family .
  3. After a reread . W/linkage unhooked , throttle plate fully closed on r.h. throttle body , set tps to 0.150-0.157mv . Then adjust all idle stop screws , linkage . Then adjust l.h. idle stop screw to 0.450 mV . I can't do any more until I install the fuel tank . I assume this will work ? That is today's goal ! BTW , I make no claims to be a "know-it-all" .
  4. Oh , this Mad Scientist is just getting started ! I will change my procedure 3 or 4 Xs before I am through . I cleaned the air bypass screws today and will adjust things more in the days to come . I'm laid-off & under house arrest ! 0.157" on closed throttle plated . Then I read 0.450" on min. idle speed ? I read 4 procedures and had doubts about some of all of them . I am NOT going to allow the throttle plates to stop in the throttle bores . After adjusting the min. TPS I will get an amount of adjustment 0.002" against the screw and then 1/4 turn on the throttle stop screw . This will keep the throttle plate just off the bore . Then I will sync. the linkages .
  5. This week I've been working on the red frame . 6 oil changes in the gear box to get a good color . Installed the gearbox to frame brace and only removed the tbi balance linkage to do it . I won't do that again . I found out it fits red frame only . Anyone want a spare ? I installed the Volvo rod end on the right side linkage and synched ( is that a good spelling ? ) throttle bodies . After reading 5 opinions on the subject , I disconnected the rod , turned the throttle stop screws in to where I had 0.002" clearance between the screw and stop , then turned the screw in 1/4 turn . Installed the linkage and put the 0.002 feeler gauge on the opposite throttle body , tightened the white knob until the gauge hit the ground and called it good . I'm still wondering about which step to take on TPS adsjustment . It has been 15 yrs since it has been on the road . I have time . Installed a new crankcase to frame hose and r.h. turn signal . Check prices before you buy anywhere but MG Cycle . Disassembled all the calipers and installed brake assy lube and had a buddy shorten one of the braided brake hoses to make it look good . Next week and more to do !
  6. we're all the same on this forum .
  7. And the motorcycles w/the most issues are the wildest in bed !
  8. Problem solved . Use the clutch to take off & TCB !
  9. You buy one of these MGs realizing you are probably going to be the last owner of your bike. You don't speculate with these things . I know. 3 fuel tanks , 2 seats , Alpina wheels , 4 pair of slip-ons , Uh I need to stop thinking . $15k for the Coppa....... If it were McQueen's ...Yeah . I don't think he had it , so back to reality . I couldn't put that much in it . How much was the sticker on it when it was new ?
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