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  1. Remove the switch and check continuity of the switch . Push the button/pin in and see what you get . One way should be open and one way closed . If not ,, try electrical cleaner and "pop" the plunger about 20 times and keep using electrical cleaner until it works .
  2. It is perfect looking . The last bid is around $2350 ?
  3. Brian , are you gonna leave us hangin' ? You don't have a blown up engine until you know you have a blown up engine .
  4. Well , I am glad I looked before I gave my worthless opinion . They do produce a contactless Hall effect sensor that can be used in place of a wiper/pot set-up . If you can get it in the correct range and configuration , your problems are over !
  5. I'm THE authority on ruining things . Get the Heli-Coil and practice on some junk til you feel confident in what you're doing . It's easy . If a Simpleton like myself can do it , you can too !
  6. Alright : drop the pan and check for metal in the pan and metal in the oil . Rotate the engine to where the rods are at the bottom of the crank and inspect the big ends of the rods ..... discoloration , stuff hanging out , loose on the c/shaft . Look up at the oil filter and see if it is loose or if the o-ring has spit out of the oil filter base . Report back .
  7. Relax , it will take a while before everyone sees this stuff .
  8. Parts cattle dog ? Hmmm. Yes , it was not fun swapping it out . You only do it once though !
  9. With the extender on my bikes , it shifts better than my V Strom and as good as a Jap crotch rocket ! It went from H Farmall to WOW !
  10. If I remember correctly , I had to remove the front wheel to swap . You will have to refer to an earlier post where I pulled a Cornwell toolbox drawer oxer the top and removed four coats of clear in the process !
  11. How about the two Allen heads at the lower left and bottom ?
  12. I have one on my 03 sport w/Marzocchi forks . i am sure there is a part # for each style of fork
  13. It is likely to be a MG product. IDK if there would be a emblem or part # on the fender ?
  14. it was said , when he was interviewed (?) for the documentary , Ken quickly realized it was quickly becoming The Shelby Foote Show and he had to make adjustments !
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