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  1. Uh oh . I've created a moniker !
  2. gstallons

    handle bar weights

    Does ANYONE have a junk clip-on ? I need it t experiment ( cut apart ) on . I bought a pair of clip-ons and one of the weights is LOOSE . I want to cut it apart to see how to fix it . It is the throttle side . It looks like a barrel key works it . Think large tool box key .
  3. Youre a pretty smart man . We are glad you are on this forum . BTW , when you get through you are going to have The Batman version of a Scura !
  4. gstallons

    My Scura Build.

    Only one opportunity .
  5. gstallons

    My Scura Build.

    Make sure you get on the right bus.... any of you ever read Of Missing Persons ?
  6. gstallons

    My Scura Build.

    Has he given you a price on the Ti parts ?
  7. PD , the second relay complements a good known working system . It is not made to cure anything . It is made to prevent excessive load to the start system .
  8. You can't eBay ? Read my heresy on the automotive ( marine actually ) relay in series to the OEM starter relay on the V11 . This keeps all the solenoid current off the factory EVERYTHING on the bike .
  9. Hmmmmm . that would generate some $$$ too ! BTW , what color did you use on the chops ? It does look good ! Oh yeah , you found a part # for the oil filter in Baldwin . What is the part # ?
  10. You are either single , using this as a business write-off or have a great marriage !
  11. I will get rid of the old ones for you .
  12. Or , we could swap out front forks . Those Ohlins just don't cut it for the stealth look . I could tolerate the gold look !
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