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  1. I looked at my red frame ( I am pretty hard headed ) a long time & short of enlarging the shield , you will have to remove the shaft . Now , I am more than ready to be proved wrong .
  2. I know this much , the people that use nitrogen in tires , will continue this process . The ones that scoff at it , will continue to scoff at it .
  3. It could be different ..........
  4. You could get in trouble for owning a scale like that !
  5. The way it goes with this crankcase shit , as with most MG , they sure have a screwed up concept going on . The way I see it , the frame rusts inside , cheap-ass rubber hoses , and a special place for all the rust to go : THE oil pan . Oh , did I forget , I don't remember a vent to atmosphere ?
  6. The quality of rubber used making the hose . You will notice there is not even thread woven into the hose ! You can blame MG , the vendor that makes the hose , whoever you want . It is NOT Japanese (QUALITY) rubber .
  7. They will fail if you keep the bike PARKED
  8. You will probably find the return tube the culprit . It will be easy or a MF to change . The easiest and best purchase will be MG Cycle . When you install , make sure you clock the hose clamps where they will be easy to tighten .
  9. I am going to Murray for my first meeting to schedule everything . I want them both fixed a the same time . Be in prayer for me this goes PERFECTLY ! I can hardly walk as it is .
  10. IF my knees are fixed & I am not working.........
  11. MMmm . I would fix a wooden crate that would hold it at it's journals ad keep it WELL oiled or covered in grease .
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