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  1. Maybe four bangs to the head . I would never do acid because I thought it would be like having sex w/a gorilla . I might want to stop before the gorilla .
  2. You're George Jetson , I'm Fred Flintstone with short term memory loss . I know all the words to when Jethrine sang Ben Hur on The Beverly Hillbillies & I can't remember where I parked ....How does that grab ya ?
  3. I can't post bike or doggie pics .
  4. Let's get back to fuel pumps and WAY away from sidecars & V11s .
  5. A female cat . They are mousers . The only things Toms do is mark territory & hump female cats . BTW , they don't pull out . Sticky traps are the most effective , but they catch EVERYTHING
  6. And those bolts don't jump out of there or back in !
  7. MMMMM . maybe one at a time ?
  8. I used Hylomar on the gaskets when changing the oil/filter on my black frame . Sparingly is the key on anything you put on a gasket . The Permatex anaerobic gasket sealant is a good product too . There are lots of good products , you just have to know the application . You know when you have used the correct amount when it just oozes out of the mating surfaces . i have seen rednecks use a whole tube of silicone seal on a timing cover / water pump job ! I will NEVER use silicone after having to GO BACK through a 1.8l Ford Escort engine after the oil pump / block gasket oozed out and sta
  9. No , fill it FULL and try doing this .
  10. This will be on the l.h. side of the bike , from 1-5 o'clock and on the r.h. side , from 7-11 0'clock .
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