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  1. IF you own a used bike , the valve cover gaskets may be wrong or improperly installed . Do a proper valve adjustment and use the proper gaskets or a good substitute . I used a Loctite ( can't remember the part # 515 maybe ) anaerobic gasket maker on mine . Didn't have gaskets at the time .
  2. I am sorry you are selling . Good luck & please hang around the forum !
  3. Only you know what is best for you . My 03 has been less than 100 miles in 8 years and it's goin' nowhere .
  4. These bikes are not made for the thrifty . You either pay the price or slip up on something . OUCH !
  5. It seems as if the higher-ups are determine to hit an iceberg no matter how successful they have been . Intelligence rules over wisdom !
  6. I don't want to knock anyone out of a sale , but Auto Zone sells Odyssey . They just don't keep them on the shelf .
  7. AJ , buy a bike and then buy the green stuff. I have three fuel tanks for my 03 greenie . The original faded green , a champagne and a red tank . This only gets worse and these bikes will be the last things to go .
  8. I will never understand how stupid manufacturers can be . These guys will allow a Mom & Pop operation to close instead of working with them . All these idiots want a brand new store next to the interstate with $50k worth of apparel in the showroom and 12 employees selling you s**t you don't want .
  9. It's f'd up . Get a new one . You will probably have to remove the tank . If the clamps are indexed correctly , you can leave the tank on . If not , look at it long and hard to se how you can index the clamps so you can use a flex socket & a 7mm socket ( I think ) to get it the next time . I have a SnapOn flexsocket with the u-joint/socket together . $$$$$
  10. You know what a fuel pressure regulator is and what that nipple (usually) does . Well the V11 has it open to atmosphere .
  11. I like the "some" stuff . Please explain the rock and meter setup .
  12. The best thing to do for an itch is to scratch it !
  13. Pop off the seals of the bearings and fill the cavity with wheel bearing grease and reinstall .Use anti-seize on the pins and nuts .
  14. The WIX 33463 filter has inlet and outlet on the same end with them pointing straight out .
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