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  1. Do yourself a favor and look on the Odyssey website and see what type charger they recommend . These batteries use a different charger .
  2. Aluminum for a bolt ? stupid .BMW has them all over their automobile engines . If I am going to pare weight , I would lose 40lbs. instead of something this stupid .
  3. You don't forgive that "that's just business" stuff . NEVER
  4. Any plug wire with screw in resistor caps will have solid core wire . If you want to prove it , remove the cap and look into the center of the plug wire . You are going to see copper strands. Also , there is no need to run a resistor cap on non-solid filament wires .
  5. I hope it works well for you . AGM batteries need AGM chargers .
  6. To extend the Buell subject . I rode ONE a loooong time ago and I can't remember the model . White paint w/what I would describe a light purple exhaust . I rode it about 10 miles , stopping twice to get off and verify it had a H/D engine . This thing was PERFECT !
  7. gstallons

    Map Day

    Shooting from the hip , I think it is 0.010'' . and , yes it is critical . When you do check this , make sure the tooth you are going to use to set the air gap is in the center of the hole .
  8. You know the other side is screwed up too . Take it apart and do it right . You don't want to ride 45 miles and ruin a new riding boot on this account .
  9. Seth , the leaking o-ring(s) can be accessed after removing the rocker arm assy . Look at a parts diagram and see what you need . When I repaired mine , I just used OEM stuff .
  10. You either have a bad connection or a bad battery . I assume you are testing at the battery terminals ? Loosen and retighten them and test again .
  11. Easy , what is your battery voltage with key off ? It had better be above 12.65 v What is the battery voltage with key on engine off ? ______
  12. gstallons

    Map Day

    Now , lemme get this straight ............ 0.157v at absolute closed throttle blade . Min. idle screw backed out , no choke linkage interference , balance link disconnected . With all this ok , adjust your TPS to 0.157v . No________ go back through your procedure and make it so . If all this is true. Reconnect your balance shaft and adjust your min idle adjustment screw to 0.540v .
  13. Well , after you get going , you will want to get in your time machine and go back a few years and install it then .
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