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V11 Le Mans in the southeast U.S.


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looking for a clean V11 Le Mans, could be any of the variants but ideally a 2002 champagne Le Mans is what i'm after.  doesn't have to be in, but nearer to the southeast would be best.

let me know if you have one for sale, i'm looking to buy when i find the right bike.  all OEM but extra credit for MG titanium pipes.  Chris... 


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21 minutes ago, Luke said:

I have an 04 Red V11 Le Mans for sale. 4000 miles. It is listed on Wild Guzzi site.

Nice! An '04 red LeMans!

Could you, kindly, show it to us, here? Many of us cannot see listings on WG.


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I tried to post some pictures but they were all too big to upload.  04 Le Mans; under 4000 miles, red, FBF pistons, cam and slip ons, belly pan, just serviced, new map. $7000

I might be able to post a start-up on Youtube tomorrow.

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Sometimes, a link directly to the WG classified will display here. Otherwise, it can just go to their login and be inaccessible.

Try to post a link?

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