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V11 Le Mans in the southeast U.S.


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Oh mate, I've still got mine, almost factory perfect as I described before.  Only non-factory mod is the MPH bar risers as described in https://mphcycles.com/handle-bar-risers/

You won't find another one that looks any better and I venture to say it would be worth the trip to Virginia to see in person.  New tires installed and the elusive factory rear rack included as shown in 1st three  pics of google photo link. 


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8 hours ago, p6x said:

You can get Mistral exhausts from MG Cycle;


awesome, thanks heaps.  the pipes in the first link look sweet.  great price also...


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9 hours ago, fastaussie said:

Great Price too...

I was baffled (pun intended) to see them at that kind of price. Especially nowadays when everything is so expensive!

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9 hours ago, Kevin_T said:

That's a beautiful bike. Tom has the original poster ever tried to contact you? Certainly better looking then picture he posted.

Yeah, we've PM'd a few times over the year or so.   I am asking $7500 which is more in range of the Mandello/Ohlin equipped bikes.  I bought this bike 2 years ago from a "collector" in Wisconsin, had it shipped to VA.  Had 2400ish miles.  I've run about 3k more then stopped riding. Detailed, put fresh tires on, covered and put away for a bit.   Didn't want to keep running up miles, esp. since I have a red '03 to take care of the V11 fix.  

It's essentially flawless with a couple of very minor exceptions.  Engine paint (LOL) is like factory and I treat it as such to protect.  No scrubbing, no blasting, no chemicals.  Only change I did make upon ownership was swap in the proper Omron relays (Thanks docc!)  Does have the original MG factory rear rack.  Runs like a well oiled sewing machine.  Just waiting for a serious buyer who wants to deal a bit.

What kind of quality bike can you buy nowadays for 7K?  Not much for sure.

Edited by Tom in Virginia
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