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Seen on Craigslist


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A bike just like this bike sold for $30,000.00 within the last year in south california at a dealer on consignment.

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Interesting to see another GB Folgore pop up in California. This is not the same bike that was at Pro Italia a few months back. Different pipes, dash, and other bits. These bikes are beautiful works of artful design and engineering. The air box frame is something else. Btw, GB is still in business, and Bruno is easy to communicate with. Shows that it is possible to lighten up a Guzzi!

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The original link and image are dead, but if this were for a Ghezzi Brian Folgore, here is one that also sold on Bring a Trailer back in 2020 for interesting reference:


2003 Ghezzi-Brian Folgore Supertwin 1100 for sale on BaT Auctions - closed on October 8, 2020 (Lot #37,565) | Bring a Trailer

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