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MPH Cycles (Houston) is going to relocate from Park Row to Hempstead Tx.


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MPH is one of the too few places where you can get your vintage motorcycle looked after;

At one time they were a Moto Guzzi dealership, but have parted ways with Piaggio's take over.

I visited with them today, August 7th 2023, and was informed Mike, the owner has sold the car part of the business Mike Haven Automotive, and they are going to move the Motorcycle repairs to where Mike lives in Hempstead Texas, Waller county.

The move should take place before the end of 2023.

Mike says this will save them the commute, and will improve the turn around time for the bikes, which is currently around six weeks.

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Mike, Todd, Davey, and others there over the years made MPH unforgettable and part of Moto Guzzi lore.




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Thanks for the update here P6X!  Much better for you !!

I had the Scura out last weekend for a nice romp… very cool weather made for a comfortable ride!

Winter riding should be much more enjoyable than the inferno of July and August!

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