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Never seen such- 254 4 cylinder

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Yup. DeTomasso sold them in various markets under various brand names. I even know of one from Singapore that was badged as a Motobi!

I had a mate who used one for regularity runs. It was a hoot. Just nail the throttle in fifth and never touch the brakes! They made zero torque so the only way to make progress on them was to wring their tiny necks!

The clocks were in a panel on the tank, (Visible in the pic.) which made getting the tank off an enormous pain in the arse! 

I nearly bought one in the '90's. I'm so glad I didn't!:grin:

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6 hours ago, audiomick said:

I'd quite like to have one of them. The idea of such a small four cylinder appeals to me. I would have liked to have a Suzuki Across back in the day too... B)

Yeah, I remember those too....

Suzuki must have done well with these (at least here in Victoria) as there were heaps of them about in the 90's.

Think they had a dummy tank and you could get a helmet in the storage space?

Ha ha think they revved to the moon too!

Girlfriend went with a GPX250 instead.



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58 minutes ago, guzzler said:

... they had a dummy tank and you could get a helmet in the storage space


The GPx 250 was good, if I remember rightly. I think I might have been on the Z900 by the time that came out, though. :)

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