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First is  AJS Supercharged V4 built for the 1939 senior tt

Second guess at a Henderson or later Ace, but is stab in the dark


Bullseye on the AJS. There is one of these being built from the original blueprints and from copying the parts off one in England. I'll check with Union Jack Cycle to get some more details.

Keep working on that second one!

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So this is how you spend our taxes.... 


The wife does that :D


Last night had given up my day off so was working overtime. Use the term working lightly. I was taking 999 calls, and it was relatively slow. You have to have a bit of over capacity built in so that when something happens for example on the motorway and you get several calls, they stand a chance of being answered promptly. You never know in amongst the 15 calls you get about the plastic bucket on the motorway there will be calls about other emergencys and the other things people ring up for on the nines.


The whole telephone call handling thing has been pretty dire in my force, but they've shaken it up and added new technology - call stacking, amongst other things to improve it. No longer are people waiting 40 minutes being bounced to and fro the switch board waiting to get answered. At peak times the maximum wait gets between 5 to 10 minutes and generally a lot less.


The nines get answered instantly, the Goverments target is 80% within 10 seconds.

Only a slight delay in switching active window detracting from my measurable performance :)


you sure know your stuff!


No, just had the time and inclination. A little bit of intrest. When I started off My friend was restoring a BSA A65 to ride when he turned 17. I used to tease him that my Mobylette moped was older.


Tonight I won't be able to play as I'm on the radio, and will be too busy, coordinating the chases of stunt bikers, I'll put a responce on that thread in due course. So give up your Friday night out, stay in and win Quiz Points :D

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