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    Hey Chuck, Mine arrived the other day, beautiful piece of kit, tks very much for doing the heavy lifting to see this through to completion. As I sit here looking at that beautiful little piece of engineering, originally conceived and designed by LuckPhil, produced by Chuck, and reading through the extensive transmission related posts here on V11Lemans.com, it's a beautiful thing watching enthusiasts from literally the four corners of the globe sharing and supporting us guzzi owners, kudos to all involved. Respect and gratitude Kelly
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    Hi, connect Guzzidiag, select graphical display and watch if the curve is smooth when opening/closing the throttle. Beware that there's a change in the gradient at 30°, it get's flatter when opening, due to the characteristics of this TPS's curve formula. Cheers Meinolf
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    Update. Still not much info about these eh! Anyways decided to bite the bullet and ordered a set.They go on 3/7 hopefully. Only one way to find out. Will let any other inquiring minds know what I think of them ! Cheers Guzzler
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    It is only to verify the TPS is perfect . An easy test to perform and you KNOW it is good and if you have problems you know to look elsewhere . All of these tests you are doing , you want to be familiar with to the point you will be able to do this w/o having to "think" .
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    Update! Finished the "service + +++". Here comes the tale of sorting out a multi-owner, 66.000km CalVin. In addition to a "normal" dealer full service (as it should be at least), I did the following: - Replaced shifter+foot brake lever bushes - Replaced driveshaft+bearing as the front u-joint had a flat spot and the support bearing was loose from the shaft) - Adjusted throttle cable slack (it was about 1/5th of a handle turn! How do people drive like that?!) - Replaced fuel filter (there was rust in the tank, removed it, filter was full of brown particles as well). Replaced the in-tank hose as well. - Replaced fuel tank connector as it had partially failed - Replaced inner spark plugs (old ones were partially worn but also of wrong type) I must have forgotten some... Reset the TPS at 150mV at closed (and linkage removed) throttle body (was 028mV!). Took her for a spin. When warmed up (and 80% humidity at 26deg C outside), she still pinged at WOT in the range of 2500-5500rpm. Then I flashed Beard's map which I got through Biesel (thanks both!) and tried to get her running, but she would not idle properly. Even blew the inlet boot off once. I "Reset all auto-adjusting parameters" in Guzzidiag and raised the CO very high (80) and got her running - sort of -. I re-checked sync (a bit off), fully closed both air bleed screws, and synched again by just barely opening one air bleed. That solved the idle stumble! Lowered CO until idle started to drop off (now set at 50, still a bit high I know). Took her for a spin, same weather conditions. Still one or two pings when going through the range at WOT between 3000 and 4000rpm, but far less and way more driveable! I may proceed to carefully add some fuel to the map to solve the pinging there (did the same on my V11 and took full care of it) later on, but for now the bike is back at my (happy) dad. When I dropped her off I picked up my V11 again, DAMN I love that bike, especially after driving a CalVin for days (and working on it). Thanks for all the responses and help, especially Biesel!
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    Bad TPS is not easily seen by a reading or even watching the progression of millivolts through its range. Much more likely to discover a bad spot in the TPS using Ohms in a very low range and watching the values slowly opening and closing the TPS. If the value jumps, skips, hesitates or goes open, the TPS should be replaced. The resistance value should change very smoothly all up and down the range from closed to open and back.
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    All interesting. I do note that no one from the Bundesrepublik Deutschland responded. Bill
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    It's largely simple revenue raising under the guise of safety. We had a government policy here of cameras are only located at know dangerous locations. So then they opened a brand new 20klm stretch of freeway and put 2 sets of speed cameras 3 klms apart on a section with no obvious issues. Questions were asked about how they knew the locations were a safety issue on a brand new road that hadn't been used yet and if they were unsafe why bulild it that way? defening silence from the authorities. In the state of NSW all fixed and mobile cameras are required by law be signposted well before the camera. This includes mobile cameras used by police and contractors. They put a small mobile sign on the side of the road well before their location. Fixed cameras have a large permanent sign preceding. This is exactly right and supports the safety first approach. If you get caught by a camera in NSW you deserve it. Other states aren't so genuine. It's also pointless introducing the law as Germany is doing as you wont be able to practically police it. Ciao
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    I'd take this one with a grain of salt. First, upping the voltage will help - that's a given. That will also up the current too but there is no way to "feed more current" to the ignition coil. The dwell time is sufficient at any rpm that a Guzzi engine turns that the coil will saturate as it is supposed to. You can't feed it additional energy based on rpm because it can't use it. Second, it's states it is for 2000-2002 models. All Guzzi ignitions are sufficiently similar that it ought to work with any electronic ignition. Third, this thing was offered up two years ago as a solution to everything under the sun, boosted the electronics package input to around 27V, which is right where the ECU starts to fry, and then it disappeared for nearly a year after people pointed out that it would probably do damage to the computer. Now it's back at a reduced voltage. Before I would shell out this kind of money for a DC-DC converter, I would buy a real cdi unit and hook that to the coils. Now before it sounds like I'm going entirely negative on the unit, I will say that if it were set to just prevent voltage sag to the electronics at low rpms when the alternator is anemic, it would not be a bad thing. Given that Moto Guzzis have universally poor grounding in their wiring, adding a product that boosts the voltage just reduces the saftey margin on some very expensive electronics. Your choice. If you're interested in the travails of "rolling your own" EFI, check out http://www.jefferies-au.org/My16M/index.htm. Cliff Jeffries in Australia did just that (and is still doing that - it isn't easy) and his observations on the Marelli electronics and his own progress makes for interesting reading.
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    Does not need any deep thought this one, they do not want want folk speeding along and only slowing down at the speed cameras. They want us to obey the speed limits, either because we agree it is the right thing to do or because we are scared of being caught in 'unknown ' speed traps.
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