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  1. That's what I've been trying to find without any success. The stock Brembo Master is 12 mm. There's a company Midwest Mountain Engineering that builds a replacement Brembo master cylinder for KTM's and other enduro bikes which reduces clutch pull 50% But I sent them a pic of my bike and they said their unit wouldn't work. Also I've searched parts catalogs for slave cylinders on other models (Brevas, Griso, etc.) and they all appear to be the same unit.
  2. Yes the '78 Le Mans is cable and feels much lighter than the V11.
  3. Yeah, good idea. Long overdue on bleeding. I got the lever on the 4 setting which the closest in. Thanks DOCC! I'll have to pass on the "Spendy" part
  4. I've always felt that the clutch pull on my Cafe Sport is kind of heavy and as I've advanced in years it's becoming more of a problem (spoiled by my Multistrada I guess). I've done a lot of online searching and haven't found anything applicable. Does anyone have any thoughts on reducing the clutch pull? Thanks! John
  5. Dave, An absolutely drop dead gorgeous bike! Of course I'm only saying that because mine is identical. Cheers! John
  6. Yeah, but I had brown hair then. Come to think of it I had hair then. Cheers Dave!
  7. Isn't that an old MG Magnette two toned sedan across the street? Had one of those in my hippie days in Venice. Abandoned it one morning on Pacific Coast Highway in El Segundo on my way to work. Ran out of starter fluid.
  8. Jeez Louise! It's just the small button in the middle that pops off and exposes the hex hole. I thought the entire thing was a cap. Duh. I'll just go sit in the corner now. Thanks guys!
  9. Yes docc that's it. I've been trying to pry it up without success. Guess I'll have to resort to my Dads' advice for solving problems "Apply yourself!" Cheers! John
  10. Can anyone tell me how to remove the silver cap that covers the top steering head pinch bolt on a 2004 Cafe Sport? I've loosened the top triple clamp bolt as per the service manual but can't remove the cap. Thanks!
  11. Jazzamoto


  12. docc, I ordered one of those recently and they're not usable. Note that the attachment screw holes are not slotted hence they can't be adjusted for proper millivolt reading.
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