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  1. Yup, no electronic petcock here, just the sender connector and the big beefy fuel pump wires. It's tricky to find the opposite end of the in tank Guzzi fuel pump connector, it would be simplest to keep the pump side in tact.
  2. As always, I appreciate that I can get sensible answers to my (not always sensible) questions in this forum!!
  3. I have the tank all sorted, hoses done and test fit successful....but, I am trying to find on the wiring diagram which wires are the fuel level sender and which are the pump. I have a 2 pin connector on the tank that seems to match the connector on the bike that was for the fuel level sender, however the other wires coming off the tank are blue and white, and weedy looking, probably not high enough amp for the pump. So common sense says the thin blue and white wires are the sender, the red and black are the pump, and it is coincidence that the pump plug on the tank matches the sender plug on the bike!!!??! Should I just find some 2 pin auto plugs and start again, not re-using anything?
  4. In must say, the paint seems much better quality on this compared to my short tank, definitely laid on thicker. New ones go for about £600 usually, and that's without the pump.
  5. Polished and polished (and polished) my new internal pump tank.... This is actually the original colour my bike had before all the paint fell off! What a steal for £180 with the pump!! Most of the little mark polished out with consecutive paint restorer/polish application. I am rather sweaty now though 🤣
  6. Since I've now bought the "new" tank... Are the qr hose connectors a universal part? Is the hose diameter the same as the old style tank? I think probably not, as I seem to remember having to buy some abnormally large diameter hose to go from the petcock to the filter, but after that it was smaller to the pump. Thank you kindly!
  7. Yes, I have fuel line and FI clamps... I didn't know if the red and white things would accept that kind of treatment!! I assume the quick release bit doesn't exert much pressure and I didn't want to crack some plastic that is: a) Italian in nature b) old.
  8. Forgot to ask, is this the "quick" release fuel line? Or do I just push hoses onto the red and white things?
  9. Ahh, thanks Docc,. I see now from the photo that there is another lead with no plug, this must be the pump wiring.
  10. Hi, anybody done this? Is the connector for the level sensor on the old tank the same as for "everything" on the new tank or do i need to buy a specific connector? I see the return is now next to the fuel tap on the same side, so the right hand injector return is supposed to go through the hole where the filter used to be? I did search, badly, couldnt find the right words to get the results I wanted -- story of my life!
  11. Thanks, I think the headers are just standard Guzzi items?! One thing I have noticed is there is a new kind of harmonic resonance using these valve covers, in the higher rev range there's a new kind of nice engine thrum noise (hard to explain). Maybe just more volume to resonate?
  12. Check if the Speedo cable is actually turning at the Speedo end first! Disconnect it from the back of the Speedo. If you spin and push it into the cable housing you should feel it "lock" ok into the gearbox end. If it's just flapping about it could be broken. If you've got a stand just start the bike and put it in gear. See if the cable spins at the Speedo end. If it's the black ITI one, you can service them.... Just about. With replacement worm gears.
  13. Put on some Breva valve covers, I think it tidies up the spark plugs and leads. I stripped them and used a buffing wheel to brush the aluminium. That paint was surprisingly stubborn!
  14. I used a rotary tool to enlarge the lower kickstand mounting hole, this took a few goes to get to a point where the m6 bolt didn't squeak going in (I hate that noise). I also got a spare sump plate from Steve (on here somewhere!), I realised mine was warped, as holding the spare on a pane of glass there was no wobble, whereas mine could be rocked slightly from corner to corner. Those 2 things together have stopped my leak, so I am happy. Now to go out for a ride!
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