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  1. p6x

    Tank bag

    Since you brought it, I have noticed a significant difference with the motorcycling gear providers in the USA. When you check the popular sites, the search engines are limited to the recent bikes. Or, for those that do have a Moto Guzzi V11 configuration, the returned list is empty. One of the web site I used when I was in Europe has a search engine that can be configured to Moto Guzzi V11 Sport, including the year. Here's the returned list for Moto Guzzi V11 Sport year 2004; This is useful to check the references and find the equivalent in your local market. You could also orde
  2. p6x

    Tank bag

    Did you ever went for the Oxford tank bag? I am looking at purchasing a tank bag too. Problem is that I don't have the bike with me to try it on. So I need to make sure it is going to fit. I have found a tank bag from Givi on Amazon.it; said to be purposed for the Moto Guzzi V11 Le Mans; obviously the model is no longer available, but I found their newest model which has the exact same dimensions. https://www.revzilla.com/assets/0002/6504/givi_grt715_gravel_t_waterproof20_l_tank_bag.pdf
  3. You would need to take it up with the owner. I only translated it...
  4. I was browsing the classified adds in Italy, and I found this beauty. This is definitively a stunning example, and the narrative was not the usual copy paste... I thought that you guys may be interested! It all started with the V7 Sport: Fast! it was the first commercial motorcycle that really was capable to go over the 200 km/h (124 mph) mark. Powerful with a handling that immediately became legendary; the "formidable V7", as it was described in the adds of the time, only had one great handicap with respect to the competition: the brakes! Not that Moto Guzzi designers
  5. @Lucky Phil I believe that it was you, yesterday, who answered about an opinion that Guzzi was going to bring back the Le Mans using the 850 cc engine. The media I follow for Italian news are based in Italy. Those media are often lead by former motorcycle racers. My main source of information for anything Italian is Moto.it. There guys are my age, and they are just as passionate as we are about anything and everything motorcycle. They don't usually make click bait articles, and I came to respect their insider's views. Nico Cereghini, who was 17, that 55 years ago, and on a
  6. I wanted to delete text in a reply and I deleted the whole thread.... sorry for that.... I will put back the pictures tomorrow. I was answering Docc's question about the differences between the V85TT engine and the V7 III engine for 2021. It is "derived" from the V85TT, as it will comply with the EURO 5 pollution European protocol. Here is my source from Moto.it
  7. Wow.... if you got that done on a "no brakes" Harley, you are a hero! but it proves that it is just a matter of getting use to what you ride on.
  8. It feels "odd" to use a cruise control system on a bike... it somewhat infers with the idea of being free; as in having a direct link to ecstasy via the throttle. But I always follow advice. I will carry one, even if I don't use it.
  9. In Europe, previously, you could ride up to 125cc with just your car driver's license. You also need an endorsement nowadays. To me, the biggest ripoff is the obligation to get a so-called "inspection". Motorbike owners don't take risks with poorly maintained bikes, because their lives are at play. And to register the Le Mans in Texas, I need to get the inspection here. Even if it was already inspected in Florida.
  10. Thanks for the concern. I will only take my decision to ride back once I have got a taste of the Le Mans. I have looked at the UHaul option, but I do not have a car to tow it. And getting both does not make sense economically. If I can't ride it, I will get it shipped. I will look into the throttle lock, but this is something I have never used before. I usually don't incorporate accessories I am not familiar with. No need to make it more complicated. As for Covid-19, yes, this is a risk. I have escaped it so far, I take the risk seriously. The biggest hazard remains my
  11. I asked the guy I dealt with to verify the bike's status with the previous owner. And I told him about my intention to ride the bike back to Houston. They fixed a fuel leak at the petcock, said he. Otherwise, he said the bike was good to go...
  12. Foreground is Keira Knightley finding her marks on the bike before the shoot. Background is possibly the girl that will really ride the bike? Looking at the fixture, most of the shots involving Keira had the bike in tow?
  13. This was a consignment sale. I have asked the dealer to check the exact maintenance status with the previous owner, which I hope I will get to speak to once I get there. I asked for that information initially, but never got a clear answer. I am planning to have the bike inspected in Houston by MPH once its get here. I will make sure the bike is in perfect working order before I decide to ride it back. Fuel autonomy will be one of my initial concern. I will stop often and check how much fuel I have used to work out an average consumption. Hopefully, I will be able to quickly
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