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  1. For those of you unfamiliar with what the Monte Carlo means, watch this!!! no boring narrative, just the facts, and a back flip at the end....
  2. I protest about the nick name "Porkchops". How about Texas T-bone?
  3. @Kiwi_Roy Once I get the problem's root cause identified beyond doubt, and I want to thank all those who contributed opinions, I will update the original post with all the information. Thus, if anyone else faces a similar problem, they will be able to get all the information by reading a single post.
  4. @docc By winning the 2022 Monte Carlo Rally, Sebastien Loeb set a new record; oldest driver ever to win a WRC rally. He won 9 times the WRC world championship. Incidentally, Sebastien Ogier won 8 times so far, still in the race to get to nine this year, arrived 2nd at the 2022 Monte Carlo after leading, but had a puncture to give Loeb the win. It seems like when you are born, if they name you Sebastien, you are bound to become a talented rally driver? When you think about it, (Finland, Sweden, Norway) always were the countries producing the best rally drivers.
  5. And Sebastien Loeb won the 2022 WRC Monte Carlo Rally... at 47 years old and semi-retired.
  6. @Scud I received the book; I think I should be apt to share my opinion having experienced a lot of the topics first hand. I have been in both positions of leading and following; My upbringing was in a boarding school, boys only, and we would only leave the school during public holidays. I am talking about Elementary and High School. Not University. Then I joined a Military University as a civil, and did Military service. I joined Schlumberger after giving back my time, and worked in a lot of different places in the world. As a Supervisor/Lead Engineer, you would have local people under your command. There are some places in the world where a title does not make you a leader. I have been posted in countries where religion would determine your leaderhsip in a group. I also learned that age and seniority would grant you, or not the respect that you would hope to get. Visual appearance is also a factor of trust or mistrust or hatred. As I have not yet read the book, I don't know if you have touched on hurdles that come from nationality or gender. When I started my career in the oilfield, a lot of clients judged me based on my nationality. I also witnessed the difficulty of women making their way into leadership. in certain countries, you have to accept that only G.d leads and determines the outcome of whatever endeavor you embark upon. I do not know if you have studied these case scenarios during your research on leadership. Anyway, I will read the book and come back to you.
  7. @LowRyter This guy is one of the best there is with that kind of technology.
  8. Just because we have been debating females on motorbikes; the attempts of female to win on motorbike races have been unsuccessful so far. But if you have never heard about an exceptional lady driver who won against male counterparts, here's Michèle Mouton:
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