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  1. 104F felt here in Tejas... 40 degC. I wear the full PPE when I ride, and it really feels like you are being in a casserole....
  2. p6x

    V11 UK values

    @Paradiso your assessment of the Guzzi market is exact. To me, the Guzzi have drawn interest from connoisseurs, more than those people who suddenly decide to purchase a retro looking motorcycle. Even when I was a young lad, riding about from race track to the other in Europe, Guzzis were rare. Those who had them were "different". They are not considered "hype" motorcycles by the vast majority of riders. Besides, they lack a bit of the exposure of the major brands. They are no longer in the racing group, not even in SBK. So when you quote you own a Moto Guzzi, you get a polite nod, and sometimes a few circumstantial questions, nothing more. The V11 is not vintage enough to be sought after by the "non serious" purchasers. This may change. @Steve S you may consider not replacing your Ballabio, but adding a V85TT to it?
  3. With the picture taken from the top, I feel like you need a periscope to be able to look forward. Looks like your tank back is so high... lol...
  4. By the way, Noel and here, this is purely my opinion; For safety reasons, I would not install anything on my dash that I could not read at the flick of an eye. I would classify a GPS as a distraction, and on a motorbike, one second too many of your eyes off the road and you miss the guy changing lanes in front of you, or the curve radius suddenly tightening, or what not... May I suggest that you keep your GPS/Phone in your pocket, and you use a bluetooth audio connection. I use "waze". My Shark helmet is equipped with its specific Bluetooth audio. They are small speakers which are fitted exactly behind your ears. They are not in ears. Even with my ear plugs, I still get the directions from the Waze lady. Like this, I don't have to keep my eyes off the road at any time. Just a thought!
  5. Try Boonstraparts; it is a Netherlands specialist. You can dial your specific V11 in the filtering system. https://www.boonstraparts.com/en/part/sp-connect-moto-bundle-universal-phone-holder-l/000001146913 Take it with a grain of salt though. I mean, I was looking for a paddock stand for my Le Mans 2004. So I filtered V11 Le Mans 2004, and selected Paddock stand. I contacted their customer service to verify if they knew for certain it would fit my bike. And the answer was honest. They did not know. Which kind of defeat the purpose of the filters in the first place. They speak English and they are customer oriented. Since you are the only one who knows what kind of GPS or Phone size you want, I suggest you check them out. I purchased clipons bar end weight from them, and they arrived in a few days. And they do not charge you the VAT if you live outside of Europe. I mention this, because often sellers of new parts in Europe charge you the local taxes even when it is for export. They should not, but they do. For used parts, there aren't any VAT in Europe. The VAT is only paid once, when it is new.
  6. This is the thing; back in the days, there were plenty of motorcyclist. Seeing you stopped on the side of the road, they would stop and propose assistance. Any kind, including board and lodging sometimes. Those were the days.... just because you rode a bike. But that FM road I took from Burton yesterday, I did not cross a single car, nor did I see anybody in Dime Box. Only on my way back did I cross an 18 wheeler. I could be breaking down and staying on the side of the road, sweating forever....
  7. Indeed. If you use the 1/4" screw that hold the cluster, the brackets are pre-bent the wrong direction.
  8. It is no secret there that older stuff is coming back. Manufacturers are selling bikes that mimic the 70s, so NOS parts are available from Europe at cutthroat prices. I was never a big fan of BMWs. I always seemed to gravitate towards Italian production, until the arrival of the Japanese two strokes. It was just opportunistic to have a bike for sale just a few yards away. But the first moment of lust has gone, and I am just looking at the bike which has not moved from its resting space.
  9. The guy selling it owns a company which is in foreclosure. According to him, this bike was given to him, no title. My Guzzi shop told me they could probably harvest a tank and a seat, for about $700, but they said this is only the tip of the iceberg. The expenses can be hidden in what is not known, and when all costs have been considered, you get to the price of a running one. Besides, NADA proposes 1500 for one in a "fair" status. This one is not even running, and missing parts. It is obvious the seller has no clue, or if he does, then he is unreasonable.
  10. My Formotion instruments have arrived; sadly, they don't glow in the dark. Now is the time when I need to figure out how I will affix them.
  11. This is what I am worried about, which was a worry I had back in the 70's when I was riding in Europe. Then, gas stations were not self serve, and past a certain hour, they would be closed. Riding a two stroke engine which had even less autonomy than yesterday's Guzzi was always like rolling the dices of uncertainty. And if you are from that era, all we had were Michelin maps, no GPS and no App telling us where the next open fuel station would be located. I remember times when I slept on my bike, at the pump, waiting for the station to open in the morning. In Texas, as long as you are following a highway, you have gas station aplenty. Once you switch to FM roads (Farm to Market), the same cease to be true. That worries me a bit, because I had some ambition in doing some trips in part of Texas where fuel is far apart. If you go to Big Bend Park, once inside the park, you have miles and miles of road, and no gas. There is a gas station at the entrance of the park, but you will need to make it last.
  12. This was my thought too. But I have to surrender to the evidence; I only got 170 miles out of my almost exclusively highway ride yesterday. Albeit at higher revs than initially anticipated. I go with the flow.
  13. As in my previous reply to @Lucky Phil, taking the trip meter into account is a hit or miss so far. Or at least for me. I am yet to have established a proper gas consumption chart that I can relate to mileage. However, I am satisfied that for my first "low gas" warning, the remaining volume in the tank matched Guzzi's prediction and as far as I can see, what you guys are getting from a full gas tank too. The external temperature has to be a factor too.
  14. I am happy to have it confirmed, because I was wondering if there was something not right with that low glow. I had to move my head like those lizards to make sure it was even there in the first place. The trip meter would be my guide, however yesterday's ride was variegated in terms of rpm. The last leg was with the hammer down, and that would have inferred with the overall consumption. I really did not know what to expect. But I am glad that ghost light came on at the time it did. Although I knew how many miles had gone by, I really did not know what kind of mileage per gallon to expect. I have done a lot of tests and I thought it was better than the 39 mpg I got yesterday. So far, riding around H'town, I always had been around the 43 mark. I have so far always let mine warm up on the stand. I start it, and then go and get dressed. But I am well aware the most efficient warming of an engine is not idling it in neutral. This is only for convenience.
  15. Riding back from Dime Box, the reserve light came on. I almost missed it, because it was really pale. I had to modify my vision angle to verify that it was actually lit. I stopped at a gas station, and it is definitively difficult to see when it is lit. Compared to the neutral and oil pressure. Is it the same on your Guzzi? or does the intensity increases as you deplete the rest of the tank? I only had 1.109 Gal left which I guess means I saw it more less at the time it came on.
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