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  1. @buellish1 I do not know Marietta, however I would like to say this; the objective is to purchase a V100. Marietta is likely to have some to sell, providing Moto Guzzi decides to commercialize it in the USA. Nothing prevents you from purchasing the MG from Marietta, and get it maintained by a trustworthy shop. We do not necessarily need to maintain our motorbike at the dealership we purchased it from. The label "good service" has become illusory today. It is actually based upon the guy who is going to work on your motorcycle. The way it works, dealership usually have a single knowledgeable guy, most of the mechanics carrying the work are "helpers". I am not implying that it is wrong to learn "on the job". This used to be the norm when I was growing up, and to some extent, this is how I learned myself. But then, I went to a specific shool and got the theory and the understanding of the technology. Not something you get from general studies. When you talk about about good service, I imagine this is not oil change related. The easy stuff, the knowledgeable technician is not going to do that. The rules of warranty stipulate that any dealership has to correct a defect on your motorcycle. While it makes sense that the guy you gave your money to should have the morale obligation, you should get the same treatment at any Moto Guzzi dealership. For the purpose of this conversation, we are going to assume your friend's V100 will never require any major repair under warranty. The risk to go as close as you can to get one should be minimal? If you had a serious issue, MPH here would probably be able to take care of it under warranty. I will check with them. I have been behind the front desk many times, and I have seen how they work. My only concern is how much more are they going to be alive.... hopefully, longer than myself. Yes, Georgia is not exactly next door to H'town, but at least you have one good option.
  2. FYI I contacted the Sardinerie "La Quiberonnaise" to see if I could order some; Quiberon is similar to Galveston. Although it is linked naturally to the continent, not by a causeway. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quiberon
  3. When I traveled through Bergen, I discovered yet one more variation to breakfast. It is very interesting how breakfast food varies depending on the country.
  4. In all fairness, I would not use anything that happened twenty years ago to guess the future... It seems to me, and I may be wrong, that Moto Guzzi is a "niche" brand. We carry it here, but we are motorcycle enthusiasts as far as I can tell, and when I looked at the pictures of the Moto Guzzi gathering in Italy, I see guys representing the same age segment :-( Without Piaggio, I am guessing Moto Guzzi would perhaps be like Benelli.
  5. Sorry, just to make sure I understood, are you referring to the V100? the model that has just been revealed by Guzzi? If this is indeed the model your friend wants to make a deposit on, it maybe wise to wait until EICMA end of November 2021, to find out more about Piaggio's intention. Given the production capacity of MG, I would not expect it to show up in the USA that quickly; and of course, that is if they intend to have it distributed here. How close are you to Marietta Ga? https://vespamarietta.com/Brands/Manufacturer-Models/Model-List/Moto-Guzzi/Motorcycles
  6. @Lucky Phil Back in my racing days, we used to do what was then called a carburetion's imaging: but that was with two strokes engine... We would do one run at full charge, shut down the engine and determine the jetting based on the spark plug coloration. A very crude way of getting the best fueling based on the local atmospheric conditions. I am guessing the 3000 rpm V11 stutter is there to stay then...
  7. I lived in Argentina from 2003 until 2008.... Tango is not something easy to master; besides you can only Tango properly with someone who knows how to dance it well not withstanding that person and you need to have danced it together... On the other hand, you can Waltz with just anybody as long as you understand 3/4.
  8. Could the infamous 3000 rpm hiccup be geographically driven? Why no issue at greater throttle openings? There isn't an hygrometer sensor part of the circuit, correct? Say you are living somewhere with high temperatures, and high humidity; therefore your mixture has more water vapor for the given volume, less room for oxygen. So you would need more fuel to obtain the same combustion efficiency. If the ECU mapping does not allow for more fuel to compensate for the poorer oxygen mixture, then you get the cough? This would explain why I don't seem to see the problem when the air is cooler, even if the humidity is the same. Water vapor, or the dew point is inferior, so less water vapor means more oxygen, better combustion? Do people living in cold places have that 3000 rpm hiccup?
  9. Well, I also need to slightly alter my starting procedure. The best result is achieved when you crack open the throttle AFTER you start cranking. Warm engine procedure; start with closed throttle, and open a tad while cranking. As for the "tractor" association, it goes back to 1976. I was in the army, and the extreme drought affected animal feed. My regiment was seconded to farmers to harvest hay that could be sent to those that did not have any pasture for their cows. We got distributed to farms, and helped loading hay on trailers tractor pulled. This is when I discovered that being a farmer had two major advantages: -they seem to always have wine available throughout the day. -farmer girls know their way around hay in more ways than one would initially think.... Both above perks helped with the amount of blisters I got from using a pitching fork....
  10. I doubt they could put Asterix on anything without paying a lot of money to the copyright owners. Besides, I like that an obscure little artisan that produces sardines in tin foil boxes made the effort to put a Guzzi in the picture.
  11. If you read the narrative, they are celebrating the one hundred years of operation of the brand, and as in the quote above, they wanted to "wink" at a prestigious Italian brand going through their centennial this year.
  12. Something special to offer to a Guzzi love.... and cheap too; 6.00 Eur taxes included. https://www.laquiberonnaise.fr/sardines-millesimees/235-sardines-a-l-huile-d-olive-sans-arete-millesimees.html
  13. I understand splotchy. Are you in the medical industry? I used to be a diver, and splotchy is a term that we used when someone has botched his decompression stages. This is reflected in a "splotchy" skin.
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