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    Harpers ??

    Curtis has an analog era motorcycle shop, & thank God he does. I’ve had friends that ordered parts from an Italian manufacturer and he never got the order filled. But he has sold me oil gaskets & maintenance items with no problem. He also found a new old stock mud guard upstairs for my 01 Rosso, for cheaper than the scratched up salvage yard price.
  2. The museum was the best part of the video.
  3. What a story Bill even for your high standards. SR 62 to Mt Olivet is a northern KY ridge road made for a V-twin, nothing short of brilliant, fun to ride. Glad to hear you had another successful mutton run. By chance did you eat at Old Hickory or Moonlite while in town?
  4. Brings back good memories of my original V11 Sport.
  5. 1996 Moto Guzzi Sport 1100 in Blue... https://bgky.craigslist.org/search/mca?query=moto guzzi sport 1100#search=1~gallery~0~0
  6. It’s also worth noting that Moto Guzzi currently offers its full line of motorcycles for sale in China—including the V85TT. In the past, the Piaggio Group has vigorously and assiduously defended its copyrights in courts of law—including pursuing scooter designs that it felt infringed upon Vespa designs. We don’t know what’s going to happen in this case, but it might be worth keeping an eye on in the future.
  7. Eric- I had a similar issue at the sKSR riding behind Josh on the v7, I was on the Rosso.
  8. Docc, administer the snake bite kit STAT 🥃🐝🦟
  9. The late Terry Whitaker & Maggie used to ride two up on his “new” 2002 Lemans. They rode that way with camping gear & Hepco Beckers. That’s only example I know of riding two up on a spine frame Sport.
  10. Docc, 180 Wolf Pen Gap Rd from Suches to 129 is a great road too…..
  11. Docc, don’t forget the snake bite kit…… Woodford Reserve Double Oaked 🥃…..
  12. Saturday, 68 south turns into 5, then 60 to Suches, then 19/60 through Delonega, turn left on 60 (only), the turn left on 129 all the way back to Murphy. As I remember, 129 in GA has a really good section of curvy roads, sort of the southern Deals Gap of 129. It may be more fun because the turns aren’t as technically tight. Anyways, the motorcycle riding (not the view) is possibly better than the Cherohala. Also pretty sure we will ride past some water falls along the way. With a high of 81F, it should be about perfect. Can’t wait Docc/Bill!
  13. Audiomick, it’s sort of Grappa with your coffee ☕️ for breakfast, bourbon 🥃 for lunch, dinner and happy hour.
  14. Docc, Looks like Carabinieri from the Italian national police force will be attending the South'n Spine Raid.
  15. For those that have never been or it’s been a long time since you attended a South’n Spine Raid. It’s not too late to make plans to attend! It will be an epic weekend of Moto Guzzi tech sessions, bourbon 🥃 and riding the beautiful motorcycle roads of Tennessee and North Georgia. There are many places to stay in Tellico Plains if the The Lodge at Tellico is full.
  16. I don’t always have time to ride. But when I do, I prefer the South‘N Spine Raid.
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