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  1. As others have mentioned, red-frames originally came with 170s, but I've run a 160 on mine for as long as I can remember. As others have stated, the 160 is better suited for the 4.5" wheel. Anything wider is purely cosmetic. __Jason
  2. I finally got around to trying to mount the SW-motech ring on my Sport. I went into it knowing that the tank's chin pad was going to cause some resistance, but I simply couldn't get it to work at all. Even with a quick bodge job of shimming up the front of the ring a bit, the bag-side mechanism simply refuses to gain purchase on the tank ring. Even with me trying to coerce it with nearly all my body weight. I guess if I want to use it, I'm going to have to invest the time into a more substantial shim job. Why does it seem that nothin's ever easy, when all you want to be is lazy! ๐Ÿ˜ก __Jason
  3. jtucker

    New Tenni

    That would be my guess. Or, they simply ran out of left-facing eagle decals and didn't feel like having more made up. The left-facing eagle was sort of an odd one, given that the "standard" version faces right, regardless of where the logo appears. Note that not ALL Sport 1100s ended up with the rear-facing eagle... just those produced during a particular time window (it seems... actually, I'm not sure about that). Its also possible that they had some branding person decide that the only "valid" logo was the typical right-facing one. Just another one of many Mandello Mysteries. __Jas
  4. jtucker

    New Tenni

    They even featured the (left side) rear-facing eagle in the Sport 1100 brochure...
  5. jtucker

    New Tenni

    As I'm starting to notice signs of ethanol exposure on my tank, I've started thinking more and more about getting an alloy tank made up as well for my Sport. If I did, I'm on the fence as to whether to have it painted to match the silver on the rest of my bike, or keep the natural alloy color (not polished). I'm having trouble picturing what a natural alloy tank would look like on my bike, in my mind's eye. My fear is that it would be too close to the rest of the silver and look "off", whereas on a bike with more contrasting body panels, the alloy color looks pretty nice. __Jason
  6. jtucker

    New Tenni

    Not entirely true... for a while, it was common for the factory to place the decal facing backwards... but that was typically on the left side of the tank, while the right side faced forward. But yeah, IMHO it does look better when facing forward __Jason
  7. I thought it was just to keep the starter warm - a "starter cozy". ๐Ÿ˜‚ __Jason
  8. I believe I'm experiencing some of that paint bubbling myself. On the bottom edge of the tank, above where the throttle bodies live. Only really noticeable when you're down low and looking up at the tank, so I haven't been too worried about it... yet. Looks like a bunch of small bumps, like a rash. __Jason
  9. I'm not sure, to be honest. I've heard some people posit that a manufacturing flaw in the head could potentially create a "hot spot", and lead to pre-ignition problems. But then again, a bad carbon deposit could potentially create the same symptoms. All I know is that prior to the engine work, mine pinged pretty reliably on heavy throttle, and after the rebuild... it stopped doing that, which seems to imply that the compression alone couldn't have been causing it. __Jason
  10. Also keep in mind that in different parts of the world, octane is measured differently. Unless I'm mistaken, in NZ the octane reported at the pump is the RON value only. While here in the US, octane is calculated as (RON + MON)/2. So, what you find as 100 octane in NZ would actually be somewhere around 95 octane here in the US. Original compression ratio on the V11 Sport was something like 9.5:1, which I think was bumped to 9.8:1 on later bikes, neither of which seem particularly high to me (an Aprilia RSV4 is 13.6:1 for comparison). My 2000 Sport used to ping quite a lot, regardless of whi
  11. If you're unable to find a source for a carbon starter cover to match the rest of the carbon, then I would just omit it. Frankly, even if you DID find a carbon starter cover, I would still omit it. I never understood the purpose of this item, and to my eye, the starter cover just looks like an out-of-place bolt-on anyway. Just my 2ยข. __Jason
  12. This entire thread seems to be based on a false conception, which Phil finally set right. High octane is the exact opposite of "extra bang". In fact, if your engine is indeed "banging", well that could be and indicator that you need extra octane. And unless your engine is heavily modified (such as with significantly higher compression than stock), then the correct octane would be the level specified in the owner's manual. The ethanol issue is another story... __Jason
  13. I did have something like that made. It's not magnetic, though - hence the magnets on the oil filter instead. __Jason
  14. The issue with mine, however, is that in order to fit the deep-V sump to a V11 sport, I had to modify what would have been the drain plug to accept the breather return. So, in effect, my sump has no drain plug at all anymore - which means, no magnetic plug is possible. I used to detach the breather return to drain. More recently, I've started using a vacuum pump to simply suck the old oil out through the fill hole. __Jason
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