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  1. Yup.......... I think that might have been me. Course that was after acquiring quite a few rare Guzzis ago
  2. Hi all............ was wondering if anyone might have or know where to find the black perimeter edge piping that goes around the edge of the V-11 sport windshields? I need one. Thx in advance.
  3. So not that I'm trying to undermine this particularly RARE an beautiful machine ......... Buy is the Scura R in factory livery pretty much a Coppa configuration with special red seat and pad with factory black finish (including valve covers) and decals. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Ciao
  4. I would like one of each please. Will pay in Gold or Bit Coin as needed. Those color combos are just amazing. Ciao
  5. I have done a few over the years as well............ The big trick on these is saving the very hard to duplicate finish on the wheel. Ciao
  6. OK.............. so no one has a decent 5.5 wheel for consideration??
  7. Oh thank God I'm not alone in these thoughts................. for the love of !!! can they just be a little bit careful with these pieces please. Ciao
  8. Yup I saw that one on ebay as well as the Coppa/Cafe Sport wheel that unfortunately they broke off a few studs that hold the brake rotor. What a shame.
  9. You got it Phil............. Its all in those little details. Ciao
  10. I've got to find a way to get out of this communist country so we can share some stories and ride some miles ............
  11. Ahhh Doc. I've done this before and it all worked out so well.
  12. Good evening all. Was wondering if anyone has or would know of a V-11 Sport rear wheel 5.5 with or without rotor in very good condition that might be had? Please PM me or other. Ciao
  13. That's a beauty.. If you don't mind me asking who did the color match on the belly cowl? Ciao
  14. Just lurking here Gentlemen................ If those are premium and will work on 2000 to 2004 V-11 Sport models I will need some of those please. Ciao
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