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  1. Oh and yes it is a carbon for a Spiny....V11 in like new condition. As well as a carbon plate surround for U.S size plates.
  2. Reply sent thanks for your interest. Rim is a brand new hoop ( Kineo ) for Stelvio supplied due to scratched original. I believe one rim laced with hub is around $1300.00 U.S So I am entertaining offers at this point....
  3. More stuff.... Ciao
  4. Hi all... well cleaning out the shop and was wondering if anyone can use any of these items some like new. If you do let me know and or make me an offer. Ciao
  5. Twin AH

    Twin AH

  6. Well said Doc..... Just love my Spines Ciao
  7. Another really good man to know when dealing with these machines would be Micha who used to work at MI in Seattle he did all of my work on the spine frames. Anyone know how to get a hold of him.....I had his # in my phone but of course it welded and lost everything. Ciao
  8. You must know me by now..... all factory for my Spinys.
  9. Hey Docc. Well if all else fails..... I'm hoping
  10. Thx Al. Mine has many imperfections so it will need complete repaint. Any idea of where I might get the color code for that wheel color? I don't want to have to do the front in order to match up the two perfectly. Regards.
  11. Hi all. Was wondering if anyone out there in V-11 land would be able to answer these questions definitively? 1 - Are the dark grey wheels on the 2002-05 V-11 a paint or a powder coat? 2 - Does anyone have the paint color code for the wheel for a factory match? Thx in advance. Ciao
  12. The only M/G cover I ever owned and have ever seen as specific was for my first Goose which was a B-11 Let me know if you find one for the V-11 sports... that would be a good find. Ciao
  13. Twin AH

    V-11 rear wheel

    Hi all. Still on the lookout for a very clean 5.5 blk rear wheel for the V-11. Any and all. Thx in advance. Ciao
  14. Well done.... Did the same with all of my spinney's. Ciao
  15. Well spoke with Curtis today..... came up with a big fat zero on all in regards to R/M decals(discontinued no supply) and paint codes. Look after all those precious V-11s out there boys and girls its going to be a rough one to get things back to factory if you happen to ball one up while having some fun. Ciao for now.
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