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  1. Congrats and welcome. If you ever find yourself over on the mainland feel free to contact me. Enjoy........... keep in mind they can be an acquired taste. Ciao
  2. That is very interesting.......... I'm wondering if the fix in North America was a little different that those in Europe? Ciao
  3. You don't know me do you.................. Ciao
  4. Thx gentleman. Understood on all comments but for better or worse my present stable and interests lie in relatively unmolested very close if not original low mileage examples as they are all exercised regularly and in good order. Its just my special and unique kind of sickness............ at least that's what my Wife says. I'm finding it very interesting that no one appears to have an original Tenni from the factory that has good cases........ as stated before I have seen with my own eyes machines of that year and era that are virtually blemish free with one having over 80,000 klms Will continue my pursuit. Any and all please contact me.
  5. .......... They have to be out there somewhere. I'm a believer.
  6. V-11............ not the others.
  7. I'm going to add to my pile of quests........... anyone know of a pristine Tenni that might be gotten? Ciao
  8. Thx Doc. I will be looking forward to some day meeting you and the other dedicated Spiny lovers. Ciao
  9. True fact Doc. I as well as others would be all over that in SoCal location. So what's your recipe for a successful raid by the way? Ciao
  10. Jesus Doc. We need a satellite SSR in New Mexico or Colorado or something for all us Westerners............ Even if I took the slab me and the boys would be 5000 K one way. Not lookin for any sympathy........ just sayin.
  11. No one on this Continent that would entertain parting with theirs? Thx in advance.
  12. From my conversations with MI when they were functioning the factory fix was satin cases which was an aesthetic eyesore as well IMHO Ciao
  13. Thx for that but there is nothing like the real thing however............... Ciao
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