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  1. Oh and based of what I have seen and been told.... the factory fix for those that pursued it back then were New cases prepped with the new satin finish. Which looked horribly mismatched in my humble OCD opinion...... Ciao
  2. Yes it does seem a little strange as I have seen a few over the years and have never seen a Tenni for some reason that does not have some or major finish issues on the engine cases. Regards; PS; still looking forward to finding or hearing of an owner with a Tenni that has not been effected.
  3. Holy crap Chuck..... you must have got a good one for sure. Thx for that. Ciao
  4. Wow 28K with original case paint? That's amazing as well as promising. Have not however seen or heard of any Tennis without issues regardless of mileage?? And yes I am aware of the factory fix with the satin finish unless they offered a rare few with a wrinkle finish re&re.
  5. Interesting.... Anyone have a Tenni that has not started to bubble to badly?
  6. Thx for that Rosso. Actually not sure that applies to all of those as I have seen 2002s with as much as 6000 mls with no blemishes to speak of but I have seen many with as little as 1600 mls and their finish is completely destroyed?? At first I thought it might have something to due with heat cycles but now..... That's why I was wondering if any of the members with the Tenni in particular own one where the cases are still in good condition if they could forward or PM with mileage. Ciao
  7. Greetings all..... was wondering if anyone has or knows of any V 11 tennis that have a wrinkle finish on their cases that have remained in good condition. I am curious as it seems all I have seen have been in a very poor state. Yet I have seen other models of that era that appear to be in a very good condition. Ciao
  8. PM sent as well...…. I live near you. Left text #
  9. Carbons or metal blacks? Ciao
  10. You would be looking for a dark grey 4.5 for factory spec correct? Ciao
  11. Oh and yes it is a carbon for a Spiny....V11 in like new condition. As well as a carbon plate surround for U.S size plates.
  12. Reply sent thanks for your interest. Rim is a brand new hoop ( Kineo ) for Stelvio supplied due to scratched original. I believe one rim laced with hub is around $1300.00 U.S So I am entertaining offers at this point....
  13. More stuff.... Ciao
  14. Hi all... well cleaning out the shop and was wondering if anyone can use any of these items some like new. If you do let me know and or make me an offer. Ciao
  15. Twin AH

    Twin AH

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