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  1. Yup there's a few things alright. Does anyone know what that black line is running down the side of the case?...Vent tube by the looks of it but not standard routing I don't think. Ciao
  2. Yup that's the one phil. Appears they wont ship to north America?? Ciao
  3. Have been posting on the other forums and thought I might check in with you folks as well. Considering a Centauro sport. Would be looking for one as usual low mileage ,excellent condition unmolested. If any one of you might know of such a creature would be good to hear from you. PM or other. Ciao
  4. Agreed..... I once heard the saying... ( Just take a little care in what you are doing ) Also one to remember and I agree on.... doesn't matter what you choose to do in life, Just make sure you are very good at it. Ciao
  5. Just thought you would have things in order if you were offering items mentioned for sale is all...……. you got back to me pretty quick as a rule over the last little while. Good luck with the sale. PS. Oh and I did reply with an offer as per your request.... not sure why you wouldn't have received? Ciao
  6. Hi Surj. Was hoping you might respond to my PM as you requested as soon as you can please. Thx in advance.
  7. Yup me thinks that might be the way Rox. Ciao
  8. Yes that's the material as well as the seat and pad. That looks to be off a Café Sport. Ciao
  9. Sorry bout that confusion..... what I'm looking for is the little pad that bolts to the cowl assembly. It was covered in two different materials from the factory....1- textured black vinyl...2- Black carbon smooth to the touch. I'm looking for the Carbon covered one #2 And yes I may be in a situation where I will acquire a regular textured blk one and then see if I can then locate the proper carbon vinyl texture to match the factories original that was also used on some of the seats..... that should be fun as well. Anyone? Ciao
  10. Checked with Curtis on this side and says no longer available? If some one finds one of those cowl bum stop pads in carbon look covering would be good of you to let me know. Ciao
  11. Sent reply yesterday have not heard back? Left text as well. Ciao
  12. Hey Emerald Thx for that.... yes I have been looking around for a while and appears those little suckers are hard to come by in the factory carbon covering. Is the one he's offering factory new carbon covered? And ya Doc nasty $$ Thx in advance.
  13. Good morning all. Not to try and cannibalize Foots post but I am looking for a Factory Ti-Exhaust system complete if possible but will consider part of the system as well. Any and all you can PM with pics will be greatly appreciated. Ciao
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