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  1. Sent email........... Thx Tom. PS. Yes I have purchased numerous items including V-11 chins from GB Thx. Ciao
  2. Lady's and Gentlemen............ I'm still looking for the Carbon pieces....V-11 Sport starter cover and chin cover (Same one that's on the Scura) Thx for any assistance in locating these items in advance. Ciao
  3. Nope........... all good now for as fast as needed. Who would have thought. Ciao
  4. OK.... Update for those that care. Disassembled the whole mess again and checked everything. Through tests found that for what ever reason the original routing had all of a sudden been to aggressively sharp a bend on the final up to base of speedo??? Played with the routing all the way and now needle is dead calm from 0 to 60 mph Ciao
  5. Very good thx for all that. I will dive into this further then. Ciao
  6. Greetings all.......... so finished replacing the speedo cable complete with a new one on a friends machine as the needle was bouncing until you reached around 50 mph then it started to settle down?? Its the angle drive Veglia white face unit...... anyway that did not fix the problem as its still doing it. Any ideas of what it may be from those that have had similar issues in the past? PS low mileage machine and everything else in the gauge seems to work fine. Thx in advance. Ciao
  7. Not the original Stucchi design. And not color matched. Ciao
  8. Agree........... any color would probably work.
  9. That's a beauty shot of your Tenni. I know its not for everyone but I think it finishes them off nicely. Anyone have a Green one I can acquire feel free to contact me.
  10. Yes I believe that's the one.......... does yours have the factory match green or did you paint one up? Just curious as it looks like you did to yours as I did by sheeting the factory cutouts with a metal mesh. You wouldn't happen to know of anyone who might have one like that that they would part with would you? I'm looking for one as well as the factory carbon tank pad that comes with the Scura as well as a Carbon starter cover. Thx in advance.
  11. Greetings fellow enthusiasts. Was wondering if any one out there has a V-11 Greenie with the color matched Stucci sump cowl installed? I remember Harpers had them available as well as the Tenni color matched for the Griso years ago. I would have thought there would have been quite a few acquired over the years but I have never seen a machine with one mounted??? with the acception of my Tenni Griso years ago but have not seen that one ever since. Thx in advance. Ciao
  12. Thx for that all........ and yes I'm going to retain the services of our local race suspension shop in the spring and see if we can get this sorted. Ciao
  13. Thx for that Moto...... Any one out there have a Ohlins premium sprung 8V Griso? Would be interested in your take. PM if you need too; Ciao
  14. Thx for that all......... no I would not be the one to break up and cannibalize a perfectly good V-11 Sport for the suspension.That being said I have often wondered if there was any sense in transplanting those wonderfull Ohlins goodies from a Sport to the Griso SE. I will be tackling this issue this winter as I ride with three other individuals that also are in the process of trying to make these machines handle better. I will start with rubber........... any thoughts on premium Ohlins complete rear shock assy and Ohlins internals for the stock legs on the SE? Would be good to
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