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  1. thx Pete. I will check with Mark this week. And yes your probably correct on that thought.......... last time I was at Wolfgang's shop the phone was ringing quite regularly ( who would have thought) Ciao
  2. Unmolested examples are truly rare............... Ciao
  3. Anyone have or know where I might acquire a in good shape used left side plate for 1200 Sport or Norge. Any and all please. Ciao
  4. Its refreshing to see there are proper Coppa Italia's out there. Ciao
  5. Twin AH

    Daytona 1000

    Yup.............. that engine is really something. But does take time to become one with.
  6. That is shitty....................... Regards to his and all. Was looking forward to meeting the man one day. Ciao
  7. None of my business of course but are you moving on to another manufacturer or? Just due to all the parts for sale recently. Ciao
  8. Good on ya............ looks like that one has a few aftermarket items. Ciao
  9. That one on the right looks like a fan cooled unit. I have two American made metal fan drivers in my Stelvio for years with no issues just for the record is all. PS ,,,, they weren't cheap.
  10. Its good to know that some are reading between the lines...............
  11. Yup........... we are. Congrats on the acquisition. Ciao
  12. Any way of acquiring a print of this some where? thx in advance
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