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  1. Morning all..... was wondering if anyone might know of where a New M/G Ti racing exhaust kit with ecu for 2002 Spiney might be located? Thx in advance.
  2. Twin AH


    That is going to be a stunner...… and if it sounds anything like the RS with a set of Staintunes its going to be awesome. Send me picks when completed. PS Is the motor and trans complete and from what model?
  3. Hmm where to start..... the Spineys alone are all such unique machines to ride. So even if you compiled a small collection of certain models it would be like owning and riding a completely different machine each time IMHO. Enjoy Ciao PS. I've got to get out more LOL
  4. Yes I'm thinking the same..... possibly three different greys. The other is the flat super soft grey used on the RM. Ciao
  5. Yup those are pretty. Well done Ciao
  6. Yup.... that's a beauty EH! 500 some odd klms and I think I'm diggen the LED head light assy. Ciao
  7. Yes they did come with Ohlins. And for those that care that particular machine is far from factory correct as I'm sure a lot of you know. Ciao
  8. Twin AH

    Tenni unmolested

    Greetings all. Was wondering if there would be any custodians of a V-11 Tenni in pristine unmolested condition interested in parting with? Ciao Please feel free to PM me
  9. Thx very much for that …...Made a few calls to some of the suggested vendors for repair of said gauges and was told they would not be interested in working on them?? Does anyone have a failed unit that could be dissected to show the proper area of the gauge that needs surgery? At present I don't but if there is a failure which I'm sure there will be one day I will donate to the cause if needed. Thoughts? Dale
  10. I have the same curiosity.....have a /04 and /05 one with DUR the other with ITI??
  11. Has anyone opened up one of these for a re and re of the faulty component? Or is it not possible to repair them in any way. Ciao
  12. That is very nice.... Congrats. Ciao
  13. So what do you think such a creature would be worth? Just curious. Ciao
  14. Well boys I hear ya on all that Guzzi color match stuff. Another painful program is color matching any of the V-11 wheels …. now that's painful LOL. Ciao
  15. Oh and based of what I have seen and been told.... the factory fix for those that pursued it back then were New cases prepped with the new satin finish. Which looked horribly mismatched in my humble OCD opinion...... Ciao
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