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  1. Yes, know- not knob. Thought I'd edited it. Been working on some Glenfiddich my brother gave me for my 65th BDay. First gift I can recall that he ever gave me.
  2. Yeah, maybe it is a screw, I was in Colorado at the time.
  3. Must've been scotch. Look for the "knob".
  4. My 98 EV has a little knob to richen it. If I set in the Colorado it will backfire in Oklahoma.
  5. The Racetech Gold Valves are replacements for cartridge forks while the Gold Valve Emulators are installed on conventional forks, hence "emulators".
  6. I've done the Racetech package (gold valves and springs )on my 1998 Suzuki Bandit. Made a big difference. It's still not as good as my Sport with stock suspension. I think the V11 fork is a little stiff was stiff on my 2001. Made huge difference just to soften it with the adjusters.
  7. Despite what Pete sez, it'll beat the shit out any standard fare Harley (I'll admit that I haven't ridden the new Softail line). Think Harley ergos with better handling , brakes and balance and 2500 more rpms. Yeah, I've ridden some hot Harley but they shake, have no ground clearance, etc., etc. It's hard to get passed Harley ergos. I have hard time believing the 1400 won't be around in some form.
  8. If it rattles, that means the counterweight has come loose. And just won't show RPMs. I took mine apart with a hose clamp and filed down paint can opener. It was tougher getting it back on after I got it off. I just epoxied the weight back on. If it is showing consistent but wrong readings and doesn't rattle, I'd look at electronics causes as mentioned above.
  9. Saturday forecast is for rain in the morning and clearing during the day. Cooler weather. It should be clear for BBQ dinner
  10. I've been successful once. That's when the filter backed off and lost pressure. I tried to use the manhole for my first oil change and kept cross threading it attempting to reinstall it. Subsequently, I took the pan off.
  11. wish I'd known you a couple years ago
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