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  1. call Don at Motiv Cycleworks http://www.motivcycleworks.com/
  2. this is the view looking at the right side and behind the tranny ...you can see the speedometer drive
  3. I already mentioned the transmission bracket and sloppage plate on WG. Also gave you the website for the tranny bracket. Make sure both accomplished, so that you won't fry the engine nor crack the tranny case. I've only done the latter.
  4. All V11 Sports and Lemans are beautiful, even the ones sold new in primer. Greenies are the prettiest, no doubt fastest. This Rosso is a pretty bike with lots of stuff with it, even though it's no Greenie.
  5. the plugs on the Stop and Go kit comes with no cement or tubes. The plugs are gummy.
  6. The California wheels are different widths and diameter than the V11.
  7. LowRyter

    3mm wrench

    this along with tire plug kit, extra relay, fuses, tool kit, rags, cleaner, fuses, etc
  8. I need advil after reading this.
  9. Agree Mikko. I think Chuck said the spineframes were the last of the Guzzis. I think they have all the tools to build a nice new LeMans but haven't and may not ever. And if they do, will they get it right or make the customers fix it out the door?
  10. Like Pete said, they've had the damn thing for a month, didn't put the part on the bike after all this and then returned it back to Kevin. Kevin wants to take it to the rally in Wisconsin. Apparently Piaggio has thrown these defective parts on a half dozen different models and it's all over the 'net. Funny thing is Kev owns a bevy of bikes. He got rid of his Cal 1400 Tourer because it ran doggy and then was knocked out about how much better the El Do ran (?). I was surprised when he said that his Cal 14 didn't run any better than his Electra Glide. So I am guessing he hasn't the best experience with Guzzis. I have no idea what was wrong with his Cali. I am so off on new Guzzis that I ended up getting a Ducati. I suppose I took the arsenic instead of the cyanide? At least it's prettier and faster.
  11. My Cali runs a little hot the left side. Just because. Sometimes you'll notice it on some Guzzis. No particular reason, although left side works hard than the right cylinder.
  12. Think I'll have some wine this evening too, I am heading to a favorite Italian haunt for Carbonara.
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