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  1. Okla Campout, usually Columbus Day weekend. Talihina OK. Bigfoot country, Talimena Scenic Dr. I wish that Guzzi had a European Delivery Program and a bike worth getting there.
  2. Luckily I've had my shots. I've read that Vitamin D is definite plus in regard to helping with severe symptoms and could help with resistance.
  3. as I posted above, "A Political Blues" (Little Feat with Mick Taylor). But they're all good.
  4. Hence, getting a new sender on my EV.
  5. I can't be certain but am pretty sure I saw George with Zappa about '75. Frank's bands were talented and very tight. There's something really pure about piano, bass and drum trio. I like trios whether they're a rock power trio or an acoustic jazz combo. Three players allow everyone to stretch their talent and each get a lead in the show and they know each other so well to be really tight at the same time. With three players, no one can hide. You gotta be good.
  6. The fuel light on mine would come on at 130-140 mile range. I can't tell you anymore since the odo reset stem fell out of my speedometer. I've declined to buy another one and relying on the light now. BTW- I purchased a replacement fuel level sensor for my EV and the replacement comes on about 20 miles fewer than the old one did. I just keep that in mind and know I have a few more miles of gas.
  7. I've read lots about Vit D and have been taking it for the last 6 months. I took melatonin for many years to assist with sleep and insomnia but found it useless and could tell no difference taking it or not. I've not heard about this or zinc being of help with the virus. I'll look into it but luckily, I've had my shots.
  8. Shifting can be reluctant at times. Typically 4th-5th shifts are crunchy on my bike. The key is to make the shift more deliberate and not as quickly. I have had a couple of rides where it would miss about every other shift and grind. About the time I called the shop, it shifted fine. I suppose sometimes those dogs and gears just hit the wrong combination then it just grinds and misses? Anyway, 4th-5th is pretty common, just be a little slower and more deliberate. If you're used to a modern unit transmission shifting like a Japanese bike, Guzzis aren't quite in that category.
  9. All I can say, when your replace it, expect the fuel light to come on about 20-30 miles sooner.
  10. Gotten my shots. I might get a haircut tomorrow or even go out to eat. I've forgotten all of it for 12 months.
  11. The "left side of the tire wearing out first topic" has been around as long as there have been motorcycle discussion groups. It's one of life's persistent mysteries.
  12. Must be a factory reject, the engine was mounted in the wrong direction.
  13. Nope, just science. V11 virus Still no vaccine.
  14. It's threads like this that make me afraid to read this forum. I seem to catch these maladies after they're posted here.
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