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  1. I saw Tedeschi Trucks last night. The opening group was Southern Avenue a Memphis-Israel band. Southern Avenue TTB
  2. Yes but even with a 120 HP, new bikes have ABS and Traction Control. I don't think I'd want 190 hp bike without all that.
  3. As Gomer would say, "well gawleeee". So the pegs are tight and shifting and braking aren't encumbered?
  4. Remember the Fish Carburetor? Those things would double both power and mileage. The oil companies bought the patents and kept them off the market.
  5. Docc, you look 20 years younger vs that guy. No Worries man.
  6. Naw, Darren on Wild sent it to me. I just skipped over the car stuff until I saw the Greenie. I really can't stand Top Gear anymore. It's really worn out over the years and I find it stupid and bigoted and I don't have much interest in cars for the ultra rich. I did note in Europe that the Tesla is a prestige car, perhaps the only American made car to have status there.
  7. Pork Chop fading has been noted but not universally. I'd try to polish it or ignore it. If you want to paint it, Chevy Roman Red (think '50s Corvette) or Chrysler Flame Red (1990s) is very close and available at most Auto Parts stores and Walmarts. Make sure you do a test shot first, I could be wrong. Pretty sure Chrysler Flame Red is pretty close.
  8. Skip over the car stuff and go to 7:30 or so. Probably the only smart thing I've ever heard this guy say.
  9. well, I carry tools in my tankbag. Usually spares for headlights, relays, fuses, and tools. Stop and Go plug kit and Slime compressor. The last two, I drop into tankbag to tankbag on bike to bike.
  10. Names of my bikes are The Green Bike, The Red Bike, The Cali, The Duc.
  11. "red dirt girl" would make us all cry, so I'll post this one. Actually, I've always been an indy 500 fan and like "Speedway at Nazareth" but every song is a jewel.
  12. When I am on a motorcycle I want to see at night. I don't care if the whole town has to put on sunglasses so I can drive safely at night. Sorry, but I don't want to crash even if I blind all traffic on the road.
  13. You're a true Guzzi Hero Phil. Sometimes that's worth more than gold.
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