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  1. Get well Paul. I think Germany is one of the best places in the world for medical care right now. For the rest of us, watch out stay healthy. Wash your hands, keep your distance.
  2. Well Docc, Edmond has a few murals. The is "Dali in the Alley". No words until now. My dad, he was 18 when I was born, worked across the alley as a meter reader and service tech for the gas company. The company's office has moved out.
  3. Let me break tradition by giving an introduction. My hometown, Edmond OK, was named for railroad man the worked A,T&SF rail line before statehood. It's my understanding that we're at 1200 ft elevation the steepest point on the line between Kansas City and Houston. This mural displays a little of the town history. At the top center "Old North Tower" at the Univ of Central OK. I actually went to kindergarten in the blg, my sons got degrees there. The brownstone building on right bottom is the old Citizens' National Bank. When I was about 10 year old, riding in the school bus, I saw cops running towards the building during a bank robbery. The RR station is long gone. I remember as a child hearing trains and banging all night long as the RR crew "switched" train cars from train to train. Edmond was also the town where the famous east-west Rt 66 crosses north-south Rt 77. Hwy 77 runs from Mexico to Canada. Truly the American crossroads. This photo is taken a block south of the intersection.
  4. OK, I took the bike out today and it shifted great, almost like butta. Only had one missed shift which is better than normal. I was out taking photos and one time the dang starter would kick, I shook it and wound right up. <duh> So whatever un-indexed in the tranny is now re-indexed (for now). It was a little bit cooler day but I still wound it up daring it to miss a shift and nothin' but good. The poor bike is due a once over, valve adjustment and a fluid change. We'll see what's up.
  5. It seems to display the same symptoms as Cash's "missing pin"?
  6. Mine is doing the same thing now. It will get a false neutral shifting 2-3 and 3-4. When I kick it again, it jerks and moves a gear higher than it should. If I don't use the clutch it's usually fine. I thought there was an external adjuster on it but if there is I can't figure it out. It has a the extender piece on the shifter too. Downshifting is no problem.
  7. https://www.motorcycleid.com/sport-bike/universal-windshields-fairings/?filter=1&vehicle=142234&departments[]=Parts&ptypes[]=Fairings These are cheap new universal style. There should be plenty of flyscreens for 7in headlight. I'd just hate to paint candy green or any of the other candy and metallics on this bike.
  8. I am reminded of the adage, it's not what you ride, it's that you ride. I think Prince was about 5'2" .... I think he could be proud of riding a little Honda
  9. ^^^^^^^^^^ great suspension. Now I am starting to understand what you Ohlins guys like.
  10. I should know better to post this but I see two asses here.
  11. As sad as that song was, O'Brother, was a heck of a good movie. And the song was funny in the movie.
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