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  1. The kid's ST is a good goer, agile and small, with forgiving FWD (gets no boost in 1st gear). In town, I think it can shoot through traffic as good as my Corvette. The narrow Recaros and some of the glitz inside isn't quite in my generation.
  2. My youngest son has an Escort ST. It's a pretty good goer.
  3. Search here and you'll find a thread talking about punching there teardrop hole into the top of the airbox. The PO did that to my bike. The bike seems to run pretty good for a Guzzi.
  4. I picked up Van Morrison's latest "Three Chords and the Truth". Van seems to release a new record every couple of months. He has a great journeyman band and kick out lots of good tunes, I like his stuff. Anyway, Van has done so much spiritual stuff, "Kingdom Hall", "Bright Side of the Road", Wonderful Remark", "Whenever God Shines His Light". When I saw the title, I thought it might be a gospel or spiritual record, something inspirational and loving. Rather than describing this record, I think the titles of the songs will suffice: "Bags Under My Eyes", "Read Between the Lines", "Stop Falling Apart", "Fame Will Eat the Soul", "Nobody In Charge" The record is full of delicious cynicism and irony. It's just great and a little funny. I couldn't be happier to have assumed wrong. I think it's pretty good, this one and another recent album, "Roll With The Punches". So I am taking a vacation in Feb for my first time in Vegas. Have tickets to see Van. The Vegas deal is kinda of a runaround since the good tickets are comp'd to the rollers (not me), I should've "read between the lines".
  5. Mine has D (Dis-side) and S (Snot-dis-side) markings. I find it much easier to take a marker to the alternator and mark it at midnight, then it's 3 o'clock for the other side.
  6. So far as service, I know that I might be setting off a brush fire but if it ain't leaking, why service it?
  7. The key is to work methodically. Get the sag (preload) right first. Then work the adjusters on test rides. Set the sag. Much easier with two people. When the rider sits on the bike the suspension should sag about 1/3 of travel, something like 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 in. One way to do it by yourself is to put a zip tie around the front fork and adjust the preload for a third of the travel. Then you'll have to level the rear but it should be in the preload should have close to the number of turns as the front. Once the sag is set, then play with the adjusters which can be determined by riding the bike. I would start with full soft (some start in the middle) and adjust the rebound and compression a couple clicks but on separate rides to "feel" how each adjustment changes the handling. After that, work both adjusters in tandem until comfortable.
  8. Those bike looks too nice to turn into track day bikes. Unless the goal is to have a nice street bike that is tracked upon occasion. For the former, I'd look at a salvage or auction bike. For the later, it's a trade off between style, performance and cost that only the buyer can know. I'd like to take my Ducati on a track day or two but like my Greenie, it's a street machine, not a track bike.
  9. All I can say, it's lucky they put a slow down chicane before the hairpin. Otherwise I would've been pushing 100 with no brakes, luckily I had one more squeeze of pressure left after the initial squeeze. That was with Russell stainless brake lines. The ride home was pretty scary too, since the rear brake is very weak. The Bandit is a big heavy torque-y bike with weak brakes. I should've gotten the hint with my first track day. The brakes squealed the entire day and the whole bike felt like lump of glowing coals. I was shocked the upgraded brake lines would blow.
  10. My bike has a crossover, cans and PC on it. Runs good. I'd think the crossover would be the unique piece. Like 4C says, lots of slip on cans. Those Delkevic look like good value, I was interested to hear about them from an owner. I'd think a Beetle Map would be a cheaper option vs PC.
  11. Heck, a ham fisted no skill guy can run any kind of pig around a track. So long as you're having fun and have no shame. The session just before the front brake line let go. I hate when that happens.
  12. Similar deal with BMW happened here in OKC about 15 years ago. The local shop, Maxey's Cycles, is a longtime dealer. He sold Honda, Yamaha and BMW since the '60s. Then BMW wanted the boutique stand-alone dealership and Maxey let it go even though Maxey owned several building right next to each other. A new boutique dealer was set up by some out of towners, then after a year they were allowed to expand for Ducati and later Triumph. Actually that shop went broke after 5 years, there were all kinds of rumors about some nefarious stuff. So a year or so later, one of the shop guys from a dealer in Dallas took over all three franchises at the same location but after the place was closed for months. I guess the advantage with expensive bikes is that they appeal to well-healed baby boomers, just about the last refuge of the market now. They are required to keep all the sales space separate like seperate show rooms under one roof. Basically, it's like any other multibrand shop, it's just the bikes are more expensive. I don't know how they finance the inventory there. I've had my Ducati serviced there to keep the warranty up (I purchased the bike in Dallas). I'll likely go for an extended warranty. My brother purchase his 6 cyl Beemer from them too- that's another kettle of fish but he loves the bike.
  13. Several (3 of 4) of my bikes have slow leaks. My EV will go all the way flat. I think culprit is the seals on the rims, after many tire changes and cursory clean ups the build up and scratches add up over time making the seal less and less stable. I'd be interested to see how the liquid product works.
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