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  1. reseat the neutral cut out switch on the left side of the gearbox.
  2. Purchase one? Perhaps not. Ride one? Hell yeah, the Duke too. I'd like to know what the reliability and maintainability factor is. I am quite smitten with my Duc SS. Not a huge Adv guy.
  3. Don in OKC is an Ohlins trained guy if you can't find anyone local. http://www.motivcycleworks.com/
  4. speaking of COTA (as posted earlier) Earl's Art Gallery (in N Tex. Illinois Bend) (and it was freeezzzinnnng cold 40 degrees and 40 MPH wind) and then I rode all the way to Stonehenge in Kerrville. After I rode from Earl's-hengde. Who knew there was the Cadillac Ranch, Earl's place and Stonehenge in Texas? Celebrating my cough-cough 65th B-day Disclaimer, I didn't take the last photo, that was by Darren
  5. I would imagine that we'd get a few takers, guys like me that would like to have a couple in Guzzi parts bin. Between this board and especially on WildGuzzi there should be enough folks to make the quantities. It would only take 20 or 30, the problem is getting all this straight keeping track of who wants how many and then shipping. That's why we aren't business folks, just hobbyists. And of course the quality issue which is an unknown.
  6. Despite my post above, stay attentive of the weather. Some of the flooding is now entering Ark. A fellow rider rode western Ark last weekend and said it was fine but now we need to keep an eye on it.
  7. I didn't need 50. I asked for 2 and this was the quote.
  8. Glad you're OK Chuck. I wasn't aware there were serious storms around you. One of my old buddies lives N of Dayton, he was pretty close but came out OK.
  9. The weather looks to clearout by Thursday. Should be a good riding weekend.
  10. I contacted them about the price buying two. It was $60 + $50 shipping
  11. group order for 50? between this board and Wild, we might get it covered.
  12. Hopefully things will be dry next week. Hope to see some of you there.
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