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  1. if it rattles, then the counterweight came off and needs to be epoxied on. If it doesn't rattle, then check out other suggestions here. After that, get it fixed. https://joellevinecompany.com/speedo-tach-repair/
  2. Thanks Tom, what were you guys burning down? Docc, you look younger than ever. Perhaps I can try to get there again next year?
  3. LowRyter

    900ss vs V11

    GMC. I can only comment for my 939 SS. It's the best handling bike I ever ridden. I can also lock the throttle on it and go for a mile + with no hands on the bars. I've got nothing against older bikes, I have two '98s , an '01 besides the '17 SS but really, there's no comparison to handling, stability and power. The feel for the older bikes can't be erased or compared to the performance of the newer bikes.
  4. Before doing any major work or installing a valve or cartridge kit, why not set the sag and play with the adjusters? Perhaps you might set the adjusters independently as well as tandem? Get a feel for it and see how it works. Chances are you'll find an acceptable setting.
  5. LowRyter

    900ss vs V11

    So far as a replacement for the Ducati ST, well the Multi Strada is considered more touring oriented and the 939 more sport oriented. So I am not sure that either MS or 939 SS is a direct replacement for the ST models. The 939 SS is considered a Touring Sports bike (rather than a Sport Touring bike). The 939 Supersport is much more touring oriented than the old 1000 Supersport. Although the new bike has more power and perhaps less weight. The new bike has 110hp and weighs about 450lb gassed, it feels really light and responsive but it stable enough to lick the throttle and ride with no h
  6. Didn't someone just post that you could reposition the pegs in lower positions with mounts are already in the frame? Just purchase a couple of bolts and good to go. I was tempted to do that but forgot about the thread.
  7. LowRyter

    900ss vs V11

    GM, the first think I did to my 939 was install a 14T front sprocket ($20) (15T is stock). Woke the bike right up, it was pretty doggy before hand. The bikes have a close ratio transmission with a tall first gear and short top gear, no overdrive, no need to downshift to pass: pass a semi at 80 and get around him at 120.
  8. LowRyter

    900ss vs V11

    I have the new SS 939. Unfortunately, I've sustained some substantial damage to the exhaust system by encountering road debris. I've posted some photos and description on Wild Guzzi. Right now I am hopeful the cracked replacing the front header from ebay take off flange can be welded ground out. The muffler and bracketry have been replaced. I'll say that Duc SS 939 ranks top for anything I've owned or ridden. The only nit with the bike, it "only" has 110HP. It's light, comfortable, it brakes and handles better than anything I've ridden. It's also beautiful and has factory saddl
  9. geees, now you can't park the bike on the side stand and need more junk in the garage? It was bad enough to purchase a rear stand for the Duc. Now I need stand for the Sport so it won't fall over on it's own? So far as wrenching, I wouldn't trust the chocks I keep in the hauler. Next time I see Darren, I'll get the tools out. Thanks guys.
  10. The number one relay has five active connections. But five prong relays will work in any on the locations. Oh this much more complicated as I read on. Someone hotwired the first two relays. I didn't even understand why or how or what that blue thing is.
  11. I'd confirm that your diagnosis about #4 socket is correct given my Greenie experience. Wiggle it, spray some contact cleaner, play musical chairs with the relays. If you're religious, prayer might work.
  12. As Chuck Berry would say, I got motor-vated thinking about the big bolt. I remember that I just got an electric impact wrench and a bunch of BIG sockets. So I took out the 24 MM socket, it is a direct fit and has clearance. I got my 1/2 in torque wrench out (no, not the impact wrench) and set it on 50 and went to work on it while the bike was on the side stand. The bolt kept turning and turning, tighter and tighter, until I chickened out. Close enough. At least much tighter than it was. I just couldn't bear having something *snap* and be buried under a 550 lb green lump.
  13. I couldn't get a enough bite with a wrench to put 50 on it. A socket won't fit, if I had one. So not sure how'd you'd ever know other than a good "feel"? BTW- is that 50 lb-ft when the bike is on the side stand or off?
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