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  1. Thanks guys. I think I'll order the spring and have the clutch fluid changed with a rear tire replacement and driveshaft service? Kill three birds with 30 stones (rather than a single bird with 27 stones). I suppose there is logical reason for burying the bleeder.
  2. For a Indy winner, I'd bet it's a piece of cake compared to going flat out into Turn 1 qualifying at The Speedway. It was pretty funny watching him pass so many cars in the wet like they were parked. All of them classic '60's sportscar racers.
  3. The bike was sitting for a while and we had some nice weather last week so I took the bike out. All my bikes have different feel for the clutch but I noticed that riding the Sport that lever had more than 50% slack play before engagement. I was thinking that's a little too much but not sure. The clutch doesn't drag and doesn't slip. Clutch holds bike stationary when in gear. No complaints about the clutch, only a question about play in the lever. So given that, I'd like some advice as to cause. Next question I was thinking about changing the fluid. Can someone tell me where the bleeder valve might be. I see the line go under that tank but can't see where it connects to the to the bell house/engine/transmission, wherever. Finally, if I need a master cylinder rebuild, are kits available? Are the seals/parts available piecemeal? I did a search but I couldn't find the info here. I figure that someone will know this off the top of their head. Thanks.
  4. If it's not a Magni, it's probably an AirTech knock off. They make a lot of reproduction fairings and universal ones. That one looks just like the cover photo. https://www.airtech-streamlining.com/index.html
  5. Some things aren't rational. For proof of that, I can look in the garage.
  6. For me horsepower isn't the limiting factor regarding how fast I might ride on the Skyway or other fast and treacherous roads. Excluding the human factor, stability, braking, feel and handling are prime. But yeah, my skill set and courage are the human factors.
  7. Adhering to the advice per this thread, I can assume that every rider has an assortment of take-off relays as spares in their tankbags.
  8. Whenever I see this thread I think of omicron now. In fact one my Guzzi buddies asked me about relays I could only mention "Pyro Dan" and "omicron".
  9. https://www.salon.com/2022/01/09/-byrds-so-you-want-to-be-a-rock-n-roll-star/ So you want to be a rock n roll star? a little history
  10. So many flights have be cancelled. Lucky you didn't have to walk or drive up I95 in N Virginia.
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