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  1. I believe it was the Flux Capacitor.
  2. It's crazy that a cheap plastic part can cause to much trouble.
  3. Regarding the photo. The big arrow pointing straight ahead means you're going on the route, it would point away in the wrong direction if you weren't. The small dot on the right means your next turn will be a right turn and 8.9 miles means the right turn is 8.9 miles ahead. The small scale indicates whether it's a hard right turn or a slighter turn such as a fork in the road or roundabout. Pretty intuitive. If you get off course, press the yellow button will recalculate to get you back on route. Or just continue to ride and follow the arrow until you find your way back to the route
  4. I've had my Beeline for a couple of months. Got it from a member of the Wild Guzzi board who never took it out of the box. The unit works as advertised. I've test ridden compass and point to point. Since the Covid deal started, I've not done any overnight travel and put it through all the paces. I've only done a couple of test runs with it. So there maybe other pros and cons and I'll likely have to refresh myself how to build routes. I like the minimalist approach. It's about the size of wristwatch face. I can mount it with rubber bands on my bars and there are some adhesive
  5. If you're trying to break free the sealant, perhaps you might try to wedge fishing line into the gap and saw through it?
  6. Did a double take with Hensley. Uriah Heep really rocked. I have several of their records (vinyl), saw them twice. Good band, good singer. Haven't heard of them for many years, sorry to get the news.
  7. Not too hot to touch but hot enough. I also have the problem on cold start ups too. But lately it's been it's been warm start ups. Typically I move a few relays and rub on the neutral sensor. If heat isn't the issue, I'll get the deox. I guess I would do that anyway.
  8. My Greenie has a starting issue that I believe is relay related. The issue never seems to be the same relay or the same problem. This usually occurs after I've been riding and stop for gas or a visit. Sometimes it's the fuel pump, sometimes it's either plugs or FI. On occasion it won't turn over which could be beyond the relay issue (like neutral switch). But I can usually get it running when I move the relays around and push on the sensors. They are Omicron relays and I use simple contact cleaner regularly. 1. The relays are hot to the touch. Is this normal or is there voltage
  9. I've got a copy on the Real Life Roadrunning. Just a great album. I think Red Dirt Girl is one of the saddest songs I've ever heard. (fizzed it) You might cry if you watch it.
  10. Best to you Jolly and your son. I see you're in Okla as well. I'm in Edmond.
  11. I hope you guys got to see last night's David Byrne musical "American Utopia" on HBO last night. it's combination of Talking Heads music and dance and drumline with plenty of social commentary.
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