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  1. I just wondered how many Zep songs started with a Bonzo beat followed by a Page riff? Even if it was an old blue's song.
  2. LowRyter

    Another V11

    It's got the big "Star" engine in a naked frame?
  3. LowRyter

    Another V11

    That MT01 is a bike that we never got in the States. How about a little description?
  4. None of these bikes deliver the performance that styling promotes. Maybe if it was 1200/1400 based engine?
  5. I call it Guzzi foot. The valve cover leaks all over you. I blame myself for buggering the gaskets, whether paper or silicone. I remember when Bev and me took a vacation in southern Michigan. We were riding back from Grad Rapids to South Haven on the EV. It started to leak, so I tightened the bolts. Then it rained oil- I'd guess a quart all over out clothes. Soaked in oil from knees to toe. I took of the valve cover and straightened the silicon gasket and we were good to go. Last valve adjustment on the Sport and I saw the paper gaskets were firmly attached-no breaks. I just but it back on and I didn't touch the gaskets. I could tell you about the mickey mouse gaskets on my 4 cyl Suzuki Bandit. The valve adjustment is easier than a Guzzi. Getting the valve cover o, is an ordeal.
  6. Those appear to be HB 40 liter Jr bags. I have a set and have racks to fit them on both my Guzzis.
  7. The virus prevention is a complete joke here. Maybe 10% are wearing masks, bars are open. I haven't eaten in a restaurant since it started, no haircut either. I like my barber but..... I do go to the gym, it's been about 20% full. Go to the store (grocery, hardware, liquor, motorcycle, auto parts), that's where I see folks don't wear masks. So I ride. Seen my mom once. My sons come over for Sunday dinner and we are distancing. If I get it, man at least no one can say I didn't take it seriously. I am working with the county health about being a volunteer contact tracer. But if we get no support from "authority", it will be too little too late. I won't be a patsy or whitewash for these clowns. I'd like to see those guys in Kansas. Even though I know a few don't care about the virus.
  8. After three days of Vit B complex it's a very good placebo and makes my urine radioactive. I honestly have felt stronger, been a little busier and have had an easier time at the gym. It might be vitamin related. Or in my mind.... My legs are sore today after 30 toe taps max at 65 degree angle each leg (3 groups of ten). Too early to know if my riding endurance will be improved. I think I'm too sore to ride to Kansas for calf fries considering the muggy heat and the virus lurking. But tomorrow is a new day, who knows?
  9. Taking that exactly. I will say that I've had a pretty busy day and felt pretty good for it. Side effect: pee looks like Mtn Dew
  10. I think the bicycles make a lot of sense. I haven't ridden in years. We're not bicycle friendly here. Cymru must be an exotic country? (Google tell me, it's in Wales. I think my maternal Grandma had some Welch ancestry)
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