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  1. And can I just rant? What the hell are these manufacturers thinking when the majority of mesh gear is black? I finally got some good vented dirt bike pants that are light grey - reflecting the heat make a big difference compared to the black pair I settled on before (due to availability). I have a Bright yellow mesh jacket, that still has a lot of black on it... and I can feel the difference on the black parts vs the yellow parts. WTF? Why is it so hard to find other than black? And for the record, I know it can be found... but it's uncommon. Seems like if staying cool is the goal, somebody would say, "Why are we making all this black mesh stuff? What about some light colors?" OK end of rant. But part of staying cool is: try to wear lighter colors.
  2. I agree with checking the filter first, which is a known problem. Any more starts could be with un-lubricated surfaces. IMO - not worth starting again with a rocker-cover removed. In fact, you should not have to remove the rocker covers at all to solve this problem. I have an oil pressure gauge if you want to borrow it. To use it, you have to remove the sensor, then screw the gauge's hose into the block.
  3. Congratulations on the bike, I checked out your album, and it's a beauty. If it's running "like a dream", leave it alone till after your trip. Just enjoy it for a while, then fuss with the tuning some more when you have plenty of time. The Titanium Kit Racing ECU has a good map already, but that map can be overwritten and you can remove the Power Commander if you want to. Send pics from the alps.
  4. Here's a 1993 Daytona in Los Angeles on Craigslist: https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/mcy/d/venice-moto-guzzi-1993-daytona-1000/7352811864.html I'd be willing to ride it to Mexico for you so you can enjoy getting it back across the border.
  5. This is crude, dirt-biker behavior, but it works. Just wear a thin, moisture wicking t-shirt and a mesh jacket. Get a big CamelBack and fill it with ice and water. Leave your jacket open a bit at the front. Take huge gulps of water and spit them down the inside of your t-shirt (helps to have a modular helmet for this step). If it's super hot, you can periodically take off you helmet and soak your hair with the ice water. Then you will find out how well your helmet vents work. I also wear shorts under mesh pants. I tried a cooling vest several years ago, and I was not impressed. Maybe technology has improved?
  6. I can't help you with the wiring, as I just gave up and paid a shop to fix my voltage problem. But I am trying to give away a motorcycle tire changer... so you don't have to pay a shop for that next time.
  7. Scud

    V11 UK values

    The V85TT looks to be a great bike, but if want to hold that lovely Ballabio, you can probably find a lightly used Stelvio for quite a bit less than a new V85. If I had to guess about future values (vs current ones) I would bet that the special edition bikes and the Green sports will command the highest future values. From my perspective that seems to be happening already. I see "wanted" adds for special editions and greenies, but nothing else. Some years / models have known flaws that work agains the price. Such as the aluminum flywheel on Scura, Tenni, and Rosso Mandell - and the terrible 2002 engine paint. Good luck with your sale... or your addition, depending on what you decide to do.
  8. I've got a Harbor Freight motorcycle tire changer, all set up with the Mojo Blocks and mounted on a pallet. I've done a bunch of tire changes on it, but recently upgraded to a No-Mar changer with a hitch mount for my truck. Free to whoever can come get it in Carlsbad, CA.
  9. Oh bummer... out she comes. It's good you had the picture that shows the issue. I think I've done at least 5 of these buggers. You really have to be careful about each retaining clip - that it is 100% seated. If the clip twists a bit and one end doesn't go in the groove, the whole clip will work its way out during operation. This is such a PITA part to get out, that it's worth making the preselector go through the full range of shifts several times before installation. At least this is easier on a red-frame bike than a black-frame.
  10. Haha... when I looked at that picture, I thought, how the hell did I ride it like that? But I did ride 400 miles to Phoenix with it. It's better when the expansion zipper is closed and the bag is shorter, but I could still see the gauges with it like that. And as for GPS... I think they are becoming less relevant. I recently got a Cardo unit for my helmet and I can get spoken directions, which relies on internet access. I like it so far, and I can answer phone calls on it too. Tank bags are great for holding gps, paper maps etc. And as for safety and distraction... you can keep stuff on your dash that you only choose to look at when you're stopped.
  11. I hope you got the oil screen sorted. It should only go in one way. The hole in the screen frame for the bolt is off center, so if you have the plastic frame fully seated in the recess, there is only one position where you can install the bolt. Then it will line up perfectly with the oil-sucker-upper tube (which probably has a real name). If the frame of that screen is not properly set into the recess, then stuff could get around the frame and the screen won't be able to block everything it is supposed to.
  12. I have a 1 liter metal fuel bottle that I can carry in a backpack for those situations. That's about an extra 10-12 miles, which is better than pushing or waiting for help. But if I'm doing that kind or roads I'll probably be on the Stelvio with it's 8.5 gallon tank. Horses for courses.
  13. My experience with the low-fuel lights is that they are not that useful - knowing range and watching the odometer is better for me. Although I am spoiled with an accurate fuel gauge on my Stelvio, and I would welcome that feature on my V11. The low fuel sensor is currently not working on my Scura, so I am thinking about fuel at 120 miles, and I don't push it past 150 miles. Sometimes gas stations are far apart in the lonely places I like to ride. And I have seen close to 200 miles from a tank on a long journey, but that would have been on a boring stretch of road.
  14. RAM makes all kind of mounts, which can hold a GPS or whatever you want. If you are running bar-end mirrors, you can use one of the empty threaded holes to screw in a RAM ball on a stud (cheap). Then pick whatever length arm you want, and whatever holder(s) you need for your device(s). In this picture, you have to look pretty hard, but you can see the RAM ball in the RH mirror post, then an arm that is connected to a GoPro. And as a bonus idea, you can put a GPS Unit in a tank bag.
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