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  1. Seems to me this thread is about doing something for the fun of it, not trying to make a technical improvement. Extra gauges can be fun, and some can even be useful. When I did the Speethut speedo and tach on my previous red LeMans, I added oil pressure and voltmeter. They were fun to look at, especially riding at night. And the oil pressure gauge helped me diagnose a problem in a way that a simple warning light did not. The guy who bought that LeMans said, after owning it for a while, that the set of four matching gauges was his favorite modification on that bike. Does the oil temp gauge make the rider happy? If yes, then good improvement.
  2. Tomchri p6x acknowledges that this is a totally unnecessary modification to the bike in his opening post. He just wants to do it because of reasons. Actually, he didn't give any reasons. He just wants it. [moderator edit to correct the reference to the original comment.]
  3. Welcome. Sounds like a worthy project. Let us know if you need something. I live less than an hour's ride South of you. I have various specials tools and a stash of spare bits.
  4. I use a Garmin inReach explorer, which requires a subscription that includes the ability to download unlimited maps to my phone. Then the app will work on my phone with the phone's GPS. So why the supplemental hand-held GPS unit? It also has satellite text capabilities that I can use from the unit itself or via my phone's app (but only if the unit is with me). Since I often go into the woods or desert on dirt bikes, the device allows me to send tracking info to select people, and also to call SOS. I pay a little extra each year for the medical evacuation insurance. I still like to carry a good-old paper map, which doesn't need charging. I kind of miss having a roll-chart on the handlebars. That's a true navigation challenge.
  5. I'll buy two in the "unlikely" event that other V11s show up in my garage in future. I bought a spare last time you did a run and recently used it on the Nero Corsa.
  6. Ha - I'll bet many of us thought we could rescue a special car and found out later that it was a bad idea. In the early 1990s I bought a 1982 Mercedes 500SEL. It was a German (not US) model that someone had imported. I thought I got it for a great price (just needed a little work). It was loaded. Remote start and pre-heater. Hydraulically adjustable ride height, power and heated everything. Monstrous 5 litre power. But oh... the parts unavailability and repair bills. Traded it to a dealer to get a two year old first-gen Infinity Q45. Pearl white with white carpets and white leather interior. That thing was a rocket. Then we had a baby. I sold that and got a Toyota T100 that was trouble free for many years. I've sworn off luxury cars, and now I only like trucks (though I had a dalliance with a sporty Volvo V70). But I must confess, the Bronco has the "Lux" package and it's pretty damn cozy.
  7. F.O.R.D. Fix Or Repair Daily Found On Road Dead First on Race Day F##ker Only Runs Downhill
  8. Wow... stirred up some bad Ford experiences. We bought a new Subaru Forester a few years ago and had so many problems that Subaru cut us a check. I am the only person I know to have had an experience like that with a Subaru. It soured us on the brand for a while, but now my wife has a Subaru Crosstrek Sport and we are very happy with it. Hopefully our Bronco will prove as reliable as it is fun. My "daily driver" is still a Moto Guzzi Stelvio. I also carry a AAA gold card that is good for up to 200 miles of towing on any car or motorcycle.
  9. It's a super-competent off-roader. I got to participate in a Ford event, called Off-Roadeo before I took delivery. I went to the one near Las Vegas. The trail masters put us in all kinds of difficult spots intentionally so we could experience the vehicle's features and capabilities. Bummer about the Ford experience in Australia. I've been overall happy with my Ford trucks, but have no experience with a new Ford car. I'm fortunate that there is a very good dealer near me. I also bought the extended warranty, as it is a new model and they had a lot of production delays.
  10. Finally got it registered and plated and out for a shakedown ride. And I picked up a set of bags from Fotoguzzi to go with a set of racks that I had powder-coated. They are the cool Hepco Becker ones with the paintable panels. I'm going to visit a "wrapper" to see if they can make it look like the tail section with the grey diamonds and Nero Corsa script.
  11. looking at some pictures and realized that I left Docc pondering my cryptic message, which was a riff on the famous line in the Blue Brothers movie. My mission was to ride snowmobile tracks and get some stunning views. Accomplished:
  12. I ordered a Bronco Wildtrak on the second day that Ford was taking reservations. That was about 2 years ago. About two weeks ago I took delivery. Here it is on one of the less-traveled ways up Mount Palomar. Sea-Level to 5,000 feet in 50 miles.
  13. Never heard of the guy before... so took a look at his bio on wikipedia. Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Computer Science, and heavily influenced by Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. I'd rate the credibility of the previously cited NASA report considerably higher than Alex Epstein. That said - there is a place for the use of fossil fuels in the world. Also, enough sunlight hits the earth to power everything we currently use. I do hope we figure out how to capture and use that energy more efficiently soon. Otherwise we will see a nightmare of supply chain issues and disputes over the rare-earth elements needed to make batteries.
  14. I've not seen a bleeder on a master cylinder connection before. Could be convenient, I guess. If I am concerned about air being trapped in a high point of the system there, I just unmount the master and tilt it so the bottom of the reservoir is higher. Air can return to the reservoir that way and get out of the line.
  15. Changes are coming. So far, I have only invested in electric bicycles, which are nice way to do some short trips. My wife and I go out to dinner on them, and occasional trips to the store for small purchases. Almost bought a hybrid Subaru a while back, but it just seemed stupid to pay so much more to have two motors and a battery to maintain, coupled with the reduced the cargo space and eliminated spare tire (all to make room for the battery and such). I just took delivery on what will likely be my last gas-powered car (I assume gas-powered motorcycles will continue to "cycle" through the garage for a while.) I put my $100 deposit down on a Ford Bronco almost two years ago, and waited through all the production delays for all the options I wanted. It's rated at 17MPG, with a 2.7L turbo. That's only marginally better than the MPG I get on my F250 with a 7.3L gas motor. I recently paid $200 for gas at one stop (empty truck and empty dirt bike in the bed). So... The Stelvio continues to be my primary form of transportation when I am going alone. And I notice that the majority of cars and trucks are occupied by one person. I think we should make every new driver spend a year on a motorcycle before they get a license to drive a car. Imagine the national savings on fuel and resources devoted to roads and parking if just 50% of single-occupant car trips were replaced by motorcycle or scooter trips. And people would start noticing motorcycles when they drive their cars. Ok - so that solves everything. Thanks for reading.
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