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  1. I've had a few inquiries and am accumulating boxes for a future batch of shipping. Above is the post with the payment detail. Remember, I will need your mailing address. Send me a PM if you prefer to use Venmo or mail a paper check.
  2. Hey guys... my local dealer just announced a deep discount on all parts in stock. I feed bad for them, and will probably buy some tires to show support, but also because supply chains are being disrupted around the world and methinks not too many motorcycle tires are made in America.
  3. Thanks Dave. I know a lot of people think these are somehow more valuable than the other special edition models, but they don't do it for me. Now a Nero Corsa... I'd even consider trading my Scura for a pristine Nero Corsa. Sadly, prices for all sorts of used bikes are probably going down soon given current economic conditions.
  4. I have a lot of springs. Payment and shipping details are back a few pages. I have a few boxes ready to ship as soon as I am allowed to leave my house - California is currently under stay-at-home orders to stop the spread of COVID-19.
  5. Glad you guys got it sorted. I have a lot springs here and can re-supply you guys later. I'm already boxing up a few shipments to have ready when I can leave my house again.
  6. Today is the first day staying at home in California. I took a pre-dawn walk with the dog to the main street at the edge of my neighborhood. Still some light traffic, which I assume were people on their way to "essential work" such as healthcare, sanitation, power supply, etc. Saw a couple big military trucks roll by. Wednesday, a solo military helicopter landed at our local airport - I assume the passengers are now in charge of that airport. My daughters are all home (one returned from college a few days ago). So we are safe and stocked up on essentials. Taking a cue from the Italians, we've got a load of pasta and tomato sauce. I'm all set up to work at home (have always maintained a home-office), and putting in long hours. My business is hit hard by this and we (like most other small businesses) are scrambling to figure out what this will mean to us. In each of our offices (UK, Singapore, 3 in the US), we made everybody take home whatever they needed to work from home. Yesterday, we did a video meeting and showed off our new "offices" to each other. We went totally virtual as we are expecting this restriction to go nation-wide. Last night (hours before the California stay-at-home deadline), I delivered a bunch of food to one of my team who has a high-risk profile for this virus - he is on self-imposed 100% quarantine till this is over. He said (though his upstairs window) "You don't realize how much certain activities mean to you until you can't do them." I told him to remember that he has a rebellious friend with a dirt bike who knows how to find things. This thing is totally surreal. A few weeks ago, I made my family watch the movie Contagion. They didn't think that was going to happen. But here we are. I hope Moto Guzzi (which is near the epicenter of the Italian outbreak) can make it to their 100th birthday. Thanks Jaap, for opening the dialogue and for setting the apolitical tone.
  7. I'm running the Mitas E-07s on mine. They have a pretty aggressive tread for an ADV tire. I mostly ride asphalt and they handle quite well. I do graded dirt roads and slightly rougher dirt roads whenever possible, and I have bounced over a few rocky sections, but nothing really technical. They work much better than the stock 90/10 tires. The Mitas is supposed to be a long-wearing tire, but I have not been going slow enough to have that experience. FWIW - I replaced the rear TKC 80 on my Husqvarna 701 with the Heidenau K60s - for much improved traction and seems to be wearing better.
  8. Yeah Phil - My 2002 Scura has the more substantial subframe elements as you described. Same with the 2002 LeMans I had. They are interchangeable with the 2003 and 2004 models. Definitely seems to be a transition period - and explains why the 2003 LeMans had internal fuel pumps, while the 2003 Sport models had the carryover external pumps and smaller tanks.
  9. Hey Phil - no worries about bubble bursting, especially if you are providing evidence. It's clear that the internal-pump tank is longer, which I did not know. My experience was in swapping a Greenie tank with a Champagne LeMans tank. This was red-frame to black frame, but both tanks had petcocks and external pressure regulators, supplied by an external fuel pump. So... I still believe that the external-pump tanks were the same size through 2002 (same as Footgoose said above). Then they were different starting in 2003 with the internal pumps. (With the customary footnote for the bikes sold as 2003 models, which were more like the 2002 models).
  10. I have personally swapped tanks between red and black framed bikes without any issues or modifications. While I no longer have both tanks available to measure, I do believe the tanks are the same size. There is just more clearance between the tank and the triple-clamps with the black-frame bikes.
  11. Download the alchemy app. Whatever you scan turns into gold. Requires a Golden Retriever as well, because those dogs retrieve gold.
  12. There is a complete V11 engine for sale on ebay right now. That's an extreme option, but if you wanted some other spares, it could make sense.
  13. ^ yeah, especially since everyone knows the best fish chips on the planet are the Mahi Mahi in Hawaii. This is pro-level thread drift by us.
  14. That sounds fabulous. There are Stelvio owners on wildguzzi.com but I am not aware of a bike-specific forum like this. I'd suggest mapping out a few routes (perhaps with connectors between them) so you can adjust to weather, whim, and whatever... Personally, I like to take in the National Parks when I can. In the US, Yellowstone and Grand Teton are not too far South of the border. I've often thought it would great to ride the Canadian Rockies through Bannf or Jasper. You have endless possibilities and the Stelvio is great ride. You didn't ask us to help you spend more money, but what are forums for? I found that a small, clip-on wind deflector, on the stock screen with in the full upright position, will create a near-silent air pocket. Something like that would be great to have on such a long ride. I also have found the Giant Loop Diablo tank bag to be an excellent bit of luggage and a very good fit on the Stelvio.
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