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  1. While Chuck is thinking about whether to hand-make a batch, I will inquire about a re-order. It's probably not a big deal to order up another 100 or so - and I have a stock of boxes left over for shipping.
  2. Hey Scud

         Could you send me an email at groundhog105@gmail.com.   I have something I want to talk to you about 



  3. Let's not be too quick to dismiss Moto Guzzi's methods here... all the "limited edition" models had their names printed on the side panel badge-stickers, such as Scura. The faired LeMans models said LeMans, and many of the sport models said V11 Sport. I don't know about the year-by year variations, or which models got only the checkered pattern, but there is definitely a consistent pattern in the labeling of the side panels. There are lots of colors available as well... and some are carbon fiber.
  4. ...but how would get the complete assembly back on the bike without major disassembly? Unless, perhaps the bike is already in a disassembled state. How about just setting the sync rod so both butterflies close at exactly the same time - by feel or by eye? There is a set screw on each TB. Put them both in enough so they do not stop the movement of the mechanisms. Then attach the rod and adjust it until they are both closed at exactly the same time. Seems like a good time to clean the injectors too - or send them out for a rebuild to a shop that make them flow at the same rate. Maybe your idle problem is due to injectors and liquid-flow, not air-flow.
  5. Approximately 150. That means 150 V11 owners can ride with more confidence, knowing that the proverbial Achille's Heel has been strengthened.
  6. Ron is all set. I'm kind of surprised too. I thought I'd be living with a bag of springs for a while longer.
  7. Update... I'm down to two springs available for sale. I'm keeping one with Chuck's engineering diagram in case we need to make another batch someday.
  8. Scud

    Name the part

    Earlier = Red Frame models Later = Black Frame models starting in 2002
  9. so... I just happened to find a 250-bolt kit for a 701 Husqvarna. It's by Fast Metric - you might contact the company to see if they know how to put a kit together for a V11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/250pc-HUSQVARNA-Bolt-Kit-for-701-ENDURO/152542811910?fits=Make%3AHusqvarna&hash=item2384429706:g:QesAAOSwrhBZDO2V
  10. Scud

    Name the part

    A later "document holder" will not fit the earlier tail section. The tail sections are totally different too - even the rear subframes that the tails (and pockets) mounts, too, are different. With the earlier tail, the pocket comes off with the tail section. With the later tail, the pocket stays on the frame and tail has to be slid over the pocket for removal or installation.
  11. ^with friends like you, who needs financial advisors? Good thing I have business travel and a family vacation that take me out of state almost the whole month... so no worries about being tempted.
  12. I'm down to one V11 and a cabinet full of parts.... Kind of regret trading my red LeMans for the Ducati ST3 sometimes... The ST3 is for sale, but I rode it 400 miles yesterday including two passes through the Santa Monica Mountains - and it is a fabulous bike. Love 'em all, can't afford to keep 'em all. I'm enjoying the Stelvio and the Husqvarna 701 the most right now since there are so many dirt-road diaries to be written. (country song reference)
  13. Dave - have you ever considered an Aprilia Tuono? They catch my eye periodically and I think the older ones are reasonably priced. Here's one near me: a 2008 for $2,750 - needs tires and battery. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/mcy/d/wildomar-2008-aprila-tuono/6894426377.html
  14. ...and my prior Greenie is available from its current owner. This is a great bike with an Ohlins shock. I did a lot of work while I had it, including resealing the gearbox and installing the supplemental transmission brace. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/mcy/d/murrieta-2001-moto-guzzi-v11-sport/6892875711.html
  15. Here's a red/grey 2002 LeMans with 18,000 miles with a $2,800 asking price. It's within 45 minutes of my house. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/mcy/d/ramona-moto-guzzi/6919262532.html
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