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  1. Haha... I remember that exchange well, Phil. I think we both learned something new. We clarified that there were 3 configurations from the factory. Short frame with short tank (pad and external pump) - up to 2001 model year, will not accommodate later tank. Long frame with short tank (all 2002s and many 2003s) - will accommodate later tank. Long frame with long tank. (2003 LeMans, and all 2004 and later.
  2. I suppose if anyone is curious enough, they could get the frame number and input it Moto Guzzi's website. That would tell what year and model the frame started in. But I am not that curious. I scrolled through the pics, and almost every one has evidence of something not right. Even the tach was replaced with something that doesn't quite match.
  3. Another possibility... this was originally a LeMans, but wrecked and rebuilt with a 5-speed tranny. Not only is the front master incorrect, the clutch is cable-actuated, not hydraulic. So maybe the tranny cracked and popping in a 5-speed was the only convenient solution at the time. Other than that, it does look mostly like a 2002 LeMans to me. Or maybe that 6-speed was just to smooth...
  4. On the plus side, the clamps are excellent. It's easy to adjust to different wheel sizes. Those were my two main complaints with HF unit - I had to be ultra careful with the clamps, and the wheel would still spin, so I had to use a strap to hold it in place. And FWIW - I used a bit a solid copper ground rod as the center post on my HF unit. I'll probably start using that on the No Mar now - because I am also disappointed by the flaking paint getting in the hub. No Mar was so close to a great product...
  5. That's a sweet little time capsule. Practically hermetically sealed... original tires, even.
  6. Let me see if I can channel my inner Pete Roper... the No-Mar bar is as useless as a dead dingo's donger. In other words, I'm still using the Mojo lever. And Ru-glyde. Have not tried the No-Mar lube yet. And get those tires nice and warm in the sun - makes life easier.
  7. ^ side stand switch is easily by-passable if you are in need. Same with the clutch-in-to-start switch. I carry a side-stand bypass plug (homemade) in my underseat kit. Hacked the connector off an old wiring harness and closed the loop. Honestly, to start this bike... ignition switch, kill switch, clutch switch, side-stand switch, neutral switch, starter button, relay, starter solenoid, battery amperage, starter motor... what could possibly go wrong?
  8. The pallet is bit under 4 x 4 feet. But it's easily removed. The changer itself is maybe 3 1/2 feet tall. And this was a self-assembled thing, that can be knocked down. It came in a pretty small box. And yes, I still have it and am still trying to find it a home. Any home. I don't care if it's a good home (no offense).
  9. ^ that just makes me want to hold up lighter and yell FREEBIRD.
  10. I don't know that shock, but was surprised to see that I know one of the people that wrote a positive review on the link you provided. I bought my 89 LeMans from him. When he was on the old LeMans (with upgraded suspension), and I was on my Scura (with stock Ohlins), I had a hard time keeping him in sight. If he says it's good shock, then I think that's reliable.
  11. Leading indicators that you are about to have some great tacos: You just had a brisk 100-mile ride. There are more Spanish than English words on the signs. The picture on the sign is of a pile of raw meat. Carniceria is one of the words. Panaderia is one of the words. You have to walk under an arch to get in. Wrought-iron is featured (in this case a wrought-iron arch, so bonus points). The wood chairs are all painted different colors. An old man wearing farm-work clothes and a straw hat is by himself, reading the newspaper on the patio. There is a dirty, beat-to-hell old Ford truck in the parking lot (this was true when I parked, but sadly replaced by a Hummer by the time I sat down with my tacos.) There are more than three flavors of Jarritos in the fridge. And proof: Two el pastor, one carne asada. Two fresh corn tortillas per taco. With onion, cilantro, pico de gallo, guacamole, hot sauce and lime. The real deal.
  12. I would generally agree with you. But since I spent money on it, I am suffering from confirmation bias. Subconsciously, I would rather find a reason that my past decision was good than admit that I wasted money on something useless. Of course, if it is subconscious, one has wonder how I could write such a thing. And Graceland... it would be a very long and slippery slope before I found myself there.
  13. I got an oil temp gauge for my Scura because it looks cool. I can't read it while riding, and I never even think about it anymore, except when I check the oil - and I do that when it's cold. But hey, it still looks cool.
  14. My Scura is "Scura." The LeMans is "LeMans." The Stelvio is "Stelvio." The TW200 is "Tee-Dub". The Husqvarna 701 is called either the "Husky," the "701," or "you fat f***ing pig" if I drop it on trail and have to lift it up.
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