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  1. It's been a weird year. A veritable roller-coaster ride for my work - but managed to stabilize and do better than the worst-case scenario we planned for. My quarantine project was planting a bunch of fruit trees on the slope behind my house, and putting in some raised garden beds in the side-yard. I know several people who have had a hard time with COVID, and several more for whom it felt like a bad cold. My family and I have managed to avoid the virus so far. I've had a few good small rides on the Stelvio - mostly out to the local fruit stands around Palomar mountain (strappin
  2. I thoroughly enjoyed his book Sapiens - A Brief History of Humankind. Although it was a weighty tome and not at all brief.
  3. Hi Scud

    Trust you’re keeping safe & well during this C/virus shutdown.

    Hoping you have a spare re-engineered shift spring available.

    If so, let me know by pm or email:


    Cheers ScuRoo 


  4. That is my old greenie. I actually liked that paint a little better than the stock color. It has just a touch more sass. And greenies like a touch of sass.
  5. That is a true, but misleading topic title. Good on you for the "made you look" effect. I got all worked up thinking Valentino would be on a new 4V LeMans. Still a great article. Thanks for sharing that blast from the past. I am enjoying my 4V 1200cc Stelvio, which undoubtedly owes something of its existence to this early "butterfly" race effort. So yes, I have experienced the butterfly effect. Although the butterflies in the carbs have been replaced by fuel injection.
  6. Yup. Love it here. Come visit next time you get to California.
  7. Sign me up for one Chuck. I'll keep it on hand in case another V11 shows up at my house someday.
  8. Great garage photo. I miss the greenie sometimes, but I'm glad you are enjoying it. BTW - you sent me a PM about the pipes. I honestly can't remember what was on there. Post up some pics and we can help you identify the pipes.
  9. I had an "essential" reason to leave my home and go to the post office for work today, so I mailed out several springs. If you've sent me money in the last month, during California's Corona-virus Clampdown, your springs are on the way.
  10. That is cool. But not for me as I haven't worn a watch for probably 20 years. I think I've received 3 tide watches as gifts, never wore one of them. When I'm surfing I don't want to know what time it is. Same for when I'm riding (I mean real riding, not commuting).
  11. I've had a few inquiries and am accumulating boxes for a future batch of shipping. Above is the post with the payment detail. Remember, I will need your mailing address. Send me a PM if you prefer to use Venmo or mail a paper check.
  12. Hey guys... my local dealer just announced a deep discount on all parts in stock. I feed bad for them, and will probably buy some tires to show support, but also because supply chains are being disrupted around the world and methinks not too many motorcycle tires are made in America.
  13. Thanks Dave. I know a lot of people think these are somehow more valuable than the other special edition models, but they don't do it for me. Now a Nero Corsa... I'd even consider trading my Scura for a pristine Nero Corsa. Sadly, prices for all sorts of used bikes are probably going down soon given current economic conditions.
  14. I have a lot of springs. Payment and shipping details are back a few pages. I have a few boxes ready to ship as soon as I am allowed to leave my house - California is currently under stay-at-home orders to stop the spread of COVID-19.
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