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Scura Rally


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Open also to Scura-appreciators....   :ninja:  :ninja:  :ninja:  :ninja:


Leave Union 76 station at intersection of PCH and Sunset at 10am, Monday, December 28.


Chuck In Indiana - owner of "The Mighty Scura" - will lead us through the Santa Monica Mountains.


More details and tantalizing photos of Tuna Canyon Road on WildGuzzi.



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Tomorrow, 10am At the Union 76 Station in Pacific Palisades where Sunset Boulevard joins Pacific Coast Highway


17299 Pacific Coast Hwy, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272



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37-degrees when I left home this morning. About 100 miles of slab to get past Los Angeles and 100 miles of steep and twisty...




Here's Tuna Canyon - an 1,800 foot drop in 4 miles. Rox must have thought it was Fish-Fry Canyon, because he had his rear brake fluid boiling when we got to the bottom.  :whistle:




This is first time I've ridden with other V11s and I really enjoyed riding in the last position to watch them through the turns. They are lovely and graceful machines. 


Finished up with a visit to Todd at GuzziTech - this is the view from his shop. Been there, done that - bought a T-shirt. I like Guzzi people.





And you may have noticed... not a whole lot of Scuras... Mine's spitting oil at the timing chest and Rox is still awaiting delivery of his. So it turned into a V11 Rally.  A BMW rider at The Rock Store came up and said - "Three Moto Guzzis? Is this is a rally?"   :grin:  :grin:  :grin:  

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The roads there are great. There aren't many places where the mountains pop up 2,000 feet right next to the ocean - and with road on them. Expansive views from every corner on the downhills - almost all of which have severe drop-offs and no guard rails. 




Here is the famous Rock Store, which gets super-crowded with motorcycles and sports cars on weekends. It's on Mulholland Drive, named for William Mulholland, the man who is credited with the vision to bring water to Los Angeles from the Sierra Nevadas, which made it possible for Los Angeles to become a major city.




And three motorcycle-only parking spaces on Pacific Coast Highway in front of Neptune's Net (good fish & Chips).



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I use a Garmin 60-series GPS and their Base Camp software with the 24K Topographical maps. These are the most detailed maps available - with routable trails. I got into this setup for my dirt-bike - the GPS is submersible and I have verified that while it was attached to the Husqvarna.  :homer:


Anyway - within Base Camp and the topo maps, there are some nice features, such the one I used in the "elevation trace." You just drag two little black pointers along the elevation profile - then the software highlights the route between the points you select - and calculates the rise and run.

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