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Scud, are you sure you don't want us to ad some for shipping in this payment? couldn't be much. Also, what about shipping to you from Aus? I don't mind sending some extra, with the leftovers going to donation :rasta:


I think the numbers are going to work out with a bit left over (unless I get stuck holding several plates).


Pete's asking price of AU$120 is about US$88 at the current exchange rate of $AU x 0.73 = $US.


I'm asking US$130 per kit. That leaves US$42 per kit to apply toward 3 gaskets, inbound shipping from Australia and MG Cycle (shared charge), and outbound shipping from me to you. As I mentioned earlier, I'll probably ask Canada/Europe members for extra to cover their higher outbound shipping costs (once they are known).


I think Pete could have asked for a little higher price and most (if not all) of us would still have bought the plates. If you want to pitch in a bit more, I will pay Pete extra, and make a donation.

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Plates arrived today. I can sell them for US $115, including USPS flat-rate shipping inside the US and the "free" $50 insurance. But I need to go away on business travel and can't ship until April 27t

Just finished packing up everything I could - until I ran out of upper sump gaskets. As soon as I receive the remaining gaskets I'll ship the rest.   The numbers are working out as expected. Thank-y

Here we have a stack of plates.     They don't weigh much independently, but dang... they sure get heavy when you pile 'em up.   All nice and official with motomoda Australia etched right in th

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Pete - 


I'll need your PayPal address. You can send it in a PM or reply to my recent e-mail if you don't want to post it publicly. I just need to collect a bit more before I can pay for all the plates that will come to the US. FYI - I'm updating the first post of this thread as I receive the payments.


OZ and NZ members will also need your PayPal address. Should they send the amount of the plate now - and the balance for gaskets and shipping later? Or would you prefer to figure out the total including gaskets and shipping?



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Thanks Pete, I was also able to find your account in my PayPal history from when I bought one plate from you last year. Let me just add: Thanks again for offering us a discount for our group buy. I know you've mentioned before that it's not really worth the effort to keep these in stock and only sell one at a time. I hope you make a fair profit on this.


I just sent payment for

  • 25 V11 plates
    • 1 for me
    • 21 for other Europe/Canada/USA members
    • 3 surplus - which can be claimed by members - or I will figure out how to re-sell later
  • 2 Tonti Style plates for other members
  • Extra AU$200 for estimated shipping. If this is not enough, please advise. If this is more than your actual cost, buy yourself some beer...  :bier:  ...wine...  :drink: ...or whatever...  :rasta:

I will forward your PayPal account address to the AU/NZ members advising them to pre-pay for the plate - then you can sort out the shipping and gaskets costs with them later.


BTW - I am making logistical decisions on your behalf. Please stop me if/when I overstep my bounds. Enjoy Perth.


Note to other buyers: Thanks for the many prompt payments to me. I've advanced money for the balance and would appreciate payment from everyone else as soon as reasonably practical. I will also order the gaskets now - so I'll be ready to kit-up when the plates arrive.

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I placed the order for gaskets with MG Cycle today. 


25 of these thicker-than-stock gaskets, which should be appreciated by those who remove the lower sump at every oil change. This creates the thin green line below the silver "Roper Line" as in my picture in an earlier post:



50 of these "direct replacement" gaskets - 2 needed per kit to "sandwich" the plate.



They didn't have quite enough on the shelves today, but should be able to fill the order next week.



@Pete - do you know how long it will take to get all the plates in from the machinist?

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Update - almost all payments are either in or en route (details on first post). Thanks to you all for making this work so smoothly so far (although I created an Excel sheet to keep track). 


Assuming Pete produces exactly 30 V11 plates and 5 Tonti/Sport style, the following remain available:


  • 3 V11 plates:   2 coming to me, 1 in Australia
  • 2 Tonti/Sport plates

As the commercials sometimes say: "Supplies are limited." Let me know if you want to claim one of the few that are still available.



Edit:  That worked. :thumbsup:


All plates coming to me in the USA are now spoken for. Only one V11 plate remains available, unless somebody currently on the list backs out. I can probably have Pete ship one more to the US if somebody wants it.

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Rob brings the ball out of the back-court, drains a 3-pointer at the buzzer, and wins the game for team V11.


I suppose if anyone else is interested, you can still post here and Pete can figure out whether it's practical for him to increase the quantity.


There are still two of the Tonti/Sport/Daytona style available.

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I've paid for thirty but production will probably be Tuesday so I'm thinking of upping the order to forty. I don't mind carrying a few and I've had several direct orders which I don't know are included in Scud's group or not. Does 40 sound sensible?


Once I have them in hand I'll box 'em up and start shipping.



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