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Looks like the map link picks the most efficient route, rather than the route you built.
I’m intrigued... Would love the map detail for that section of dirt u describe, to add to my options for that great area.

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I went up to Carizzo Plain National Monument for the superbloom.  After heavy rains, this valley is carpeted in flowers. Pictures can't do it justice... this goes on for about 50 miles by 30 miles wid

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Dammit Google maps... the link still works for me. So here are the roads, starting in Paso Robles:

  • Highway 46 (Get gas here, If you follow this route you need to have 160 miles range)
  • South on Golden Hills Road
  • Creston Road
  • La Panza Road
  • CA 58 East
  • Soda Lake Road. This is the most direct way through Carrizzo Plain National Monument, it's a graded dirt road, but if you have more time and a riding partner, there are tons of side roads and other more interesting ways through the monument.
  • 166 East/33 south (if you need gas, you can go North to Maricopa from here)
  • 33 South (there is a small privateer gas station on this road. Sometimes it is open. You can gas up for sure in Ojai.)
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Thx Scud - copied to my ride file for next visit down there.  Cheers

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