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Carbon Fiber Starter Cover and Chin Pad


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If you are interested in getting brand new covers and chin pads, please let me know.

I’m having my starter cover re made and I was asked about the Chin Pad that was factory on the Scura (maybe other models too but Idk)

They can be made using the factory 1x1 plain weave or in other, more Interesting weaves. For example, I asked for 3x3 twill which I really enjoy for my bike.

More people that would like to order these, the cheaper they get. We can spread the cost of making the tooling over more pieces.

These are made right here in America too... no crappy Chinese for me...

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I think cost will be a key question, even if just an estimate.  So that will be helpful to know.

Since I changed out to a 2003 tank years ago, the "chin pad" isn't an option anymore.

But I've often thought it would be neat to have the starter cover in CF.

For me if I were interested... based mostly on cost of course, the more durable and sturdy weave would be preferable if there is a difference in durability between the 1x1 and 3x3.

I have the CF front fender as above, but I doubt anyone would tell any difference in weave type between the fender and starter cover since they are so far removed.

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It’s just looks. The heavier weaves like 3-4K and up make getting complex curves very difficult to look right because it bunches up. For our applications, these are plenty strong in factory 1x1. Even Ferrari uses 1x1....

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I expect the prices will be rather stimulating for those without deep, deep pockets.  Just my guess.  After all, motorbikes are a pure luxury item.  However, I never looked at them that way, they are necessary for my existence


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On 7/30/2020 at 10:18 AM, Mikko said:

3x3 twill runs in a lineal pattern.


Factory 1x1 is like square shapes in the weave.


You went full carbon??? That's HOT!!! 

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