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  1. The sounds between the beasts are different but equally as nice. I don't have a snorkel on my griso and it has 2-1 exhaust and my V11 has massive pods and velocity stacks so theyre both going to sound quite different to the norm
  2. Yep, i built it. Bought as a 89 Mille GT and made a couple of changes.
  3. if taken to a shop that repairs speedos , they gently pry off the chrome ring and able to reuse it. The alternative is ruining the ring and possibly breaking the glass... ask me how i know
  4. I still have my old V11 cartridges, happy to measure them any way thats needed against the other pair to see if there are any differences or what the differences are. I would expect that there is either no difference or a minor one that can be changed, ignored or adapted etc. If someone has the other set, we can compare the gizzards
  5. im interested in the chin pad for the tank, i have the starter cover already.
  6. oh... i hope the bmw didnt beat the guzzi in that race?
  7. My dibs for best sounding twins - TRX850, V11 / 1100sport, 1098, best racing twin I heard though was the Irving Vincent 1600 running around Philip Island. This is a vid from Eastern Creek..
  8. The forks were originally Black. The bike has a slightly checked history, apparently it was a Lemans and the owner removed the fairing so it was a naked when i got it. 2001 yr
  9. Youre the man Docc... i can't even remember what i had for breakfast!!!
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