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Community Answers

  1. That looks original with some accessories 2004 V11 Sport
  2. Latest first ride of the season….
  3. Not mine. 2004 Nero Corsa 11k miles $7500 Located in North Windham CT https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1197129357868250/ wrong time and too many bikes in the shed but damn it’s a lovely looking bike.
  4. Just seeing if anyone has a set that is collecting dust in their workshop.
  5. They are the footrest that came with the Ti kit or the Sport 1100’s they come up for sale once in a while.
  6. It’s a complete exhaust but the Footrests were already on the bike
  7. https://iconicmotorbikeauctions.com/auction/1993-moto-guzzi-daytona-1000-biposto/ @#!#$#🤤 🔼I guess I can’t swear
  8. Hello Paul, I ride a ‘04 Sport and at 6’3” the bike fits me very well. No two people are alike but with different options to handlebars and lowering pegs I feel you can make the V11 platform fit to your needs. Hope that helps
  9. Hello Folks! My cover was full CF and I have had it installed for awhile now and no issues. It was much lighter than the aluminum one. I live on a dirt road and while riding I am not gentle on twisty roads and the finish has held up very nice. I would strongly suggest you purchase the US sourced one. Kosta
  10. Gentleman is in NJ and very knowledgeable and still old school, will answer his phone personally. https://epmperf.com only deals with the finest in suspension brands.
  11. Congrats on the find. Welcome to the “Familia”
  12. The plates are not the same. I can take a picture in a few days if you’d like.
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