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Admin Jaap

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(mens/ladies jackets) www.belstaffuk.com (paypal accept)

(belstaff shoes) www.belstaffuk.com (paypal accept)

(belstaff coats) www.belstaffuk.com (paypal accept)

(belstaff leather jackets) www.belstaffuk.com (paypal accept)

(belstaff cloth) www.belstaffuk.com (paypal accept)

(belstaff pant&shoes) www.belstaffuk.com (paypal accept)


OK, I'll put my hand up if I'm allowed to nuke this kunt.



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BFG has got the job. He wrote me an handwritten application with full resume. Really oldschool, but that's the way I like it!




...and he also made me an offer I couldn't refuse...


Well Valentine's Day is only around the corner..... :wub::wub:

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