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V11 Ecu diagnostics and reprogramming

Paul Minnaert

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The last 2 years I've been busy with others to work on diagnosics for the guzzi ECU and now reflashing it too.


First diagostics, Guzzidiag can diagnose all Guzzi ecu, from p7 to 5am. All values were checked agains my Axone.


Needed is a vag 409.1 cable with a Fiat adapter. 20$ on ebay.


Software is here and needs no instalation, linux and apple version too.




You can set errors and tps with the ecu's that can do that:


a typical screen, langage can be set in options.





Now we work on the programming of the 15m and 15rc ecu as found on the V11. The tool to download the ecu map is ready


Editing the map is done woth Tunerpro, an free map editing program. The config so that it understands the Guzzi map can you get from me.



And the upload tool is reday.


Further we try to collect all types of guzzi maps to get a library, so mail downloaded maps to guzzidiag@gmail.com



A view of how editing works:




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Yes with Guzzidiag you can do the same. You can download the program and run it to see the features, no need to connect for that. 


Then order cables, and you can connect. For the cable you need a usb driver, not what is deliverd with the cable, but  this one:



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Well Roy, if you are happy with myecu then all is well. For the powercommander guys, you you can alter the map just like you want, but if you have no clue, it won't help. If more people get into it, people can share what they learn, that how a community works, isn't it? 

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Aside from being entirely in German (I know, whine, complain etc. ), the Mac version will not "Quit" on my Macintrash iMacI7. It has to be force quit. At some later point, I'll download the PC version and see if it runs under W7 under VMWare. Ya never know, maybe it'll be just the thing you need.

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There is another mac version:


I''m not shure which one works best.

Anyway, the mac version isn't ready enough. He is now busy with the uploader for map editing. 


What we have seen that on some macs it works and others not. 



and the mac usb driver:


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So if we look at the view of the ‘how the editing works’ we see the top left cell has 84.14 @8500 = 195


I assume this means Wide open Throttle = 84.14 degrees and that at 8,500 rpm we deliver 195.0 fuel .


What does the 195 mean, is it a quantity or weight of fuel, is it the injection duration?  I ask as a typical figure for the MyECU would be Wide Open Throttle at 8,143rpm = 10368 micro seconds  injection duration.


I am trying to see how the IAW15M ecu map compares with the MyECU map.


Many thanks for your excellent work, I can give you loads of tips on the best way to cut your knuckles when heaving on spanners or setting light to things while welding but am a bit slow learning this virtual stuff.

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