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  1. HaydnR


  2. Did you not save the original map in case you need to revert to it ?
  3. I've had one apart and yes the wires were found broken. Just trying to remember how. I think i bought an aprillia rs50/125 switch from ebay as a spare. I will have a look in my photos. Pretty sure you jostle those tabs in somehow.
  4. I see the plastic fuel connectors have been replaced. Did they make a good job of it?
  5. A friend recently changed from single to twin late clutch on his tenni and had to modify the centre cup for it to work. Did you change yours or the pushrod?
  6. Guzzi V11 outside the U.S. only have spine frames, The rest of the world know the others as Californias and their derivatives
  7. Original engine the conrod cap fractured at 70mph. The sport corsa replacement engine has carillo rods so should be better.
  8. Horrible news. Ad posted on Gumtree and facebook uk stolen bike register.
  9. Dunfermline Motorcycles knows what he is doing with them, he does them on mx bikes all the time. He had mine in at last MOT as it was leaking. There is also Bob Scott in Glenrothes he works on track race bikes a lot so should know his onions. I have not had any done by him personally.
  10. What is the fairing on that greenie, it looks good!
  11. Google search returned this http://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=12109
  12. HaydnR

    Nero search

    The black le mans advertised is a Nero Corsa, nice too.
  13. This wear is worrying. I think that the flywheel/hub is made of too soft a material (is it ergal?) The teeth on the plates should be made of a softer material as they are a damn sight cheaper to replace than a new hub and flywheel at every clutch change. The 1100 sport flywheel is slightly lighter I think, and looks as if it wears less.
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