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Ozark Arkansas Rally


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I posted this in the Travel Category.  I doubt if anyone missed it but since the Spineframe Rallies are listed here, I 'll double post it.




Ozark Spineframe Rally in Harrison Ark.


Call the Hotel Seville, 870-741-2321.  It's known to be haunted.   :oldgit:


Book during the weekend of  17-20 May 2018 (17th is Thursday when I plan to get there, dates are flexible). 


Tell them you are part of the Motorcycle Group and get 15% discount.  My Queen Room is  $80/nite.  





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We're getting a little interest about this on Wild.  Looks like three more (two Calis from LA + Tonti LeMans from MO).  Chuck trying to talk Centurao guy to come from Az.

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As indicated elsewhere,


this isn't a "rally" in the sense that it's organized or affiliated with this site or insured or having t shirts or anything more than just showing up on your own and seeing who's there.


Since there were interests on Wild from guys that don't own Spineframes, nor Guzis for that matter, I just left it open and called this a generic "rally". It's pointed out that "rally" might imply some type of organization.  Since many of you have not met me, the terms "organization" and "responsibility" don't associate with me. 


This is just a deal about folks coming together in Harrison Ark on a particular weekend with a common interest to ride motorcycles (or not).  Mention that we're part of the motorcycle group and get a hotel discount.

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Chuck,  I learned that the discount is for anyone on a motorcycle that stays for more than two nights.


*****I guess that we aren't so special*****


(I understand that you did get a 15% discount.)  Of course I did not block a group of rooms because I had no idea the number of folks coming.


Thanks for bringing this up.  Let me advise:


1.  Ask for 15% discount for the room rate if you're bringing a motorcycle.

2.  If there's any confusion, ask for Sandy.



 Since many of you have not met me, the terms "organization" and "responsibility" don't associate with me. 



Hope this helps.

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My goodness.  We are getting some interest particularly on Wild.  


Make sure that you go ahead and book a room.   I dare say, I count about 20.  Given 50% follow through, that could easily be 10.

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I may take a ride to see you guys. I will be tent camping at a nearby campground. I will not be on my V11 CI, but on my other V11..... the EV  :thumbsup: It's a little more comfortable for this ride.

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Nick, if you've been watching on Wild, know that Chris (aka Twowings, Norge guy) is planning to camp just south of town at the Shady Oaks Campground.




I have 98 EV and with that seat,  I am better off on the Sport.   But not sure about hauling camp gear on it.  I've always camped on the EV.

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I was thinking that we might go to the Diner in Oark Ark for lunch on Friday.


And ride to lunch on Saturday at Mi Pueblito (Mexican) in Mountain View Ark.  And you might be interested in the Guitar Thumbpicking Picking Workshop at the Ozark Cultural Center scheduled the same weekend.  http://www.ozarkfolkcenter.com/calendar-of-events/details.aspx?id=155899


And I am open to suggestions from the locals for better choices.  The lunch rides are approx 225-270 mile r/t depending on the route.  All roads will be twisty and scenic with some routes more challenging than others.  There is also a Ferry into Missouri across Bull Shoals Lake.  Arkansas also has recommended rides and some that route to our lunch towns  https://www.arkansas.com/motorcycling/


So far as Harrison goes, it looks like a Fiddler's Convention and Crawdad Days Music Fest is going on.  So if you had a long ride to get to Harrison and want to hang in town rather than go for lunch rides, it looks like there is plenty to do in town.  (And there's motorcycle poker run too!)  




Between this board and Wild, it looks like we're getting several fellow travelers for this one.  Should I guess maybe ten to a dozen?

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I am at the end of trip planning.  Meaning, you're on your own, there is no rally master, enter at your own risk!

Here are some maps that you can download and print (jpg).  You'll have to work your own GPS, print the maps, etc.  The routes to lunch are different, the return routes from lunch are the same.

Here are two routes to Oark.  

Technical Route (Hwy 123): 155 miles to lunch, 253 miles total



Alternate Route (Hwy 21): 120 miles to lunch, 218 miles total



Here are two routes to Mtn View

Technical Route (Hwy 341):  130 miles to lunch, 207 miles total




Peel Ferry Route:  144 miles to lunch, 222 miles total


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