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ECU BIN maps

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Attach your BIN files to your post. Please write a description.
If you upload a third party map, please add the original owner to the description.
I've added .bin-files to allowed filetypes, but if you experience trouble please zip the file and attach the zip-file.

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Paul Minnaert posted "V11 Ecu diagnostics and reprogramming" http://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=17865&hl=+bin%20+file
He gave us tools to allow us to alter the ECU programming:
These tools let you speak directly to the engine supervisor, rather than through an intermediate like PCIII.
Some good stuff on this forum here

See also Wild Guzzi post http://wildguzzi.com/forum/index.php?topic=69168.0with a great tutorial.
And more recently (Sep16) a sharp tutorial by Docc: http://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=19641
Here is a .bin file copied from a 15M Titanium ECU with 02 handwritten on it by the connector.
GuzziDiag reports this ECU information:

I hope this is useful for someone. :)
V11 IAW 15M ECU Titanium 2.bin

If you change your ECU .bin, it is a good idea to save your original .bin file before overwriting it on your ECU. That way you can easily revert back to standard if the resulting engine behavior is not what you want.
You can extract a copy of the .bin file from your ECU by using IAW15xReader, and you can write the .bin file back to your ECU using IAW15xWriter.

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Here is a .bin file copied from a 15M ECU on a standard Rosso Mandello V11. (thanks to Cash1000).
And also Meinolf's modified and optimized Bin file version 93_6, dated 2017.08.31. (Thanks to Meinolf)

He says:

My recommendation for the basic setup, which is tightly linked to the BIN, is:

-       Valve clearance 0.3mm for both IN & EX

Later revised to "service manual recommends 0.15/0.1mm for exhaust/intake, I use 0.2/0.15 mm respectively".

-       CO trim set to 0 (using GuzziDiag or directly changing the EEPROM value)

-       Both bypass screws completely closed (I could have built the BIN and fuel values with opened screws, but this would have introduced an additional error source. My half turn open is likely different from your half turn open. Completely closed is rather unequivocal in comparison).

-       TPS baseline set to 157mV (The 150mV found in the service manual and many other places in the internet are wrong, the Marelli or Guzzi engineers had rounding errors in their calc. 7mV are not much, but why not do it correctly if setting it anyways)

-       Idle sync using the two throttle stop screws (I've explained the reason several times already. The play in the diverse parts of the throttle opening and the spring push (throttle closed) versus cable pull (throttle open) operation makes this the only way to get a sync at idle as perfect as possible.

While my V11 is mostly stock, I introduced several changes. One is the bell shaped opening of the intake snorkels, another one is the rework of the throttle butterfly valves and their shafts. These, and the TI cans I'm using, have increased airflow thru the engine. Meaning that bikes which do not have a similar airflow or, for example, have the airbox removed (very bad decision), will run richer than required. If you believe this is the case, just reduce the left cylinder fuel values in small steps until you are satisfied. DO NOT change the right cylinder fuel values or you will loose the biggest advantage of the BIN, which is synchronized Lambda/AFR values across the cylinders.

Cheers, Meinolf


Note that you need to be logged in to download these files.

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Her is a bin. file I have done for my Rosso Mandello. Modifications that is done: Raised compression by taken 0,8 mm off the head and a thinner base gasket, original airbox with KN filter and velocity stacks instead of the rubber elbows, Stucchi crosspipes and Mistral carbon mufflers. The bike runs very well, the annoying torque drop at 4000 is completely gone. I used the Titanium bin as a base, with modifications in the fuel table and ignition table.

Hope this can be helpful :)

Guzzi V11 RM JMT.bin

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5 hours ago, SIMONEV11 said:

hi every one

does anyone have the titanium iaw 15RC ecu bin please?


I posted a Titanium BIN for a 15M above, not a 15RC. Sadly it will not be useful on an RC.

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thank very much Martynz i appreciated ,i used on my 15m and run very well ,i am very happy thank very much

but do you think is possible write 15m on iaw 15rc with guzzziDiag writer?

because i have one 15rc spare 

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